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Hello from Canada

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Hi Everyone,


I found TST about a month ago and I can't stop reading! This is the first forum I've ever signed up for.  I love the sense of community and am excited to become a part of this great group of golf enthusiasts.



I've spent the past few years browsing various golf websites in my spare time.  Then I stumbled upon "Shaping the Ball" by @iacas and I was hooked.  I had read information regarding the ball flight laws before,  but I've never seen the information presented so succinctly.  It made me dig deeper into the forums, and ever since I've been reading more great posts from lots of insightful people.


I finally had enough of lingering in anonymity and I decided to sign up.  I went to the range and filmed my swing.  I'm going to post a my swing thread shortly.  I appreciate any feedback, and I can't wait to start talking golf with all of you.


- Luke

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Welcome Luke! This is indeed a very special forum. :beer:

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Welcome good to meet u
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