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My Grip

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What's up everyone, first post on here. I am a new golfer just picked it up at the end of last summer, I am not too bad I shoot a consistent low 90's already. The thing with my swing is I cannot control my grip if I dont baseball grip the club. I basically just cover my left thumb and have every finger wrapped around the club. If I try the varden grip or overlap the club moves in my hand to much and I shank the ball. Any thoughts?




Driver: Taylormade Burner 2.0

Hybrid: Taylormade R11
Irons: Taylormade Burners 2.0 HP
Wedges: Vokey 54.11 & 60.04

Putter: Odyssey Dual Force 2 #5 CS

Ball: Taylormade Lethal

My Home Course: Highland Meadows

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plenty of players play a baseball grip.  If it works go with it.  I think the grip is one of the most personal things for each person.  I went through hell and back because a standard to strong grip I would hook the ball like crazy.  When I weakened my grip I started flushing it and controlling the curve way more.  A weaker grip works better for me.

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I started with the baseball grip as well but switched after a few years.  I believe there are a couple guys that use it on tour so if its working for you carry on and enjoy.

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