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2-3 Hours with a Pro or AimPoint Clinic?

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joshray    0

My employer offers a wellness reimbursement plan, and they include golf lessons.  I've already spent some of the money on a range pass, and I've been out 3-4 days a week hitting a couple buckets each day.  I have about $260 left to spend, and I was talking with the Pro about lessons, until I read about the AimPoint system here.

Right now, every aspect of my game needs help.  I have a friend who is a scratch golfer, and he's been giving me tips/advice for my irons on the range.  I'm getting better with the irons, but could still use help.  I have no confidence in my putting right now, and I'm tempted to take the AimPoint course.  I'm just curious if there's a general consensus around fixing putting or iron play first.

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Golfingdad    1,850

Wait, your employer pays for you to take golf lessons?  Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (I am super envious)

My vote would go towards lessons ... with the caveat that your pro is a good teacher.  (Somewhere on here there is a thread about which questions you should ask your instructor before you start taking lessons - you should search for it)

Aimpoint is great and I would never knock it (why would I - I use it!) but I would venture a guess that you are losing a lot more of your 15 strokes on full shots than you are on putting.

Further, Aimpoint only really helps with half of the putting aspect because it's all about green reading.  If you can't hit the putts where you are aiming or with correct speed, Aimpoint isn't going to do much.

That said, you won't go wrong with Aimpoint.  It's simple, its quick, and it works.

Maybe do both????????

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joshray    0

Yes, my employer is awesome.  I would love to do both, but my wife has already agreed to let me get some new clubs this year, and I think spending a couple hundred more on lessons may be pushing it.  For some reason, she doesn't think golf lessons are as important as I do - maybe there's a thread about convincing wives of the importance of the sport that I haven't read yet.

I've never taken lessons, and I think they would be very valuable to me.  My friend showed me how to hit down on the ball, and now I'm hitting the sweet spot about 80% of the time (I get anxious and hit too hard or lift my head and occassionaly top it still), and it has changed my world.  My shots are flying longer and straighter, and I'm swinger softer.  I'm also loving this site, there's tons of great stuff here.

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    • I think they just enjoy hitting driver more than they enjoy putting or chipping. Very few of those golfers are really "practicing" anything close to properly.
    • That's true, I've never actually seen anyone use their putter from the tee to the hole in a reasonable number of strokes before.   To add to this and joking aside, I see a lot more people on the driving range practicing fulls swings than in the short game area. It seems like people either consciously or subconsciously know that long game is a very important part of their games.
    • Going to be around a full month now.
    • I think I get where @Groucho Valentine is coming from.  I've had rounds where ball striking sucked and I shot well because of short game.  But I've had more rounds where ball striking is good, short game sucks and I still shoot better. I don't know how this will ring, but here goes.  When you take a scratch or plus golfer and put him on a course rating course of 72 or whatever, and he shoots 1 or 2 under, he's going to have stats that look similar to that of the pros.  Why? Because he's shooting the average score of the pros, but on a significantly easier course.  Pros are making those stats on a course rating of 75 or more in tournament pressure and conditions, where the greens are usually hard and running.  I would assume that groucho plays on courses that are not set up even close, condition wise, to that of pro set ups.  To get those low scores, you are putting the ball close to the hole and making a few putts here and there.  So, yeah Groucho may have stats similar to pros, but take him to tougher courses with tougher set ups and I bet those stats won't ring true anymore.
    • ... well, it was clarity for me, anyway.  

      I've been going through a slump recently.  After finally achieving a single digit index, it's been all downhill for the last 3 weeks or so.  Off the tee, I developed a quick hook that I couldn't get rid of.  Everywhere else, I've struggled to strike the ball solidly.  

      On the 5th hole this morning, I was in the rough up the left hand side.  I had 193 yards to the hole and the ball was kind of sunken down a bit, but the back of the ball was exposed.  I took a few practice swings, and then it hit me that I needed to play this like a fairway bunker shot.  I needed to make sure the contact to the back of the ball was clean and that I accelerated through the ball.  I hit a low 4 iron that ran up into the green side trap.  Other than the fact that I pulled it a bit (the rough closed the club face just enough), I played it exactly as I'd wanted to.  

      2 holes later, I had 130 to a flag in the back corner of the green.  This specific green is hard and the ball always releases.  Again, I was in the rough... but this one was sitting cleaner.  I had that same swing thought, playing it like it was a fairway bunker shot, and I hit a great shot with a pitching wedge that landed just shy of the pin and released to about 20 feet.  

      For the rest of the round, that was my thought standing over the ball with an iron.  I've been pretty good out of fairway traps for awhile now.  I don't know why it never clicked with me before today.  I hit crisper irons today than I have for the last month.  I scored like crap (a lot of shots were going further and I was left with tough up & down chances), but... striking the ball felt good again.  

      Chances are that I'll forget this again in the near future, or some other 'masterful' swing thought will take over... but, for now... at least I feel like I'm headed in the right direction.

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