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Questions About Club Fitting

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joshray    0

I've been playing with the same set of clubs I got my junior year of high school and my wife has finally agreed to let me get a new set. I want to get fitted, so that I have the right clubs and can stop blaming my problems on the clubs. I went to Edwin Watts Golf last week and spoke with Steve, the PGA Instructor there. I told him what I was looking to do, and he took a quick measurement of my arms, then gave me an adjusted club to hit with tape on it to see if it was hitting the ground square.

He said it looks like I need a 2 degree increase in the lie angle, said that's simple, and then suggested I look at the sets they have available because he can adjust any of them. I was expecting a lot more from a fitting - like hitting many different clubs, using the simulator to check club speed.... It was busy when I was in the store, so I'm wondering if he just rushed through it, or if that's normal and my expectations are off.

Before I buy any new clubs I'd like him to adjust them and let me hit some balls into the simulator. I'm thinking this could take a few weeks, of hitting all of the clubs I like and narrowing them down. Would that be unreasonable of me to ask him to adjust the lie angle on a 7 iron from 7-8 different sets so that I can try them all out? This will be a big purchase, and based on my track record these clubs may need to last me 10-15 years so I want to make sure I'm happy with them (anything is an improvement over my 1998 Wilsons, but you know what I mean).

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WUTiger    454


I've been to an Edwin Watts shop a couple of times, mainly because of the sale and I already knew what I wanted - if EW had a good price. So, I am not familiar with the EW standard fitting process.

The fact that the store was crowded might have influenced the attention you got.

Be aware that some pros get a little cynical if they run into too many amateurs who look like they want to "buy a game." Not sure exactly what you said to the pro, but you may not have communicated your seriousness about getting a full fitting, and trying out different club and shaft combos. I would phone EW, talk to the pro directly, and say you want an appointment for a fitting.

Also, go to a competitor's shop and see if you get more thorough treatment.

As for you needing a flatter lie angle, this will vary among the different OEM clubmakers. There is "no industry standard"  for lie angle. For Ping irons, I usually need 0.75 ° flat, whereas for Callaway the standard lies seems to work.

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joshray    0

Thanks, I think that I'll give him another chance.  He was a really good guy, just busy.

Is it normal to request that they adjust a few irons from many different sets so that I can try out the different brands fitted specifically for me?  I looked through the store, and there are so many different options that I don't know where to start.  I'd like to pick a few sets in my price range and have one or two clubs adjusted so that I can hit them into the simulator.

That seems like it would be a lot of work for the shop to adjust those clubs, but I feel like that's the best way for me to really see which clubs I like.

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WUTiger    454

If the shop has a fitting cart of Callaway, TM, or whatever, the fitter can swap out different shafts and flexes for you to try.

Or, they can pull the 7i from assorted sets for you to try.

They will not, however, bend shelf model irons just for you to test. As I said earlier, lie angle for 7 irons will vary from maker to maker: some stock lies may fit you as is, while for others they won't.

Basically, the bending would come after you have done some tests and decide you want to buy a specific set of irons.

Ping used to have different lie angles in its iron fitting cart, but I can't remember if other OEMs do this or not.

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