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Grant Hooper

Before and after swings after 1 year of changes. dropped 20 strokes

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Your video made me dizzy. Very good improvement! That's an insane increase in club head speed!!

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Amazing! How could you make this improvement? and the most important thing: how can I make it ?? What kind of training system had you follow?? Thanks in advance !!! :-)

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Hi Grant

Massive improvement very impressed. I too stumbled across Kelvin Miyahira at around hawaii and the spine engine theory. As with all golf mechanics you get very heated debate by some who wish to say it's pie in the sky.

I just like the fact that he shows his findings with moving gif's and plenty of pics. Whether it's all accurate some will disagree but there are enough commonalities there for all to see.

I went out with the goal just to attain the lateral bend in my right side and true enough I gained 10-20 yards on my irons and 30-50 with the woods. It also put more height into my hybrids and longer irons. Messed up my course strategy and yardages completely. Still need work but from not breaking 100 to scoring in the 80's not bad.


Have a look if you are curious this really put me in a different direction because it shows you that your body know how to develop power and we should question swing models before deciding on a change.

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you are completely right.... me and my other friend are both hitting very long and are only problem with scoring is that we are not used to our distances...

ive come to the conclusion that you need to have multiple approaches. you need to throw it all out the window for short game. get your wrists involved. you dont need to drive hold from 120 yards. play different shots....

jameson....i did what brackus said. i read kelvin miyaharas articles on around hawaii and watched his youtube channel. as well as a guy named andre from new zealand. and lucas wald. there is also a forum called "jeffy golf" that discusses kelvins teachings. a lot of people and jeffy butt heads, so that forum is not for everyone. but there may be some posts there you enjoy.

jameson i agree..... that there is debate. however.... i dont care whether the spine engine thing is true or not. could care less. lol. everything they talk about is still relevant. im gonna get my lateral bend, have my sacrum go backwards, fly around the chai line, make a good elbow move, and go strong grip drive hold release!!! haha. could care less what the source of all that power is. kelvin is very meticulous and he has created some great swings in a lot of junior golfers in hawaii. i dont think he cares at all if he is recognized by the industry. why would they like a guy that blows up their party. the golf industry has it cushy. give generic watered down tips that dont make people better. they keep coming back to you to pay you. write some articles in golf digest that say absolutely nothing.... and by the way they all contradict each other. the top 100 teachers. so someone in the top 100 is wrong. there is not one way. that is true. but there is a way that is more explosive and efficient. and i think kelvin has found that.

they all like to study sadlowski. but personally i studied dustin johnson the most a student of kelvins named john oda who has some swings on youtube.... as well as some keegan bradley, jb holmes, and robert garrigus.

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Been reading some of KM's stuff and it's a bit difficult to digest but I feel it really does add to golf instruction.

There's a few concepts that I think are really good.

Lateral bend. The spine engine. The drive hold release. having more vertical shoulder alignment at impact. etc.

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    • I am not sure. Maybe 10-12 years old. I remember when I purchased them, I told myself they were the last  set of irons I would buy.  My fairway woods are probably 7, or 8 years old.  My putter is the great grand pa in my bag. I also have a couple of loose iron clubs that are pretty old.  Both my irons, and woods still serve me quite well. They are quality stuff. 
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    • This is pretty much what all teaching is based on.  The idea that changes in your alignments will make you a better player.   If a player comes in with either too strong or two weak a grip or a flying right elbow or a flat swing or an upright swing, the average teacher wants too change it.   I too believe there is certain things you can do to change your swing.  But I more importantly believe that a proper transition fixes a lot of little details.  I think most people would agree that tiger, jack, Sam Snead, Ben hogan, lee Trevino, and nick faldo are some of the best ball strikers and best winners of all time.   But Trevino had a really strong grip and hogan had a really weak one.  So any where in between will work.  Hogan had a really tucked elbow and jack had a flying elbow.  So anywhere in between will work.   Sam Snead had a pretty upright swing as did jack and tiger but hogan and Trevino both much flatter.  So anywhere inbetween will work. All these players do have one thing in common and that is a similar lower bodie transition  
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