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Lesson learned! Try before you buy!

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When I first bought my Nike Sumo SQ clubs a few years back (I intended on taking up golf properly there and then but actually didn't) they were recommended to me by me pro in order to increase forgiveness, get the ball airborn and get my swing off in the right direction. He said "they will do you for a good 5 years or more" at your level.

Around this time last year I started playing golf "properly", taking lessons, watching videos, reading books and doing a whole lot of practicing. Stack & Tilt is mainly to thank for the speed at which my swing has come along as I think it's trained my mind into the physics behind the golf swing. I don't follow it "to the letter" any more but it was a great start.

Anyway I've always had a problem with my swing where 50% of my shots would be straight and 50% push shots. I've always put it down to me being a hacker and not having a decent enough swing yet, however yesterday I read a review of my irons which said:


In true "game-improvement" form, the SUMO are not designed to work the ball. Period.

Well-struck shots will have one dominant and intransigent ball-flight - essentially high and in the direction the clubface is pointed at impact.

We found the toe to be perhaps a tad heavy, and consequently somewhat easy to leave open at times. The result was a consistent push.

And that got me to thinking about whether I should try out some other irons. I went to my local pro shop with the idea that I'd try out the Burner 2.0's as they get rave reviews but the guy in the pro shop suggested trying out the Yonex VMS's and boy am I glad I did; fantastic distance, effortless to swing and they sound lovely and soft off the face, even with range balls!

My push shot has all but been eliminated based on my 100 ball range session and 90% of them going dead straight with 10% being a strange fade shot with the 4i which I think is due to me trying to get too much out of the club with my arms instead of hips. The lie-board showed that the clubs are a perfect fit and don't need customising either. Bargain.

Anyway lesson learned for me! Always always try out clubs when you've grooved your swing. Before that buy a cheap second hand set of clubs to make do until your swing is good enough for a new set and you yourself can see if they suit your game or not.

Can't wait to get out on the course with my new irons. I shall name them "Andrex" - Soft, strong and very long.

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