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Trouble with woods

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For the last few round i mis out on a few strokes by failing to get my ball in play, and i'm scoring well at the moment. Had a talk ( lesson ) with the pro and even he can't figure out what is really going on in my swing. I hit my irons so pure at the moment.

So i'm thinking to buy a new set off woods.

I play Taylormade R11 woods at this moment ( with custom fitted shafts )

Clubs i'm looking at for now Mizuno JPX 825, Cobra AMP Cell,

Tried the Nike covert already but hated the sound.

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I'm approaching this as a former caddie...

How is your ball not getting into play with woods ? Are you...

  • Spraying the ball: hitting it all over.... pushes and hooks.... pulls and slices....
  • Topping shots...
  • Hitting shots fat...
  • Alternating topping and fats

And, is this with all your woods, just your driver, your FWs mainly?

I wouldn't automatically switch clubs until you diagnose the problem. What specifics can you share on your problem?

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First advice is to change your golf pro not golf clubs.  Because if he can't figure it out, I don't think he may be the right pro for you.  Teaching pros are like clubs sometimes, you need to find the right one that fits you.

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First off all he is the best pro i ever had. so he's not going anywhere.

I'm just spraying them around left hook, right slice pulls and pushes it's happening all.

It happens to driver 3wd and hybrid. If i take my 3 iron i hit a slight draw my standard ball shape.

I'm getting so unsure about these clubs, i start messing with the lofts, weights and face settings.

This is not helping it only makes it worse.

We vtaped me and compared them to earlier movies there is no sign off other movements or whatever.

Reason i went looking for other sticks is that the confidence in my R11 driver, 3 wd and hybrid are down to zero.

And because i hit my irons so good at the moment i don't want to spoil any strokes on not getting the ball into play.

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I have found that in the long clubs the most forgiving you can get are probably the best plan.  Because of the length there is more opportunity for a less than perfect strike.

I think a club with an adjustable hosel gives up forgiveness.

Here is an interesting read.


I recently got a Ping G20 driver.  I was super impressed with the driver.  Not because of dead center hits the ball flies far (every club does that) but because of less than perfect hits the ball flies a reasonable distance and stays in play.

After my experience with the Driver I tried some Ping Hybrids.  The hybrids may not be the longest on dead center hits but they are easy to hit and more  forgiving than most, the bad shots are not that bad.  So my conclusion is that Ping seems to be a company that is sticking to its engineering roots and not trying to sell the latest piece of Marketing BullS_it they came up with so they have to come out with some new magic every year.  I respect that integrity, I like their approach.  My interpretation of that approach is that their goal is to design equipment that allows people to be successful when their game is on and when it is not.

Not a Ping Fan boy but I tasted the cool-aid and I think I like the taste.

With that said, its not the clubs.  Shorten the swing, 80% power.  Think smooth not violent.

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Not a ping fan also! But will try them tomorrow! I'm going for a fitting will let you guys know what came out

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Right so here is all about my fitting session.

At home i put my R11 driver and 3 wd back to standard

and went to the store. First i hit some wedges to warm up.

Than i took my 3wd and had e few shots. had one from the bottom

and 2 pushes and 2 good ones with a gentle draw.

the pushes went 30 yards right with a carry off 231.

the good ones went 9 yards left carry 246

Seeing the swing speed the aldila RIP shafts stiff are a good fit

I was asked for what clubs i'm looking for, brand wise.

Told them i want to look at Cobra, titleist, mizuno, ping Callway and wilson

So no problems here, got the wilson first the D100 version.

Had trouble to get the ball in the center. I think this was because

off the weight off the shaft --> very light and to flexible ( stiff shaft )

So this was a no go.

Than Titleist 913 F

First of all this is a hot looking club. played this one with the aldila rip

Shots came from the center off the club failed however to get a nice penetrating ball flight.

It just didn't came off the face hot. Feel of the 3wd was a little heavy.

I only carried 221 yards

Cobra AMP Cell

Stock shaft Fujikura Fuel stiff flex

i Didn't like the looks on this 3wd. Just a little to colourfull is my opinion. ( hit the blue one )

However I was getting good results with it. hit about 10 shots with it, all off them should have gone

on the fairway didn't go more than 10 yards right or left. The shaft felt nice also. average carry 251

Callaway X Hot

Some sharp looking metal wood. It was pretty much like the titleist had good hits but didn't get the ball to launch.

the shaft felt great btw project x stiff

Mizuno JPX 825

This was my favo at first, but after hitting the amp cell i was not so sure

This is a very hot looking 3wd. best i've ever seen from Mizuno.

The club i hit was from my fitter. Shaft was Fujikura orochi Red Eye

The blue eye should have been to soft.

At adress this club looks great, nice square face what i do like.

I had a couple off shots and well the ball really comes off hot from the face.

Probably the straightest club i have hit. ball flight was a little higher than the amp cell

about the same carry distance. I hit one a little out off the bottom but damn the ball

still got up in the air.

Ping G25

Choose this because off inthecup's reaction above.

As shown above i'm not a ping fan and never was.

Some friends play ping and if i have a go with there driver

i just absolutely don't like it.

Maybe it is because off that, i at first had a couple off misses.

after that i had some solid shots. felt nice off the face, but

somewhere deep down i knew i'm not going to buy this one.

So i went with the mizuno, and asked for the driver. 9,5 loft

same shaft, the result was the same, straight straight straight

about 285 yards carry.

So my choice was made.

asked for a good price if i should add a hybrid also.

Think i got a good deal to it.

asked to shorten the clubs 3/4 inch. same as my current specs.

and ordered the mizuno's. in about 2-3 weeks clubs should be ready.

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The GolfWorks clubfitting matrix suggests some things to look at if you're having major dispersion patterns in all directions:

  • Too flexible a shaft (the LM data rules that out)
  • Too long a shaft . Let us know if the 3/4" trim helps out.

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Right my mizzies are in the bag now for a couple off weeks.

As i reviewed them. Distance wise i was fooled by the monitor.

I don't carry the driver 285 on the course ( would have been to good to be true )

haha however in my last couple off rounds my fairway hit percentage went from 45% to 72%

Think this is the combination off shorter shafts and more forgiving club heads.

What is weird tho, i've got the 9,5 deg. and hit it with a pretty high ball flight. But somehow the

ball flight still looks hot and penetrating. so as discussing things with my pro, we had trackman on

result: launch angle 11,2 deg. spin 2876 rpm pretty damn good i think

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