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dave s

Adams Tech V3 Hybrid/Iron set 3-6h, 7-9i PW, GW, SW

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FS:  Adams Tech V3 Hybrid/Iron Set.  Added 3 hybrid and SW to set.  Total set includes:

3, 4, 5, 6 hybrid, (w head covers) 7, 8, 9, PW, GW, SW irons.  Played these for 2 seasons, probably 50 total rounds.  They look beat up due to black powder coat finish wearing off.  Grooves good on all clubs.  Grips good other than SW and 5-hybrid with half life left.

$200 delivered to your door.  I'll cover paypal fee and ship via FedEx Ground Home Delivery service.


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Lots of nibbles but no sale yet.  Some have asked about my past buy/sell history here.  None.  I do buy/sell high-end camera gear at Photography On The Net forum under the user name 'snyderman.'  Same at The Gear Page with higher-end guitar/amplifier stuff.  Lots of horse-trading experience, just none here yet.

Some of the questions I've had and answers:

All graphite shafts regular flex.

Adams Tech V3 are SGI (Super Game Improvement) classification.  Great for a beginner looking for decent equipment to learn on or intermediate player wanting to upgrade to a full hybrid/iron set.

If anyone seriously interested in these let me know.  They are packed and ready to ship anywhere in the CONUS via FedEx Ground Home Delivery service.  I accept paypal, personal check, (clear, then ship) or a USPS money order.

Special note:  the hybrid head covers wouldn't fit in the club box, so they'd be delivered separately via USPS.

Any takers?  My new clubs are here and would like to move them!



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I see that this post is months old but thought I'd give it a try. If the clubs are still available I would be very interested. What would be your best price?



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Hi Greg: Sorry, long gone. I don't know how to 'close' or 'delete' a thread here! I thought it was, but apparently not. Sorry for the confusion. All on my part, I'm sure. dave

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    • Updated Nevada rules, have to start wearing a mask on the range, went into effect yesterday 👎 Doing a lot of slow reps, taking it to 4 withe knees staying over the feet and then breathing into it. Legs are looking more stable, matching up well with the handle being more forward/shaft steeper on the downswing. When I can keep the femur "spread" it feels like the club works "straighter" into the ball rather than under and out to the right.   
    • Day 348 Superspeed workout and some tempo drills with 7-iron. Hit the ball really shitty, hope it was the dark. 
    • Isn’t the ‘low spin’ pertaining to the inner core as far as a smashed hit as with driver and not with a descending hit with grooves as from an iron? 
    • No. I only have 3: 48, 54, and 60. I’d rather have more clubs at the longer end of the bag. It is generally far easier to finesse a wedge than a long club. Additionally, when you finesse a wedge, it’s easier to retain spin and hold the green. Conversely, when taking something off a longer club, it’s harder to maintain spin and adequate landing angle to retain the green. Therefore, I’d rather have more opportunities at a stock number on the longer end of the bag than carry an additional wedge. 
    • Iron set wedges are 44(Pw) and 49(aw) vokeys are 54s and 60k set wedges are mainly full Shots. The 54 does everything inside 75 yards except bunkers and if I’m short sided in rough (that’s the k) I’m thinking of getting new irons next spring but wondering if I’ll have to get a 50 degree wedge (will most likely drop my 4h if 5i is long enough) with all of these new long hitting irons. Rogue x has a 46 degree gap wedge!
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