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Grip "V" With Different Hand Position


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So if I understand correctly, the "standard" or "proper" way of gripping the club is to have the "V" shapes formed with you thumb + index finger to point somewhere towards your right shoulder.
My question is, for example when playing with 9 iron, the ball position is somewhere in the middle of the stance, but the hands position are slightly to the left (player POV, shaft is at a slight angle). With this, are the "V"s still pointing towards the right shoulder, or not? Should they point there only during "neutral" grip? (ball and hands in the middle, i.e. shaft is parallel to the gound, not angled as said previously).

What I was wondering about is that sometimes I notice, when playing low irons that when I put my hands to the neutral position, the club face is slightly closed, oposed to when I have them in "ready" position, slightly to tle left.

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I mean… they still point at roughly the same place. There's no requirement, either, to put your hands farther forward or farther back with any particular club. Heck, with the driver, many players have the shaft leaning back a little, while others push their hands forward too.

A good grip (for anyone) is the same, generally, when the face is square (to where you want it for the shot you hit) at the back of the ball.

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