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Need some help with drivers

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I am a new golfer, but learning very quickly. Irons are the highlight of my game.  Always used dads old driver.  A 440cc nichlaus airmax with a 10.5 degree loft an offset clubface, and a regular flexed shaft.  Come to find that a 10.5 degree loft is good for me, even though i swing very fast. Clubhead spead is around 106 averaged. I know I should be using a 9.5 degree but like I said, my irons are good, so I come down pretty steep on the ball.  The nichlaus airmax broke away from the shaft today.  No big deal, I swing too hard for the shaft anyway.

Heres the problem.  Today I went to Golf Galaxy and hit a few different drivers and landed on a ping i20 with 10.5 degree loft and a project X 6.0 shaft on it.  I mean, no matter what I did, the thing wanted to go straight for me.  So heres where it gets sticky.  The thing costs $200.  Now money is no issue.  I really have no problem spending that, or more, if it will get me to hit the ball somewhat straight all the time.  But I got to wondering.  Was my old club really a good club with a shaft that wasnt right for me?  Is it worth replacing the old shaft with oh say a rifle project X 6.0. Maybe I can have the same club as the ping, and spend a lot less money.

Another question is that I have never been fit for a driver before, is this worth doing if I have found a ping in the used bin that I hit straight anyway?

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The Nicklaus Airmax driver was a Golf Digest Hotlist club in 2005.

On reshaft: A Project X 6.0 Graphite Wood shaft will cost you about $150, plus the cost of installation and a grip. So, the i20 driver would probably be a better value, if that's the best shaft and head combination for you.

Also, don't assume that just because you have a 100 + mph clubhead speed that 9.5* is what you need for driver loft. Take a look at pro Lee Westwood's 11* driver and why he uses it:


Loft and shaft characteristics work together, with the ball you use, to launch the ball. A fitting would help you find the best loft-shaft combination for what you want to do. An i20 with 10.5* and PX 6.0 might well be in the mix.

Also, driver fittings give you good data on the nature of your swing. Then, related fittings for FWs and irons will help you fine-tune your set.

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    • Found this link looking at Tiger and his new swing. Michael Jordan makes some very good points about why the term "GOAT" doesn't make sense. Smart guy.
    • I think we were.  Yes, this is a GREAT feature, long overdue Some people even make Snaps (snapchat) while driving.   
    • Short of the year for me yesterday.

      Hit my driver towards a crossbunker on the rigth on a Par 4 after making birdie on the previous hole (Par 5). When I walk to the ball i saw that the ball climbed the rigth wall of the bunker and stayed there, 50cm from the wall. I had 2 options, make my stance on the bunker and hit the ball like a baseball player or stand over the wall and grip the club from the shaft halfway to the head, like it was a club for a 5 year old player. I knew that i was facing to give back the birdie on the previous hole.

      I choose the 2nd option, take an 8 iron from 120 yards and hit it as hard as I could towards the green. The flag was short left, with a bunker guarding the middle/rigth portion of the green. 
      I make a perfect contact and the ball took a really low ball fligth towards the flag. Landed 30 yards on the fairway shorter to the flag and start rolling until I saw it disapear on the cup. Yeah!! Eagle!! :D. Raised my arms before it drops, and my playing partners start clapping, they wheren´t close to me to celebrate. A couple of high 5 closer to the green and big satisfaction when i pull it out of the hole. 3 under in 2 holes. Yes, it was luck that the ball went in but i made an amazing recovery shot.   
    • I think pondering the answer is its own punch line....
    • @ANDY_UK Interesting argument, but neither you nor the person that wrote the article has answered my question. If the ball is lost where do you drop? Obviously you don't have any idea where your ball went so how do you equitably drop in a place that does not give you an advantage? It could have hit a tree and gone backwards, it could have taken a horrible bounce and be well right or left of the fairway or green. You don't know so how could you possibly drop anywhere but from where you originally hit your shot? For example you're playing a match, one person hits their ball up against a tree, another person hits their ball, it hits something and goes off never to be seen again. The player who found their ball has to chip out backwards back to the fairway, the player with the lost ball just gets to drop where ever and add a stroke? Technically the player with the lost ball could be in better position after dropping and they both lie 2. Thats just wrong IMHO
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