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Hi from Canberra, Australia

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Hi everyone


I've just returned to golf after a five year absence ... life got too busy and also being honest I had reached a level of frustration with my game because I could not find a way to improve. I had managed to get my handicap down to 19, but seemed to be stuck in the 19-21 bracket. Historically my short game was generally ok but my distance is terrible. I don't hit the ball long mainly due to what I think is a bad reverse pivot habit ... I never learned properly as a kid when I took the game up. I was all arms and its only recently I finally had some lessons and learned about weight transfer etc. Problem is now at age 42 overcoming the habit of a lifetime is really difficult!

So anyway I returned to golf about six weeks ago, again off 19 (my club reactivated my old handicap) and I've been a bit all over the place. Worst round is 108, best 94 so far but generally I am stuck at 101 or so.


My distance is still terrible but I am passable enough on my good days. I'm determined to improve my game starting with the short game ... while I have always been a passable putter since coming back I know I am wasting so many shots leaving pitches and chips short and I'm certain I could knock 5-8 shots a round off if I can find some short game consistency.


Anyway I am keen to talk golf with those more experienced and try to find the right way to overcome the flaws in my game and improve!

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I was in a very similar position to you,..about a year ago! The golf bug grabbed hold of me again and I can't get enough! Good luck!
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Welcome, and of course you guys are right in the middle of summer there...jealous already. Get a swing video up ASAP and you will get some help finding that distance you want.

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Yes it has been quite pleasant so far ... fairly mild and great golf weather for the most part. Tempeatures will probably soar in the next few weeks though!


I have thought about swing video, I'll have to check out the best way to take one via iPhone, I will search around and see what the best method is.


Thanks for the welcome!

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