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The Zone

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Well winter has really set in, here in Western Washington, with snow a week ago and now blustery rainy days that won't end until April.  I've done a lot of reflection after the Newport Cup because of how well I played that final day.  It was a good way to end my season.  I knew that my swing had been coming around and that there were only a few swing thoughts I wanted to keep track of.  I had a good warm-up that day, not doing anything special.  Just getting finding the rhythm and the way the ball was flying.

I know I've had rounds where I had flow from hole to hole or through a series of holes, but I never thought I was in the zone.  The more I look back at the NC, the more I think I was firmly in the zone that last day.  The first hole I can remember being in that zone was hole 12, a straight, longer par 4.  I remember thinking about my aim point, on the tee, and just telling myself to swing the way you've been doing all day.  I remember thinking the same thing on the next tee too and both were nearly perfect drives.  I'm pretty sure, though, that after the first tee shot on hole 1, I entered that zone.  Everything seems a blur now.  No particular shots stand out.  It was all thinking about my aim points and hitting them almost every time.  It was a feeling of, almost, non-awareness.  Just a aim and shoot, knowing that it will be just fine.  It seems so strange, because I've never felt that way about a round.  Every round is usually a battle to find the cup.  I'm hoping I can retain that feeling and find it again next season.

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