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Looking at where my hips are pointed after I swing tells me where I missed the shot (usually left)

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tiger1242    0

So I've been getting much more into golf in the last 6-8 months. I've read a lot about the golf swing, to the point that almost everything I read now I've read in some form before. Now of course knowing something and applying it are two different things, and I am still slowly working on applying all the fundamentals and techniques I have learned.

Still I have brought my scoring average on my home course from around 84-89 into 79-85 range, I even shot a 76 about a month ago!!! And my handicap index dropped to a 9.6 (10.1 right now although it's not official).

Anyway most of my readings have been focused on hitting irons as I am a long driver naturally and pretty accurate; but my irons are very sporadic. I spent probably 3 years teaching myself how to hit a golf ball without a baseball swing, and turning my massive slice into the desired draw, but it was still not accurate.

In the last few months I have figured out I should not try to hit a type of shot that is not natural for me. So I have stopped trying to force myself to draw the ball if I don't have to, and my irons (when I'm not shaping them) now have a pretty straight and slight fade ball flight; which I've learned is actually preferred by a lot of great golfers! The result is me being much more accurate, but still not where I want to be on it.

The main issue I have now is that I often pull the ball left, it's not that the ball isn't fading, it's that I'm yanking it left often, sometimes even with wedges!!! What I have begun to notice is 90% of the time I pull the ball left my hips are pointing left of my target. Now I've read about hip movements and understand their importance. And I have noticed myself doing it enough to where I can see it's my problem, and I've noticed my good shots my hips are pointed right at my target.

So my question is why are my hips over rotating? And what are some drills/thoughts (besides just don't over rotate) that can help me with this issue? I don't have a recent video of my swing to post, but I will try and get one and post it here soon

This is a great looking site and I'm looking forward to learning a lot from it

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    • Good to have golfers from all over the planet here. See you around! Under the "How To..." drop down menu above, there are all kinds of things there you might want to scan through. How to create an "avatar" How to get "Achievements" (those little icons that show up at the bottom of your posts) How to quote people or other sources How to embed video. Just lots of the details about how things get done here. Since you're interested in instruction, don't miss the "Info...Instructional Content" link in the menu above. Also linked here below. That'll give you a sense of some of the top instruction threads that have been created here in the past. Lastly, you mentioned that there are lots of "tips" here- and you'll quickly find that this site does not promote the idea of hunting the internet for "tips." This site is all about finding the correct priority for fixing a swing (not always easy for us golfers to know) and then applying practice techniques to address that one thing. Then move on to the next priority. I'm not saying that I think you are one of these "tip-hunters", but since you mentioned the word, I just wanted to put it out there that there are lots of testimonies here about the futile search for "tips" on the internet and not improving much as a result of going from one tip to another.  Anyway, welcome! Here's the thread I mentioned above.  
    • Winston Salem only carries balls. The other stores are at least 1.5 hours away.
    • I agree.... my mechanics are to blame much more than my composure, as is the case with the majority of us.  If you read my comment in context of the previous comments, you'll see I wasn't claiming composure>physical at all. 
    • Revealing thread, there are varying "definitions" of what's mental and what's physical. I would have called game planning, green reading and just practicing effectively mental, along with just maintaining composure/managing pressure/stress. What's the essential difference between someone who just mindlessly bashes ball after ball at the range vs someone who practices with purpose? "The way I look at it in golf is that the mental game is a mechanism for fulfilling physical potential. Physical potential being a function of natural ability and effort put in through practice, instruction, conditioning, etc. Physical potential won’t automatically be transferred to the golf course in the form of performance. That is where a strong mental game steps in and allows the body to perform the tasks it has already been trained to do. In other words, the mental game bridges physical potential and physical performance. When faced with consequence on the golf course, the physical motion the body already knows how to perform can be hindered by doubt, fear, and anxiety. Our mind and body know how to physically execute the shot, and the mental game is required to protect that ability by warding off the potential doubt, fear or anxiety."
    • Today I came across to this video and just wanted to share it with you guys Her swing looks great! 
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