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Pushed shots

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Sorry guys i do not have a current video this yr but i am working on one. I am having trouble with pushing my golf shots. My natural ball shape is a fade. Lately ive been pushing almost all my golf shots. I found out that i had the ball too far back in stance and that was the original cause. Ive adjusted the ball forward in my stance which helped alot . Now ive developed opening up my hips too quick and diping my back shoulder which is causing me to have an open club face so again causes me to have weak shots to the right . I need some help fixing these faults any body have any ideas or drills how to correct this. Thanks for the help

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In the past I've had a problem with pushes, and determined my swing (as seen from divot direction) were on target, but my pushes were due to not getting the club face closed.  I was able to fix it with the following tips I read on here:

" Once my wrists are set at the top, it feels like I just hold that position into the finish.  They unhinge, of course, but it doesn't feel like it to me.  I don't open the face on the way back so there is no need to square it on the way down.  Just hinge it square, set it, then swing through.  As far as forearms, I like to feel like you could put a plate horizontal on my forearms at 3 o clock and 9 o clock."

"Here's what corrects it for me, when I go back to basics . The back swing is initiated by starting to rotate the upper body. If you move your arms, hands or anything else, you're already off plane. There is a triangle formed from shoulder to shoulder to the hands - try and maintain that triangle on the back swing for as long as possible. Take the club back along the target line. Do not rotate, turn, pull (whatever) the arms and hands anywhere but where the triangle leads them."

Let us know what works for you.

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    • I'm a high HI so you may not want to consider...But my coach said to try to increase my side bend. Think a little bit of a baseball swing. Or maybe Justin Thomas. There are some good illustrative videos online about side bend. -Best, Marv
    • Okay, I'll give it a shot.  What the heck.  If you're a right-handed golfer, starting in your stance have your elbows close together, with the insides of the elbows facing up.  At the top of the back swing, your left wrist should be flat, and your right wrist should be cocked back.   That will help you tuck in your right elbow.  Then when you start down, keep your right elbow tucked in.  Don't flip the club with your right hand.  Keep your right wrist cocked back.  Try to have your elbows close together when you hit the ball.   
    • Played my first round yesterday; shot 153, at least 10 balls lost in the water and in the woods
    • Advanced statistics and analysis in baseball is a lot more prevalent than just the Oakland A's and  the movie, but yea, the book is how the public became aware of it for the most part. Every front office in every major sport uses analysis whether they're public about it or not, most with their own proprietary systems. Judging by your comments, I'm guessing you never studied statistical analysis or forecasting. No, you can't predict the future, but you can make decisions based on trends that are most likely indicative of future performance. It's a lot more effective than simply guessing or "going with your gut." For example, if a guy misses almost every cut in a tournament with bad weather and his next one has rain in the forecast, it's a pretty safe bet he's going to miss the cut. That doesn't mean he definitely will, but his past performance indicates that is the most likely outcome. I watched a program that talked about those daily fantasy gambling sites once and the top winners all use very complicated analysis tools to predict performance of athletes. They got into some really minute details like how an athlete performs under certain weather conditions, start times, etc. They're not just picking guys blind. Zero. Billy Beane himself said the playoffs are based on luck. Baseball has a playoff format that is different than regular season play so you can build a team that can win 100 games but isn't necessarily the strongest for a best-of-five or seven series. Even if it is, you can have a couple of guys hit a slump during the playoffs and lose anyway. The announcers made a big deal in the broadcast about how great Corey Kluber was in the month of September but then he faltered in the playoff series in October against the Yankees. They just assumed he was going to continue to be lights out, but he regressed to the mean. He's still one of the best pitchers in baseball, but if you combine his performances in September and October together, you're going to get a better picture of how he is as a pitcher than if you only evaluate his performance in the arbitrary month of September (or October, for that matter). How did they do before "analytics" was introduced? A poorly managed team is poorly managed, with or without additional stats to help make decisions.
    • That doesn't seem like it's necessarily a good thing- to unexpectedly fly over your target and land on the back of the green.  It doesn't seem like something you'd want to happen.  That seems like a shot you'd want to avoid. 
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