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The X days till the Masters thread

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Detailed overhead shot of ANGC


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    • I've played at least two courses that had qualifiers this year, Classic Club in Palm Desert - @tristanhilton85's home course, played it with @mvmac and @DaveP043 - and La Costa.  Neither of those courses have any forced carries.  Classic does have a couple of holes where you can choose to carry a certain amount of a hazard to your advantage (like #8) , but nothing that it actually forced. I think people are over-selling (or maybe over-buying? ;)) the forced carry thing.  IMO, they're not common.
    • I would say a 127 is doable but highly unlikely. I'm a HH and played Torrey Pines South a few years ago. Its not exactly the toughest course, but still quite a challenge. Ended up with a 130ish round. Its not the distance so much as its the rough. If you land there after a 200+ yard drive, you might as well add an additional 3-4 strokes just to get to the green even on their Par 4's. Also, the greens were so fast and the contours were not easy to predict. Gives you a new respect for how the Pro's make it look so easy.
    • Yes, true forced carries from the tee are pretty rare in most cases. I think I've only played a few holes that had actual forced carries and even those were short enough that I don't think you'd typically have any issues with them. I think the worst ones are the long par 3s that require 200+ to hit the green, but those can be a problem for people of just about any handicap.
    • Been overthinking this. This is a good simple explanation    Had a situation where the pin was at the back and normally like to lob as there is some roll to my lob shots but the green was running away from me and not much green to work with as it was an old style course with small green  A flop shot with no roll would have the better option  Also been using my 60 degree for both   The major difference is I open up the blade for the flop and aim for the landing spot for no run 
    • Just to be clear, so I'm not tarred and feathered - these players always have the final responsibility here.  But I'm going to digress on a couple points about the organizers as a side topic: 1 - Maybe a good idea if future organizers also want to keep pace of play up, that bathroom visits could also be an authorized exception - in addition to the longer walks between some holes, etc.  The men's - well, they can walk a couple steps into the woods... 2 - Having the exception for some holes, but not other holes, as well as bathroom needs, etc seems to just be a confusing position from the get go - especially in an amateur event where you also don't have a caddy to back you up some....I guess advantage for those players that listened more carefully.  Maybe smarter to just hold to the rules and have no exceptions.  Or put up signs explicitly ONLY where a ride is authorized. 2a - that said, if the players were advised of two specific exceptions to the walking rule that really should have sensitized them to the base rule itself and where it still applied - I'll put that one on the coaches as a chance to clarify to their players. 3 - Also, Who was manning the carts in the first place and why weren't they also advised on where and who and how they could give rides???  4 - finally - seriously......more portable toilets 5 - lastly - walking?  c'mon - where is a player supposed to carry their Bloody Mary.  Barbaric.  What are they teaching the kids nowadays.  You know what I blame the downfall of for this????? Society, that's what. Though the final responsibility always lies with the players, it seems the organizers could have done a much better job not making this an issue... I know the players learned something here - I'm hoping the NCAA organizers will also apply lessons learned in the future. Those poor volunteers - they were just trying to be decent people.  That's rough.  And also confusing for the players that may actually know the rule - how are they to know that the Organizers didn't send the volunteer's out as a de facto exception?
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