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club question

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I recently got some clubs off ebay and I got them for a really good deal (i think) manly so I can learn how to re shaft a club and how to re gripe.


When I got them I noticed that the ferrule is separating from the club head.  What would make it do that?




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Either the ferrule has slipped which is pretty common and an easy fix (usually) or the head is separating from the shaft. I vote "A".
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I just search for info on that and the ferrule are not moving so im thinking its the shaft coming out of the club head. 


Thanks for the help. 

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How did you come to the conclusion that the ferrule hasn't moved?
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Most of the post I have found in my search said that if the ferrule is not movable then most likely the shaft is coming out of the head. I cant even twist of budge the ferrule. 


I will take some better pics of all of them tomorrow.  

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I don't care what you've read. I'd bet money and give odds that the ferrule has slipped. Take your hand and twist the head. The ferrule thing is pretty common and this and my 1st time on this merry go round. So I know of what I speak.
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I would agree that most likely the ferule has slipped. Take a pliers and twist the ferule a bit. Probably loose. Put a few drops of epoxy cement onto the shaft below the ferule, wait a moment and twist the ferule down into place. That's it. 


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I wouldn't use pliers on the ferrule.

Run it under HOT water for a minute or so then see if you can slide it back down into place.
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I looked at the 7 iron and it looks like its bent or the shaft is coming out at an angle. I sadly used pliers to try and move the ferrule and it did move and I got it part way down but the iron is at and angle. On the other irons i got the ferrule to sit flush with the iron. 


I wanted to reshaft these irons anyways and get them fitted for me. I like to tinker with stuff so this should be fun (really into the rc airplane building). 



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