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Update October 28th



Just an update on my neck first. It's getting better. There's less pain now. Really it's mostly just infrequent discomfort. 

Typically I like to update on Tuesdays. Here is my last 7 days calories consumed. 


I haven't done much exercising since I've been at an Engineering Conference the past two days. I at least was able to walk around for 30-40 minutes a few times during the conference when we had breaks to go look at the sponsor booths. 

I need to cut out about 300 calories from my daily intake. 

Besides that I like the process I've been doing. On my scale at home I had an initial weight in at 232 lbs. I am at 226 lbs now. I know my calorie range is at least at a decent deficit right now. 

I am going to get back on the work out train here. 


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    • Day 144 - Played 18 holes.  Did a better job of committing to my priority piece with irons and hit some really high quality mid/long iron shots. Doing a partial practice swing feeling the left side bend before stepping up to the ball helped a lot. Driver was hot/cold, hit some really really good drive with multiple of them going 300+yd and also some really poor snap hook/toe balls. Waiting on my new shaft to arrive so looking forward to cleaning up those misses.  Putting remained very solid, this stretch since getting the Evolvr putting lesson is without a doubt the best I've ever putted (Shoutout to you @iacas), making so many more 5-20 footers than I ever have and feels like every miss is burning an edge or hitting a lip. Crazy how much easier putting has become when I already had good speed and reads and now I got the bead portion taken care of too. 
    • Got about 3 months left.
    • By the same token, those two were a combined 3-3-1.
    • My goal this year is to get down to one set of irons.  I currently have 6 sets remaining, most of which are on Ebay or some other online marketplace.  I have gone back to my faithful and trusty Titleist DCI black triangle irons with Titleist Tri-Spec Regular shafts.  These are the irons that I won two club championships with and regularly beat Bart and William Tornquist out of hundreds of dollars back in the late 90's.  I think they are probably the best iron ever made and, believe me, I've tried them all.  I like my current set, Callaway Apex CF19 but sometimes an iron will travel 20 yards further than I expected.  They are just silly long and unpredictable.  With the Titleist DCI Blacks, I get less distance but the distance is very reliable and accurate.  
    • You really need to know the numbers if you want to go down that path... You can have a perfect path of +3 degrees and the face aiming +1.5 degrees from the target (fadeToPath of -1.5) for each club in the bag and you will still see totally different ball fligth with each of them. Why? Going for the extreme examples... You are probably hitting down on your wedges by 6°. By the D-Plane laws (an extension of the ball flight rules) you are moving your path to the right by 3° so now your dynamic path is in reality +6° but the face is still only +1.5° (dynamic faceToPath is now -4.5°). As you know the ball is going to launch at around +2° to the target and turn left to miss it to the left (overdraw). (wedges curve less than less lofted clubs but enough to make you miss left if you don't consider the effect of AoA in the dynamic path. So basically every club you hit down on it you are going to miss it in average to the left of the target, just because the dynamic path is more right than you intended.  If you manage to hit your woods with 0° AoA then you are going to hit your target as you wanted.  But if you hit Up with the driver, lets say +4°, you are moving your dynamic path to the left by 2 degrees. So now your dynamic path is +1° to target and your face is still +1.5° degrees from target (face to path is now +0.5). This is going to be a ball launching +1° of target and moving rigth. (basically a Fade). So with wedges and every club you hit down on it, you are going to hit an overdraw (you need to aim more to the rigth), with 0° AoA you are going to play a perfect draw (you need to aim to the target), and hitting up on it you are going to see a Fade moving away from target (you need to aim left of the target).  Conclusion A: there is no perfect number. There are a lot of variables that affect ball flight that changes with every club you pick up. consider that toe and heel shots also affect ball flight.  Conclusion B: Having a faceToPath that is 1 or 2 degrees apart is going to make you hit fade and draws depending on your AoA.  To hit the ball with the same shape for every club you need to have more degrees between the face and the path than half of the AoA you are hitting each shot. If you hit down on wedges at -6° and up on the driver at +6° then you need to at least have 4 degrees between your face and your path in either direction.  
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