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Aiming Adjustment? Simulator to Real Course...

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This is going to sound crazy but I need to adjust my aim point and am confused which way to go...

During the winter I played in a simulator league once a week...

BUT after a week or 2 I noticed I hit best when adjusting the aim point on the screen...

I would consistently ask the aim point to be moved "2 clicks to the right"... worked great on drives & medium iron shots.

Now that I am on real grass I have discovered I do not know how to adjust my aim point???

"2 Clicks to the Right"  moved the simulator screen LEFT in front of you... Alignment was still square.

BUT What does that relate to on grass?

Aim 10 yards RIGHT?  Aim 10 yards LEFT?

Open or close my stance???

I know it sounds silly but I have yet to get the same "confidence" back on where to aim?



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I had a similar issue this season when going back to real grass.  You need to still be square but align yourself a bit right, it sounds like.

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Maybe start to think in terms of square to the target not the ball. If you go to the range, use alignment rods or clubs a lot at first to hit to different sides at the range and get used to what it looks and feels like. Also use intermediate points to aim. So pick your target, find a leaf, colored spot on the grass, divot or whatever that is a few inches to a few feet in front of your ball and that lines up between your ball and target and aim your club face at that and then line up square on the "simulator"

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I like the idea of intermediate alignment point to help me square up... Will definitely try that.

Nice to know others had similar adjustment to make going back to grass...

I think the other issue was everything is SO square around you in simulator... walls, mats, etc...

without all the aids to feeling square being on a real course felt unnatural...

club face, feet, shoulders all aimed to different spots... made for some very ugly swings.

Think I will take advice and forget alignment aim... just concentrate on squaring up for now...

At least until I get the simulator thoughts out of my head...

On a positive side I did notice my early season DISTANCE matched up well to the simulator distances.

I have always thought simulator robbed me of 10-15 yards... same as early season golf!

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I had the same problem when going back outside this spring after playing in the simulator over the winter. I was "2 clicks to the left". I think the biggest difference is in the simulator you change the screen and just hit the ball, without focusing on anything but hitting the ball. Outside I think I focus too much on where I don't want the ball to go, instead of just lining up and hitting it "to the middle of the screen". The screen was about 11' away, so it was a nice easy aiming point. I am trying to carry that thought process over to the outside. Pick a line, commit to it, and aim for something on that line fairy close to you.


By the way, where did you play?

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I suspect the 12 foot away screen did have something to do with the easier alignment, which reinforces the idea of using a closer point to help align/aim to. I played in Up State NY... Glens Falls.  http://www.golfbaymeadows.com/indoor-golf-simulators.php

Simulators have come a long ways but the short 30,40, 50 yard shots are still a disappointment. Not very realistic.  And the putting is completely unreliable. Guys make 50 yard putts with their driver while I lip out an 8 footer. Not sure how others play, but we usually do a three man scramble format.  Scramble helps reinforce your good shots while quickly erasing your bad shots. I swear some days if I played my own ball I would probably only finish 6 holes in the allotted 2 hours. But here in Up State NY where winter is lasting close to 6 months this year it is about the only option. Some guys go once a week to a local dome and pound balls into a net about 150 yards away. I have zero interest in doing that!

Anxious to try the closer align/aim point on real grass tomorrow....

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