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I enjoy the occasional brush with nature while on the golf course, as I am sure many others do also.  I came upon several antlion "nests" recently.  I always thought the insect was "ant lion" but Wikipedia told me it is antlion.  The larvae of the antlion build a funnel shaped trap in loose soil or sand.  Insects, typically ants, blunder into the cone and slide down to the bottom and meet their fate.  The things one sees while searching for that darn golf ball!


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    • I'm in the market for a new hybrid and am looking for suggestions.  Let me start by saying that I am a notorious cheapskate and always looking to maximize value. So I started out looking at a generation older club to save some money and was debating between the Ping 410 ($169 new) and the Callaway Epic Flash ($199).  I had kind of settled on the Callaway figuring that the fact that it was a bit newer and adjustable where the Ping wasn't so therefore worth the extra $20,  Then I started to wonder is a new Callaway Mavrik might be worth the extra $50 over the Flash.  Unfortunately I don't know if I'll have much luck demoing the older clubs as the stores tend not to keep older demo clubs around.  Best I could probably do it tape up a new club, so I'm not sure I can tell much from hitting them. So, can anyone provide any feedback on the clubs I'm considering, or are there better options? 
    • I used to have a really high ball flight. it was pretty routine for the ball to be in or an inch from the pitch mark. I have several pics I took over the years of the ball embedded in the green. I KNEW where my wedges would land. Injuries have altered my swing and now I have a lot less arc. On a completely unrelated note, I tend to hit a club weaker than I used to and routinely see the ballrun off the green at which point I mutter aspersions against the green not holding...truth is, I needed that trajectory to control my distance.   that is the best reason I can imagine for a high trajectory...distance control.
    • Any golfer can get fitted for their golf clubs, it's a matter of how much you'll be getting out of the fitting session. For a relatively new golfer to the game, the benefit might not be as obvious as someone have been playing the game for awhile.  How can you fit a golfer when the golfer's game is still evolving and changing ?  So, you might get some benefit out of the equipment fitting if you don't expect the fitting to change your game drastically. I caution using the word drastically, because going from a 12 handicap index to an 8 is a drastic change in relative short time.  Going from a 23 index to a 15 in one season is drastic.  Going from an 8 index  to a 2 will also be drastic in a short timing. Most the golfers will never drop below a double digit index if they're only the weekend warriors . Imagine giving a relatively new driver a world class sports car..... how much can the driver do with it ?   But.... if one has the dough to blow, why not pretend he is the F1 driver.
    • Like I said before, I’m not a good player, plus I only play once a week. Our local  dealer wanted $875 for a 6-A wedge. I wound up buying a used set of 714 AP1’s in great shape from a guy in a neighboring town. They are a 5-A wedge, but I’m going to re-grip them,  so I’ll be all in at about $310. Those T300 irons sure are nice looking though.
    • Thank you for posting that.
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