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Sand Wedge for High Handicappers

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On 10/8/2019 at 7:29 AM, Hncjc said:

At my course, the sand is fluffy when dry and much harder when wet. Sometimes, the bunkers are inconsistent, one will be softer (and drier) but the next one will still be wetter and harder.

Same at my course. When I asked the course owner, they told me that sand bunkers are supposed to be a "fair hazard and consistent equal to the rough or even the fairway". E.g. a fairway should not suddenly become stone hard.

After it rains I avoid ruining my club by hitting hardened sand and I drop the ball next to the bunker.
Although I am considering getting a second beater SW club for those days.

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    • hi Sandtrap guys and gals i'm Ian from an East Midlands city in The U.K.  I've been playing golf on and off (more off) for approx 45 years, i am now retired and have taken up golf again becoming a member at my local club. I had previously been a member from about 1997 to 2006, when i stopped playing. The best handicap i got to was 11, but imv that was always a false handicap as i recall i had 2 good rounds and was cut from an opening 17 hcap, very quickly, after that i never really played all that well at all, partly due to my relentless chopping and changing my swing style depending upon what book or dvd etc i was looking at. Im sure many guys here know the phrase, 'paralysis by analysis' that was me all over. anyhoo for about the last few years up to 2021 i was playing with a golf society a few times a year and occasionally in Thailand where i went on holiday several times. So back finally to my club here and in April put in 3 cards that gave me a hcap of 30,  During the season ive had several lessons and i have greatly simplified my swing.  Now at essentially the end of the season here, (the club's winter season starts in a couple of weeks !!) I am down to 15, and have had the best season's golfing of my life winning 4 comps and prizes totalling £250 (which is nice) but better i've actually enjoyed playing and feel i can build on this season as i'm well aware now of the importance of the short game, particularly putting, my best round this year was a gross 83, and i genuinely think some better short game shots will get me breaking 80 again, (my lifetime best scores have been 76 off the White pots and 71 off the yellows.  Perhaps the best aspect of my game this new season was my driving, as a retirement present i bought myself a Cobra Speedzone 10.5. and with my better swing i have been striking some sweet ones. Arguably the best advice I could give if i can be pretentious is 'keep it simple' (and practice) ok All the best and good swinging. Cheers Sg      
    • The teeing area.
    • Considering the amount of time involved not really much you can think about.  Just hope for a good shot I guess.  Hit it well and hit it hard is all that goes through my mind from the time I start my swing
    • NO.  A ball can only be teed up in the tee box and nowhere else
    • It’s 0.2 seconds. So nothing, really. The swing is pre-determined at that point.
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