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Was fitted for my new driver today........

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Even though it wasn't in the Top 5 in my mind, the Ping G20 made the cut today and will be in my bag tomorrow.  Went in for a fitting and ended up with a 12* G20, R-Flex, 44" long, swingweighted to D2.5.  With it setup that way, it's pretty much point and shoot for me on the range.  Once it's all assembled tomorrow, I'll get a range session in, and then play a couple rounds with it this weekend.

What I really noticed is that it's a lot more forgiving than the Srixon I'm currently playing.  The ballflight, even with my crappy swing is very predictable from one shot to the next.

Looked at quite a few clubs and decided on the Ping after realizing that after owning a couple adjustable drivers, I need to get something setup for me, and just leave it along and work on my swing instead of tinkering when things are going a bit awry.


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Got my first range session in today with this new beast, and I have to say that so far, I'm loving it. I typically have a very low ballflight off the tee, but this thing brought everything up and now I'm getting a high but penetrating ball flight.  With the low compression range balls I was hitting, I was landing them all around 210-220 but couldn't see the roll-out.  With real golf balls, this should finally get me out to around 250 consistently, which was my goal for this year.  All I needed was to get back to 250 yards off the tee, and everything else would work it's way out.  My driver this year has been the bane of my existence on the golf course.

I should have been fitted a few months ago and went to the higher loft back then and I wouldn't have experienced half the problems with my game.  Trying to get the ball up into the air has never went well for me, so having the additional loft has been very beneficial for me.

Solid, Solid driver........  Going to play this weekend and then get a playing lesson with the Pro sometime next week to help this handicap start in the right direction again.


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I really like reading posts where everything works out!

Enjoy your new driver!


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I use to game a original burner driver and I could really crush it with the long shaft. With the next hole I would slice it so I went and got fit at the start of this year and got a lesson with it to boot. Night and day . The weakest part off game quickly became the best as the year went on. Probably cuz everything else slipped ha

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    • The tournaments I enter do not use my USGA handicap, it uses a handicap from the associations own summary of scores (I don't enter any scores, they do everything on their own).  My USGA handicap I use for only my own reflection.  I guess I never made that clear.
    • Go for it. But as it's fairly off topic here, please post in this thread:   If your proposal to improve 18-2 is to not allow marking/lifting/cleaning on the putting green… it doesn't really change 18-2 at all, because the ball can still move after being at rest, due to the player or other things. This thread is to propose changes to rule 18-2. Everyone gets to have their own opinion, but I've yet to see one that has changed my mind. I'm against making the standard of proof "virtual certainty" (particularly when your ball is on pine straw, or in the rough, or countless other situations beyond the putting green), but I'd be amenable to some sort of threshold around 75%, not that I have the faintest idea how to word it or apply that relatively evenly. That's incorrect. The weight of all evidence is considered and the most likely cause(s) identified. If the player was ten feet away and the wind didn't blow and the earth didn't shake or other things… the player would not be deemed at fault even without any "extenuating circumstance(s)." Your proposal is based on a misunderstanding of the current rule. DJ was deemed to have caused the ball to move, because of his actions very near to the ball in time and space. He caused his ball to move, the rules committee deemed. It wasn't simply the lack of "extenuating circumstances" that doomed DJ. It was what he did right near the ball and right around the time the ball moved. The absence of those "extenuating circumstances" and the presence of his own actions are what caused the rules committee to feel he surpassed the 50% threshold. The USGA and R&A apply this rule the same. I suggest you re-read 18-2/0.5 again. Particularly: @Gunther, 18-2 is not a case of "guilty unless proven innocent." I believe @Fourputt was suggesting the rule go back to the way it was a decade ago or so. I disagree with that (reverting to the older rule), @Fourputt. Yes, it was "cleaner" to apply, but it resulted in penalty strokes being assessed to players who did nothing wrong and did not, themselves, cause the ball to move. That's not worth the "cleanliness" IMO.
    • Sort of along these same lines for me.  I'm not at 2.5 but in the past year I've passed under 5.4 and 4.4, both of which are threshholds for qualifying tournaments I've always wanted to play.  As long as I can stay under those threshholds, and ideally keep going down (there is another qualifier available to me at 3.4, as well as at 2.4 and 1.4) then I'll be happy and keep entering those qualifiers.  But if I don't, then well, it's not a huge deal either.
    • Ugh. High heeled golf shoes. No thanks. 
    • Actually it looks like there are several local rules that allow dropping in a water hazard. EDIT:  Sorry, do these just mean a bunker and not any type of water hazard?  
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