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Hi. New member from North East England

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Areet. New to the forum.......and new to the game of golf too.

Just joined my first club, so im just hacking away at the minute en route to getting a handicap


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Welcome to the sand trap forums.


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    • Putting practice is very different from one player (and especially skill level to the next).   here are my impressions.   it is true that 30-50% of all shots are from the green.  but, you can't really look at it that way, because even on a good putting day, half of those are inevitable.  If you two putt every single green in regulation, I doubt you're gonna be too down on yourself.  so really, the strokes you are adding or subtracting from your card are the number of 3-putts and 1-putts.   For your average golfer, there are really just two things you need to accomplish to putt well.   Making every putt under 6 feet.  and putting every putt outside that 6-foot circle to within the circle.   1) making every putt within 6 feet this is really just about repetition.  and it really doesn't matter where you are getting your reps.  I have an 8 ft putting mat in my living room.  If I spend an hour just hitting balls on this over, and over, and, over, I notice is great deal of improvement in making my 5 footers.  I know it sounds simple, but just learning how to repeatedly hit the ball straight and having the confidence standing over the ball to hit it straight makes a huge difference.   note: I assume as you get better and better at golf (and putting), this method of practice will have less and less of a positive impact.  This really only helps you become confident in your putting stroke, once you've got that down, you've got bigger fish to fry.   2) hitting everything outside that 6 foot circle to within 6 feet.   This one is a bit trickier.  I think the best practice for this one is to get to a practice green and putt from many different distances.  and changing it up very frequently (as opposed to putting many balls from one distance and then moving).  This one is all about feel.  and feel only comes with practice.     If you can get really good at these two simple skills, you can certainly become a passable putter.   Now the next step is raising your conversion rate on 10-15 foot putts.   I think this step takes a lot more work and a much better understanding of how to read a green as well as being a lot more precise with your pace.   If I ever figure this stuff out, I'll do my best to share.               
    • 8/31/16: Slower backswings with a slightly faster through swing. Swinging at perhaps 60-65% of my "normal speed" I honestly don't lose much distance with it. So I think I might use this for a while. "Ledge" gave me this tip on Sunday. (After my match). He told me, I would be more consistent with it, so I'm giving it a shot. As August has 31 days, I've completed the "5 Minutes Daily" challenge for August. @iacas, how do I make text red in mobile?
    • I have a Smart TV, only Smart appliance in the house.
    • I would average maybe one birdie a round at best these days since I am only playing weekends, and mostly not even every weekend.  When I was playing more regularly, between 1 and 3 birdies a round depending on the day.  Overall, I would say a low percentage but I rarely keep stats on GIR and birdies.  The maximum is in tournaments when I tend to keep score but having turned in the card I never keep the data.  Should start doing that.  Would assume GIR of maybe 50% at present and maybe 10% at best for GIR to birdie.  Handicap is low double digits though have not updated it in my home club since rarely play there these days
    • IMO, if you know someone is about to hit your ball, you should give them a heads up. This is a gentlemen's game. Ultimately it is the player hitting the shot responsibility to identify the ball and make sure. Its bad taste, but not a penalty if you let them hit your ball. In my club championship last week I found a ball in the rough that I thought was my competitors. I said "hey your'e hitting a black titleist, right?" He says yeah and plays the ball. We get to the green and its not his ball. I felt pretty bad for finding the ball (his original was like 3ft away from the wrong ball played). He reassured me it was his fault for not looking at it before hitting it. Both were black titleists but his had a logo on the side (I didnt see it or know about the logo).
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