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prov1 vs prov1x

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I have been using prov1x for some time. I recently used a prov 1 and i was hitting my drives 15 to 20 yards further...does anyone understand how that could be as the x is said to be longer?????

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Over the long haul, you shouldn't hit the ProV1 farther. Probably need more data points.

The ProV1x is for faster swing speeds. If you have a slow swing speed, that might result in the Pro V1x not performing as intended. But 15-20 yards is a large difference.

Go with the one that feels best. The Pro V1 will spin more around the green.
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I play both, The X for wet or damp greens and the V1 for normal green conditions.

Truth be told I am only getting about 3 or 4 yard's more with the X.

I think it's probably related more to your swing than to the ball you are using, 

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