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Club Rat

TST Member Review - Train Your Aim

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Product Name: Train Your Aim
Product Type: Training Aid / Putting
Product Website/URL: http://www.trainyouraim.com/

Ratings (out of 5):
Quality: 4.5
Value: 5
Effectiveness: 5
Durability: 4.5
Esthetic Appeal: 4

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My Member Review - Train Your Aim

I elected to review the “Train Your Aim” putting aid in curiosity of what it had to offer and/or if it would benefit my practice routine and habits. Essentially it quickly changed my outlook on what “a putting aid” can do for any golfer and I’ll be discussing the benefits I have observed.

For starters, many thanks to TST and David Keller of Train Your Aim, for the opportunity to use this product and provide my review.

I received the TYA on Jan 9th and visited their website to become familiar with product information and suggestions on use and benefits it may offer. 

The site states – The putting aid that will “improve your game in minutes!”
Struggling to make short putts.  Missing left and right then you must try Train Your Aim alignment device!
Train Your Aim is designed for you make more putts from 6 feet and under. That is where you score and lower your handicap.
Nothing in golf makes you feel better than making a putt for birdie or saving par and nothing is worse than missing a short putt.  Train Your Aim aligns the club face to the hole and with short putts that is what you need.  It aligns the clubface to the hole and that will help you make more and more 3 and 4 footers time and time again.  Gain confidence and start rolling them in!

  • Aligns putter face to target line
  • Places golfers eyes over the ball
  • Golfer will see if they are pushing or pulling the putts
  • Immediate visual feedback as to where the putter is facing at impact
  • Smooth stroke
  • Prevents deceleration through the putting stroke
  • Player will improve lie of putter with both toe flat to the putting surface
  • Easy to attach to the putter.
  • For right and left handers.
  • Fits in your bag and pocket!
  • Lightweight and adjustable.
  • Ready to use straight out of the package with immediate results
  • Produces repeatable stroke, time after time!
  • Simple, sleek and shot saving device!
  • Great for golfers of all ages and skills who want to improve their game.


It listed a lot of bold statements which at first, I was a bit optimist but time will tell.

My initial thoughts to cover are – the user friendly application, product specs, material, weight, portability, durability, distortion, heat, the impact resistance, does it offer any value and how effective the product would have for users?

Good putting requires proper aim, a good stroke and confidence. Practicing with the TYA, should boost a golfer’s confidence when they start making more short putts.

The TYA is small and compact, weighs approximately 5.67 grams and will fit in the golf bag. A simple product to use made of a durable plastic and snaps easily onto the putter shaft. It is easy to adjust to the desired alignment position for the user and gives instant visual feedback to where the putter is aimed. This item provides a user two distinctive drills. It points to the target and provides a visual of the putting stroke path. While making a pendulum stroke, I could watch the pointers path and see if I had any motions that rotated the club face. I've been practicing with the TYA daily indoors and used it before several rounds. I created a routine which I used the TYA, about a dozen short putts, then remove and roll another dozen. Yesterday I noticed in just the short time of use, I felt like my aim was better with the putter face squared towards the target. During the brief time of use, I felt like my aim became better and my putting stroke was also benefitting.

Concentrating on the benefits of TYA and generating ideas to describe my thoughts for my review has been very beneficial on my practice habits. I now feel these new ideas are important to me to improve my basic putting skills. Video is a great tool, it's time consuming and it is beneficial. My first initial thoughts the TYA may be a challenge to use with my Odyssey Backstryke Sabertooth Putter due to shaft position centered at the back of the putter.



The pointer (looked fixed when I first received it) but it adjusts and most likely could be used in a manner for any style putter. As mentioned above, placement lower - closer to the ball would be an added benefit. It is small enough to easily fit in the golf bag to have available and use before a round of golf. I plan to create a routine where I will use the TYA, about a dozen short putts, then remove and roll another dozen.

Time will tell if the TYA does improve my short putt skills, a priority I must improve to lower my scores as I will usually miss a few most rounds.

I'm impressed with the quick results that have occurred and feel it has been a great value. It is definitely helping my play with the flat stick. Time will tell if the TYA does improve my short putting skills over a full golf season. It’s a priority I must improve to lower my scores as in the past I will usually miss a few most rounds. I'm glad I've had this opportunity to use and review the TYA.

At the low price of $9.99 many golfers most likely give this item a try. Thanks again David, it’s been my pleasure to review your Putting Aid.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Hi "Club Rat"....I just wanted to thank you for this great review.  It is always a great pleasure for me to read a review about "Train Your Aim".  It really is a simple as it gets and does actually help alignment and stroke.  I hope your readers and members try it and begin to lower their scores.

Many, many thanks for your time.

Warm regards,


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Note: This thread is 1463 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I have a “low” launch angle too, and my driver is 9.5°. If you don’t mind my asking what shaft do you have in your driver? You may not need a 16° Driver, it could be the shaft has too high of a flex point. But I’ve heard of higher lofted drivers though they can be hard to come by these days.
    • This season I was consistently shooting in the high 80s. Played some of my best golf and I am really happy with how straight I am hitting the ball right now. The ONE thing I would change in my game is simply the height of my drives.    I hit about a hundred balls today on trackman and with the driver I am getting average clubhead speed of 120 mph, launch angle 7 degrees, 268 yds carry. It’s bugging the hell out of me to see these low bullet balls, and despite trying all this year to deliver more loft (I’ve had a few lessons trying to fix just this issue alone), I just can’t seem to do it.  I currently play a stiff shaft Taylormade R1 set to 12 degrees loft. I’m thinking about possibly experimenting with one of those super lofted (16 degree) drivers. Has anyone ever tried this, and if so did it actually make a difference? In advance I just want to also say, yes, I agree an equipment fix in this case is a bandaid for a larger problem. But I’m also just trying to have fun with my game and if buying a higher lofted driver helps this problem, I’m happy to take it for now.  
    • Day 129.  During the workday, went to the next door room to hit some 6-iron shots;  indoors, off a mat, into a net, real balls. 
    • Day 320 Superspeed workout, then some mirror work on takeaway/backswing, and finally hit some balls with 7-iron. Hit the ball well today. Still searching for a good feel/thought to take on course for backswing piece. Current one is okay, but I think I can come up with something better. 
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