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Journey to Sub-90 Land




Today rounds off a solid week of golf, with scores of 95-90-92. I’m getting so close to consistent scores under 90, but I need to figure out what I need to work on. Today, I’ll evaluate my game over the last three playing days, and give each category (Woods/Hybrids, Irons, Short Game, Putting) a letter grade.

Woods/Hybrids: B. The driver is bringing the overall grade down. I’m slowly but surely getting rid of the slice, but it continues to haunt me every now and then, and when it fade, it sometimes does so more than I’d like. The range at my home course is closed, so I’d love to find another way to work on the driver.

Irons (6-PW): B+. Contact with my irons has been excellent this week, but direction is off a bit. Alignment is the only thing I really need to work on in this category.

Short Game: A. Aside from bunker play, my short game (not including putting) has been outstanding this week. Once the range opens up again, I’ll get in the practice bunker and work my bunker play. That’s the one area of my game where I have little to no confidence.

Putting: D. I am not at all pleased with my putting this week. Lag putting has been inconsistent, I’ve hit more bad lag putts than good ones. 4- and 5-footers have definitely been shaky, and those short ones have often been the result of poor lag putts. I even three-putted from six feet once. That’ll be the first thing I work on when I go back to the course.

Overall, putting is the main thing I want to work on when I get back to the course. I feel like improving my putting alone, as bad as it was, will take three strokes, at least, off my rounds. I will put in new entries once a week, every Friday. If you want more, let me know!


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