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Wannabe Paper Tiger

46 or 47 inch drivers... any suggestions?

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Hey all,

I have always played a 44.5 or 45 inch driver but recently thought about adding an inch or two on the driver. The thought process is to get more distance of course. I know that last year's TM burner came in a 46inch shaft but when I hit those on the launch monitor I still hit it about the same as my 45 inch titleist 905T... 265 yd carry with approx 20 yards of roll on average. So my questions are:

1. Does having a 46 inch driver increase distance? If so how much?

2. Other than the burner are they any drivers that come in this length or do they need to be custom ordered? Are they any particular shafts that are better as a 46inch or 47 inch?

Thanks in advance for the responses... btw, i know.. the best driver is the one you hit consistently straight... that is not my question.

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i say stick with 45 you say you hit the ball about 275 you shouldent sacrafice accuracy just for five or ten more yards

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    • The official definition involves ability for male to hit 250 .. reach 470 in 2, or female to hit 210 and hit 400 yd. hole in 2. Informally, people probably view it more like GD: Similarly, various club pros have told me that a scratch golfer has a 2 HDCP or less. The USGA 2016 events site doesn't talk about scratch golfers, but it did specify max HI for amateurs entering its high-level tournaments: * US Open = 1.4
      * US Women's Open = 2.4
      * US Amateur = 2.4
      * US Women's Amateur = 5.4
      * US Senior Amateur = 7.4
      * US Women's Amateur = 18.4
    • You're forgetting that the handicaps throw out the worst ten.  So your true average is always going to be a few strokes higher than your handicap - unless you shoot the same score all the time.  Using me as an example - my handicap is 4.9 at the moment but if it was calculated using all 20 differentials, it would be 6.7. 79.5 guy would almost certainly be very close to a zero and 72 guy would likely be closer to a 5. :)
    • I see your point there. It's also interesting that he does not typically see it with driver where his contact is consistently to the heel side. I'm guessing that he tends to catch it toward the heel most of the time and the big draws result from hitting the sweet spot (as well as possibly better impact conditions). Might want to see what he does differently with these clubs in setup / swing and experiment with adopting the adjustment with the others, and then just tweak the path a bit so the draw isn't so big. Honestly you can't 'feel the spin' at impact, because the ball doesn't really spin until it leaves the clubface. You may feel more solid contact or better impact conditions that causes you to 'know' the spin that's likely to result.
    • I can definitely feel the extra spin at impact.  But, my movements during the swing feel the same to me and it looks the same to the people I am playing with. But, as soon as I hit it, I know it is long and left. Honestly, I wish I could repeat it.  But, I usually only do it 3-4 times per round.  I just can't figure out what I am doing to cause it. It has to be that I am swinging in to out and my right elbow gets away from my body causing the club face to close at impact rather than after. I just wish I knew what to work on to either do it all the time or to stop doing it. Golf is a great game!
    • Yes, lower initial ball flight but you cannot discount how much more and longer duration of lift the ball flight will get with added spin, which is result of differential between club path and verticality of face X speed at impact.  More the speed at impact, more the spin, more the lift, longer the ball will continue to rise and will have a higher apex but further out. When I said look for longer deeper divot, it is to see if in these particular cases he has more impact speed, which sustains directional inertia in downward direction for longer. In short, he is hitting it better on these shots, probably because of better weight transfer, and more refined turning rates and better impact position... I mean duh. :-))    Si.
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