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Hello from New Jersey!

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Hi, just made an account here and thoroughly excited to talk about golf!

So, I am from New Jersey and started playing the sport in 5th grade hitting the golf range with my family.  I was always intrigued with the sport but not a very avid or passionate player.  I played varsity golf in high school as just an after school activity, but never really improved my game.  Since then, this summer is the only year I've been really into it.  I'm currently obsessed with the sport and want to learn more every single day.  So if anyone is in New Jersey, preferably central or north, give me a holler and let's play!


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    • It's simple, really, if you want the ball to roll out more, play a less lofted club.  It's not unreasonable to use a 6 or 7 iron, if the greens are slow enough that it works.  On the other hand, if you're getting good results the way you're doing it, not much reason to change. It's good to have more shots in your repertoire, so it might be a good shot to learn, even if you don't use it much.  
    • I don't think my golf budget will allow me to play #2, though 
    • Married for 32 years. But my wife plays Saturday and Sunday too, and ladies night is Wednesday, she sometimes plays 18 before that,  the only time I'm there on my own is Friday. Some guys hate that their wife plays, but I love it.  Did I mention, we spent two weeks in Ireland recently, played 8 rounds of golf.
    • I've seen several videos and read several articles of instructions (and yes, even watched the instruction on the golf channel) for chipping and there is this pretty well known rule of flying the ball about 1/3 and letting it roll the remaining 2/3 (I may have those backwards).  So my question is actually not about that. My question is that for many, many rounds now I cannot seem to get the ball to roll out at all. I have to fly the ball at LEAST 80% and might get 10% roll (leaving 10% putt). Granted, this is with my 55 SW. But even if I play the ball on my back foot, feet very close together, and a good amount of forward shaft lean (and even flopping the ball) the freaking ball doesn't roll. It there a smoking gun for this type of problem? Is my angle at impact or some swing mechanism generating a ton of spin that is causing the ball to stop on a dime? Or fly too high? Alternatively, my approach shots are almost always < 12-inches from my ball mark. This can be a 4-i down to a SW. I typically can't see the ball land because my eyesight isn't stellar, so I don't know if it's hopping forward and spinning back or not. But I'm really thinking not. Not sure if one has to do with the other. Now, the courses I play on are pretty darn soft and slow... so maybe that's just how these types of greens play? You just never see that on the PGA tour. 
    • So, I haven't done any real practice since May and got to the range today.   I've got a new driver last week and wanted to practice with it since I hit it really well this weekend.   I've always been inconsistent with my 3W & 5W and this weekend really got me because they cost me some strokes.  After watching a few videos from Mark Crossfield and the Me and My Golf guys, I've concluded that the way to work on getting consistent contact is to make sure I get my weight forward so as to avoid laying back and topping the ball. In both instances I've found that on the downswing if I focus on getting the instep of my back foot towards the ground rather than turning my leg and getting on my toes (which feels more natural) that I make better contact more consistently. As per @mvmac's advice from a while ago, to avoid hooking the ball, I also focus on feeling as though I'm hitting to the right at impact.   So, in these vidoes I'm doing these three things: Getting weight forward Pushing my instep to the ground Swinging towards the right. I know I cross the line at the top which I didn't realize but any thoughts would be appreciated.   
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