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  1. They aren't. Many were criticized last year. They also weren't skipping a quasi-"hometown" event to play it, either.
  2. Frank Nobilo Expands Role to Full-Time Analyst Masters Champion Trevor Immelman Joins CBS Sports Golf Coverage Dottie Pepper Named Lead On-Course Reporter Mark Immelman and Andrew Catalon Duties Increase; Michelle Wie Joins CBS Sports Golf: CBS expands announce team with Frank Nobilo, Trevor Immelman Continuing an extensive announce team overhaul, CBS Sports announced the hiring of Frank Nobilo and Trevor Immelman to full-time roles Tuesday, while Michelle Wie joins as a Masters digital team me… Nobilo is leaving Golf Channel, in case that's not clear. Is she done playing? Looking more likely.
  3. It's about much more than the event being hosted in a "bad" country. And yeah, there are tweets out there of people who are saying "Yeah, we still love you Phil." It is what it is. I suspect there's a good chance he walks it back, but who knows… he didn't walk back the USGA thing, either.
  4. It's different when the administration is the ones actually putting on the event. It's not just an event in a "bad" country - the administration is actually created and hosts the event.
  5. This is different because Phil is taking appearance fee money directly from the murderers, and the reason they have this event (it's only the second year) is to try to polish their image. It's also different for a guy who is struggling to get by on the European Tour, his home tour, over Phil, an American with lots of money, playing off his home Tour and getting an appearance fee. Phil offered a snotty "you'll be okay" Twitter post last night that was as condescending to golf fans as the comments he made after the blatantly disrespectful, stupid behavior he had at Shinnecock.
  6. I probably slightly under-rated my home courses. Bump them all up 0.5 points.
  7. Hole 2: Hole 3: I didn't see hole 4 right away, so I stopped there.
  8. Your GHIN number won't change - or shouldn't. You should tell your new club your existing GHIN account and they'll basically "renew" it for you for 2020 or whatever. They'll "take over" the ownership of the account. You can delete your credit card info or whatever with the e-club then after you've confirmed that it's working with the physical club.
  9. I think playing is taking a stance, albeit not a loud or firm one. But it still says something, and so does almost everyone else.
  10. To varying degrees, yes. More so for Phil because it’s not his Tour, he’s skipping an event he plays normally, he’s getting an appearance fee, and he doesn’t need the money. One can understand the guy at the bottom of the Euro Tour money money list playing more so than Phil. And you’re one to lecture on moral high ground. Your whole post is posturing for yourself.
  11. I'm not re-defining anything here. I said that already. The world exists beyond the literal. "Phil is an asshole" isn't literal, but people know what you're saying. "I'm playing in their event." Boom. Done.
  12. It has nothing to do with him "personally." He's endorsing the sponsors of the event by taking their money and agreeing to play in it, ending a 27-consecutive-years event at one of his "home" events - and at a tournament he's won multiple times. No, literally he's not saying "I think killing Americans and journalists in embassies, and committing all the other acts of terror and atrocities, I just think they're swell." But again, you'd have to be 100% tone deaf to think that playing says nothing about this. Pretty sure you'll find yourself in a small minority there. Which I'm sure you'll say is fine, but hey, maybe you don't really care about all the bad shit they've done, either. Not remotely. I'm not a fan of "but these people think so…" but since we're talking about a matter of opinion, since again it isn't literal as stated above, opinions are the only thing that really matter. If the vast majority of people take this act as a slight endorsement, then that's what matters. And, again literally, he IS supporting the regime. They're the hosts and organizers of the event. They're putting on the tournament as a (false) show of how "western" they can be. Of how "great" it is to be in Saudi Arabia. It's a PR stunt, and Phil's allowing himself to be used. That's an endorsement. "I'm playing in the event put on by these people" is the endorsement.
  13. You do you, but don't be surprised when others react like @70sSanO did earlier. I answered the question as written. If I am on the course hitting balls I'm "playing." I'm also practicing. Hell, a "practice round" at a PGA Tour event is still "playing" too.
  14. That's tone deaf, IMO. It may not be a ringing endorsement, but it's an endorsement all the same. Like I said, for me, this is well across the line, and he's full of shit when he says he thought the course looked interesting.
  15. I can understand that different people will put the line in different places, but this is well across the line for me. Phil doesn't need the money, and neither do many of the other committed players. Tiger reportedly declined a $3.3M appearance fee to play in this event. It's blood money, someone said, and I concur. Alan Shipnuck is the man to follow today re: this bit with Phil.
  16. Whispering Woods would be about a 4.5, Kahkwa probably a 5, Lake View probably a 4.5 again… and… the rest would be in the 3-4 range.
  17. @dagolfer18, please follow the Rules. Quote the red text, and answer for yourself before commenting on the posts/answers of others.
  18. No, it's answering the question. Practice on the course, the way I practice, is less valuable than time on the range. So I made the best of it while staying within your rules. You didn't say six tournament rounds per week or anything like that.
  19. Ultimately, I like to play golf, and I practice so that I can best enjoy my time playing golf, so since I can practice on the course (while "playing"), I'm going to have to go with 18 holes six days a week. Roughly two or three of those times I'd likely use the course to practice, thus subverting the question. 🙂 I respect those who will choose to practice six days a week, and certainly understand those who would say "well, practice costs me $0 or $10, and playing costs me $65, so I'll play once a week." But I'd like to play three days a week, and practice (some on the course) the other four, so I'll do just that. 😄
  20. Man, who knew that the 50 states, never mind the various countries of the world, could have condensed the thousands of pages of laws regarding one person being involved in the death of another person into a single f***ing sentence that covers every possibility wherein one human is involved in the death of another. Once again, and for the last time: back to the topic.
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