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Slenderman - Urban Legend

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Well, if you haven't heard of Slenderman, he's an urban legend. Recently there has been a YouTube channel to create videos based on this man. He tends to be seen as a very tall man, dressed nicely with a suit and tie. Nobody knows what he does, or what he's about. If you look in these pictures, you can find him in each of them. (The second picture is fantastic)

The YouTube channel has great videos on sighting of him.


The story is greatly mysterious! If you would like a nice scare, just watch the Introduction and Entry 23 in order.

However, I'm stuck. There's a soundtrack in a related video (I can't spoil it, so I'll try not to say any names) and when you reverse and speed it up, it plays a orchestral piece.

^Just Click Download Track and it will play^

I need help figuring out what song this is!

Help on that would be great. But as for the rest of this thread, I recommend watching the Marblehornets videos.

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