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First 2 Day Tournament Coming Up - Any Strategic Tips?

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Hey guys! I'm 15, and I'm just getting back into junior golf after taking a 3 year "extended hiatus." (I actually quit golf, but I'm playing again, so who cares?)

I had never played an 18 hole tournament until last month, and I ended up playing pretty well - I finished T5, 5 shots off the lead. The thing I realized after the tournament is that I went into it with no game plan. I could only hit fades then, and I decided to get aggressive on a few holes on a limb and got a double bogey on two of them and a quadruple on the other. In the past 2-3 weeks, I've learned how to hit a decent draw, and that's opened up a lot of doors for me playing wise, I can go at some pins and greens that I couldn't before, and some of the stupid aggressive shots that ended up costing me the tournament last month I could probably hit now. This weekend, I have a 2 day tournament coming up, and I've spent time coming up with a specific game plan. My plan right now involves 7 "green light" holes, in which I'll play aggressively, as minor misses are not that bad, 6 "yellow light" holes that I'll play semi conservatively, going mainly for par but hopefully getting a few birdie opportunities, and 5 "red light" holes that I'll play super conservatively, going for par and nothing more. My question is, being about a 6-8 handicapper, really mainly due to putting, (which I'm working on a ton this week) is this a good game plan to have for both days? Or should I go out and just play really conservatively both days? Or even conservative the first day, and then my "plan" the next? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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