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TST Member Review - Players Towel

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Product Name: Players Towel
Product Type: Accessory (Golf Towel)

Product Website/URL: https://www.playerstowel.com/
Cost:  $24.95

Ratings (out of 5):
Quality: 5
Value: 4
Effectiveness 5: 
Esthetic Appeal: 5 

My Member Review

For background, my previous "towel" method has always been to have the normal 12" X 18" towel handing from the accessory clip of my stand bag.    I would never remove it, wash it, or even wet it during a round.   I have played with a lot of people who will do this religiously, but for me, I never felt the need.

When I received the Players Towel I was initially surprised by the size of it.


The quality is very good, the edging is nice and the printing is sharp and rich in color.    I like the waffle pattern as I feel this helps with cleaning of groves and overall ability of the towel to do its job.

It is not a heavy towel so bringing it to the green is not a hassle and it's large enough to place under your putter while chipping.

The only negative I have, and it is not the fault of the towel, is having it in white would not have been my first choice.  Clearly this will show the most dirt and require more frequent washing than i usually do with my grey towel, but that is not a real issue.

$24.99 is on the high side for a golf towel, but this is one that will last for a long time so you are paying a premium for quality, but that is aligned to my personal philosophy in life.  Being able to customize it is a nice touch and I could see getting these as part of a bachelor party, annual weekend trip or milestone birthday golf celebration with buddies.  

Here are a few pictures of it in action, as you can see it does show the dirt, but totally understandable given it is white.


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