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I played a twilight round today after work.  The front 9 was on the slow side, which guaranteed that I wouldn't have time to finish the entire back 9.  At the turn, powered with the advice from the ranger that nobody was behind us, I spoke to the pro shop and asked if I could play the front again, rather than continuing to wait on the back 9.   


I only got to play 4 holes, on the 5th it was too dark to locate the ball off the tee box, so I walked in after 4. 


The 2nd hole is a valley like par 5 (down hill tee shot, then uphill to the green) & the 3rd hole is a short par 3 (140 on sign, but playing at about 125 today)


On 2, I hit a drive high off of the face, so I left it around 270 from the green and blocked by the dogleg, a perfect hybrid left me around 50 from the green to which I was able to get up and down. 


The 3rd hole having played it once before was playIing a full club shorter than the yardage.  I pulled the gap wedge put the ball a little back in my stance and made a swing that put as much backspin as I could muster on the ball.  The ball landed on the front of the green and checked up and rolled 5' from the pin, sunk the putt. 


I followed up the next hole a medium length par 4 with a frozen rope drive, a PW into the green and 2 putts for par.