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jet pilot

I need new irons!!!

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Back in 2001 I was an assistant superintendent at a very nice resort course in WI.  I took advantage of the free range balls and golf.  When I left the golf business I was a 7 handicap and getting better.  After I left, I only played 3-4 times per year and my game suffered.  Two years ago I moved into a golf course community and started playing more.  Right now I am playing 2-5 times per week and have gotten back to a 10.8 handicap (struggling with putting this summer).  I am currently playing Tommy Armor 855 irons that I was "fitted" for back in 1995~.  Those clubs are 1.5" over standard with no loft/lie adjustment.  I have been considering new irons for many years but I live in a small town in Northern WI.  My club has a small selection and nothing jumped out at me (R11 does look nice though).  The next option is a small golf/hockey shop that is 1 hour away, or a Golf Galaxy that is 3 hours away.  I know I will need to make a trip to see clubs but wanted to do some research ahead of time.  I have been looking at irons online and it is really hard to tell anything about a club from pictures.  I was playing another course yesterday and snapped my 6-iron so now the search is getting serious.  That course had a set of Cleveland 588 CB irons that were beautiful.  List price on those was $1000 with a sale price of $650 which seems fair.  My main question for the experts is....what other clubs are similar in shape/appearance to the Cleveland?  I do not think I am ready for blades, but do not want a larger iron if I can help it.  Am I looking at the wrong clubs?  I hit the ball high, and my typical shot is straight or slight fade.  Any suggestions????

I have also been looking at www.2ndswing.com and www.callawaypreowned.com for some used clubs that may fit the bill so I would not be opposed to some late model used clubs.  I played golf with Dick Weiss of SST PURE a few weeks ago and he suggested that I go to Club Champion in IL to get fitted and get my shafts PURE'd.  Their full bag fitting is $350, but I am sure that it is worth it.  After doing some research on the SST PURE process it seems like an awesome addition to clubs.  Has anyone gone through that process???

Right now in my bag I have......

TaylorMade Burner SuperFast driver

19 degree Cleveland hybrid

Tommy Armor 855 irons (3-PW)

Vokey 52 degree wedge

Cleveland 588 56 degree wedge

Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2

Thanks in advance for the input!!!!

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Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

1) Go hit clubs

2) Buy the ones you like/hit the best

3) Buy from the people that have the clubs you hit(otherwise you are abusing their services)


Buy something you think you like online. Dislike them. Try to sell them and can't. Repeat many times.

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Go with the ones that are right for you.  I went through this process not too long ago.  Ended up with the Ap2's but only because out of all the clubs I tried these were the ones for me.  Everyone has a different feel for clubs.  Every manufacturer wants to sell you the latest and greatest technology that they have to offer.  They have to.  Their trying to move product.  Just find a set that you and only you really like and pull the trigger.

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