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A collection of articles on golf strategery.

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Welcome to the Jungle

I wanted to put together a series of golf tips and strategies to help the Average Joe better enjoy this crazy game we all love. A large part of this blog is going to be short tips like "How to Get Rid of Shanks" or "Stop Picking Your Head Up," but occasionally I will write some longer articles as well. So to kick off this series, here's a tip that helps keep your score down that even I sometimes forget: don't take penalties. Generally speaking, penalties are strokes that inflate your score without helping you score any better. I know it may seem tempting to hit a big drive OOB and get another shot at it, but you're almost always better off just hitting a good shot the first time. The same goes for water hazards - stay out of them, no matter how dirty your ball may have gotten over the course of a round. Chances are, you're not going to be able to retrieve your newly washed ball anyway. Save yourself some extra strokes and wash your ball at the ball washer which many courses have at the tee box. Your scorecard and your wallet with thank you later. That's my first tip, hopefully of many. Any comments or questions, please leave them below. And if you liked this post, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe.



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    • Typical comment from you. Nobody said it was the only article in which Dustin commented on his putting. I asked you where you saw this, and rather than find it, and actually back up something you've said for once, you come back with a crap attitude. Furthermore, I'm not clueless. I've watched Dustin Johnson practice, and I've talked with Dustin Johnson about his practice. The things you allege are actually true of you: you drop in, make a brief comment without any fact to back it up, then get pissy when your information is questioned.
    • I've got a collection of all the worst but it's working for me.  Lessons someday..... huge grip, the entire grip in my left hand with the right just gently over the left, BOTH forefingers down the shaft other than the right forefinger, pretty much my entire evolution has progressively removed my right hand from the equation - I'm twitchy, my hands shake naturally all my life, so each changed has improved my comfort with hitting my lines, distance a far lower priority as it's way down on the pareto of what needs to be worked on It would take a big commit to go left hand low, but that's likely the next thing for now, I'm liking my results - so the main focus has been my approach game... putting's wierd, it seems to be so much more custom/individual vs all the other stuff
    • I am sure Dustin Johnson has talked about his practice more than once. I'm so sorry I was not aware you know everything and could never be wrong. Typical golf forum trash talk from the clueless. 
    • When I was learning Aimpoint, I sent a significant amount of time putting.    During the last year, I only spend enough time before a round to get comfortable with the green speeds and the slope, usually about 10 minutes.
    • Here is a link to Dustin talking about his practice schedule....nothing about 1/3 of his time putting. He does focus a lot on his short game....maybe more than the average person needs to since they don’t hit it like DJ naturally.  https://www.golfdigest.com/story/practice-like-world-no-1-dustin-johnson/ Oh and I noticed Golf Digest incorrectly quotes DJ. They make it seem like he spends 80 percent of his time hitting wedges, by if you read the article that’s actually not what he says. I believe he is saying he spends 80% if his time with his wedges practicing distance control to four primary distances. 


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