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My Swing (DaHolla)


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2 minutes ago, ncates00 said:

I thought these looked pretty good.  Love that you have some forward press at setup.  That should give you the vision to hit down on the ball.  However, it appeared to me that from the face on view that you did not hit down enough on the ball.  It looked like you bottomed out too quickly instead of allowing the club to continue traveling down through and even after the hit.  I see the downswing like a hula hoop where the club head should be traveling down even after the ball is struck, and then the club comes up and left. 

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely don't hit down on the ball nearly enough, I know I need to get my weight more forward and turn my hips more on the downswing. My focus for the last month has been solely on the hips in the backswing, it would be an understatement to say I'm looking forward to working on something else 🙂

I like the hulu hoop analogy.

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I haven't posted in a while, I need to just to keep track of my progress.

Last month or so has been a focus on my hands/club at A2, and then the shaft at A3. The goal is to have my hands and the club more in line at A2 (clubhead was previous well inside my hands) and a steeper shaft at A3.

This video is of the step drill I'm currently working on. The goal here is to get more weight forward at impact, as well as more hip turn. Hopefully this shallows out the shaft in the downswing, as well. Not there yet, but I'm happy with the backswing progress.


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Haven’t posted in 5 months, time for an update!

Much happier with my backswing, currently working on shallowing my downswing. Currently experiencing some hip pain that’s setting me back. Has anyone else experienced this?


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