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Looking at purchasing a new 5 wood and recently tried out the new rbz 2 which was going pretty good but unfortunatley quite pricey.  I've managed to find the original rbz for £50 less and can anyone tell me if there's any difference between the 2 clubs?

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I have the Stage two 3-wood and I haven't tried the original, so there could be a difference or there could not. I would test the clubs and hit them side by side.
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I played last year with the original RBZ 3W.HL (basically a 17* 4W) and a 7W. Problem I had was the plain RBZ (non-Tour) only had 45-gram shafts. Had a lot of trouble with hook misses (not a problem with other clubs), and the clubs felt really light. Also, the RBZ were decent off the tee and out of light rough, but I had trouble getting the ball up from the fairway. A couple of pros said this relates to the RBZ head design.


The plain RBZ Stage 2 has a lower-profile head, and 60-gram shafts as stock. These felt and flew OK on test hits in January and April. But, I traded in the original RBZ on someone else's woods.


Test-hit the original RBZ and see if you like them. Some people think they are great, while others went for a quick trade. If you can find an original RBZ in a Tour model with the flex you need, give them a try - Tour had heavier shafts.

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