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712 AP2 single 5 iron, DG-S300 steel shaft, 712 MB single 7 iron, PW DG-S300 shaft

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Looking to build a combo set.  Need the 712 AP2 5 iron, 712 MB 7 iron and PW.  Looking for DG S300 steel shafts.


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    • I did the same thing in my club championship last weekend. I was actually up 5 shots with 5 holes to go. I bogeyed my last four to lose by two. I cant explain what happened. A combination of bad luck, a couple of bad swings and poor putting. Had a chance to save par on all 4 of those holes inside 7-8 feet and didn't make them. The guy that won (also in my group) made a clutch birdie on 17 and made a tough par on 18.  Tournament golf is mostly mental, IMO. If you tense up, you swing gets short and choppy then its hard to execute shots. Sometimes you get this fog come over you where you dont think as clearly as you should, which might have happened to me on a couple of holes. On 15 i pulled a 8iron for a green side chip when i thought it was it pitching wedge. Needless to say that chip went a lot by the hole.... I just wasn't paying proper attention to what i was doing at that moment and made an mental error.  Thats golf, though. 
    • I would add: "Fraud", "experience"
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      either way I dont have enough booze in the house and I have 200 bottle in my cellar!
    • Couple weeks ago I went 37-48, so I feel your pain.  My blowup involved 3 triples and my mistakes there were 2fold:  1.  Trying to hit the hero recovery shot.  And 2.  Getting so pissed that I didn't think about the next shot, rushed it, not caring. Lessons learned:  play conservative, could have been 2 bogies and maybe a double had I done this, a 5-stroke swing.  And probably would not have gotten mad and rushed shots. No idea if your blow ups were similar but those are the reasons I explode. Shot 42-40 this weekend with only 1 double so consistent, if not great, results.  I learned but know that I will forget again soon.  Hard to get your mind right all the time.
    • I bought one back last winter.  It works outside but you have to hit off a mat and not in direct sunlight.  If you want something to use on the range a lot then you are going to have to spend a lot more money and get the GC2. I used my Skytrak in my garage in a cage setup I constructed.  Played The Golf Club with it.  IMO, if you have a nice room setup to where you can freely swing and all then its not a bad option.  If you have the $ to spend then the GC2 is the better option.  In my case,  its useless right now because of how hot it is outside and the garage being a sauna.  If you ask me right now, I wish I never bought it because I spent a lot of $ on the whole setup for it to be collecting dust right now, but when it gets cooler I know it will be worth it again. Overall, its not a perfect unit but it simply comes down to getting a ton of technology at an affordable price. I would love to have a Trackman, Flightscope, etc. but its just priced to high.  Accuracy wise, its not bad.  Again, its not a Flightscope or Trackman but for the golfer who is on a more limited budget, wants to continue working on their game during the winter, and wants to have some buddies over to drink some cold ones and have blast playing the best courses in the world in the privacy of your own home its a pretty darn good deal. My advice is if you get one get the warranty and also get the protective case.  The biggest thing I did not like about it was how close to the ball the unit has to be positioned at and being scared to death that I accidentally shank a shot or something else and hit the unit.  The protective case will give you peace of mind and after some time getting used to it, its not a big deal.  
    • Thanks. When hit correctly, ball flight is straight or high fade. Still chunking or topping ~10-20% of the time. I think my arms are way too tense, they don't appear to ever get fully extended.
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