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I’m the PGA Director of Instruction at Lake Padden GC and these are my stories. 

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Junior Golf

This year has been great!  A lot of work, but something I’ve needed to further my coaching career.  At my prior employment, the course was cart mandatory so junior golf was almost non existent. Now at a muni that has a great practice facility, junior golf is big.  This summer, I coached 2 13U PGA Jr League teams (24 players), ran (ongoing) 4 junior camps with around 40 kids each time, and the course held a Drive, Chip, and Putt qualifier.   Prior to the year, I completed ADM (American Devel

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    • I still love my MoneyClamp. Those I've given them to still use theirs, too. Geneva Black Matte Want it Customized? Click Here Our Geneva Money Clamp encompasses everything you need in a money clip; it’s affordable, durable, and embodies a simple elegance that will make you feel proud to pull it out...  
    • Well, we are still at it.  After Michigan's win in 2016, Indiana pummeled us in 2017.  Then we had the upper hand in 2018 only to get our butts kicked in 2019.  We took 2020 off for COVID but September 20 & 21, 2021, we did it again.  As usual, the winning team alternated and Michigan topped Indiana.  To a man, the Indiana guys were gracious and friendly hosts.  This has really become a competition between two groups of friends rather than rivals.  Still, it feels good to beat our friends to
    • So my neighbor forced himself to grow vegetables in an attempt to shake off the funk. We get a smattering of green peppers, tomatoes and zucchini every week. He has really gotten in to it.  Another friend is brewing his own beer. Tasted amateurish but not bad. Lol. Keep it moving @CarlSpackler. Do something. 
    • Solid fisk Dan.. To join the chorus I think amazingly dumb take by the writer to side with a shallow populist narrative.
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