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Introducing myself.

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Hello all, I guess an introduction is long overdue.


My name is Allen, I'm 37 and live in a small town near Springfield, Ohio.  I currently don't have a true handicap, but I average 120 in 18 holes now. I'm working on fixing that, however I haven't been playing any golf lately, due to some financial hardships (one of my kids got sick, and my insurance kinda sucked when she did). Needless to say with all the medical bills and supporting my family, playing 2 rounds of golf a week isn't necessarily easy. However I make do with what I have, and I have an awesome wife who does whatever she can to make sure I get to play at least once a month and hit the range once or twice a week. I really would love to take some golf lessons, but that will have to wait.


My wife and I are also foster parents, and we have 3 kids of our own, and right now we have 3 fosters. I am a musician as well as a hacker aspiring to be a golfer.  I play drums, guitar, and sing a little bit.


I just have to say that the interactions I've had on this forum have just been awesome so far. Everyone who has commented on my threads has been friendly and helpful, and have made me feel at home. I plan on spending a lot of time on this forum in the years to come. Its nice to have a place like this to talk golf and get some tips!


Thank you all again, you are all class acts.

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