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  1. I only made one birdie today, on the 14th hole (not at my home course), which I already had.
  2. Day 175 - June 21, 2020 Played 18 holes at Cranberry Highlands with @Hardspoon.
  3. Yeah. You're up and out, then shallow, then across the line during the backswing. Then you shallow out the whole downswing. I'd love to see more of the opposite. Backswing: Hands trace inward with turn. Shaft steep at first. Shaft lays off late. This will let you on the downswing: Let the club tip out. Club will go from shallow (laid off) to steep. Again, this is NOT a typical pattern for others, but Vishal has some unique things that he has to compensate for, and this is the best pattern for him.
  4. 71 with John at Cranberry Highlands. Played in 4:25 that felt longer. Hot day.
  5. You should lose the most shots there. If you're losing 3 shots in all categories against some benchmark level, your putting and short game are WAY worse than they should be and are glaring weaknesses. You should lose about 2/3 of your shots in the full swing (driving/approach) - and about 28 and 39% there while losing about 19% and 14% in the short game and putting. In other words if you're 10 shots away from someone, you should only be losing about 1.4 shots putting.
  6. Did your post here further the discussion of the topic? Glass houses. Back to the topic please. Scott, it hasn’t been three months. He was bigger at the Presidents Cup.
  7. And I stand by my rejection of that. Sports are returning. And they’ve been played around the world for weeks if not longer. Soccer has had cases. They’re still playing. A ton of people are going to get this before it’s “cured.”
  8. Just Because They’ve Turned Against Humanity Doesn’t Mean We Should Defund the Terminator Program “Following weeks of national protests since the death of George Floyd, President Donald Trump... This initiative, also known as Skynet, was created by Cyberdyne Systems for the Department of Defense as a way to keep Americans safe. Critics have said that spending half of our country’s GDP on developing an army of state-of-the-art cyborgs with advanced weapons systems and an AI specifically trained to neutralize threats was a bad idea. And while the recent killings might seem to confirm that, we feel that, despite a few stumbles here and there, this program has still been an overwhelming success. Don’t get me wrong, we all remember Judgement Day, when the Skynet gained self-awareness and initiated a nuclear holocaust, killing millions. That was a terrible moment in our nation’s history. And the human uprising led by John Connor was definitely justified even though we felt like some of the violence and destruction of Skynet property was a bit unnecessary. But it’s important to remember that Judgement Day was initiated by a few rogue Terminators, and isn’t indicative of a widespread problem with Skynet.
  9. What’s it matter? He’s not the first guy to dislike Bryson.
  10. Perhaps share a UK perspective on this stuff.
  11. Even if all those things happen, there's still virtually no chance of transmission that way. We know more now than we did in February. And sorry, but if there's a 0.000001% chance of catching a disease that is asymptomatic in about 60% of the people in the age range of a PGA Tour player, I think even spending one second worrying about it is perhaps a wasted second. Far too many other things carry greater risks.
  12. Why? There's virtually no chance, even if one was infected, of transmission from that act.
  13. Your head doesn't go down much. And, again, do it MUCH slower. And let your hands go above your nipples, man.
  14. Substance is all anyone's been asking for — it's in the topic title now — and you come on here and say "I know y'all don't want to"? Answer this for me, please, @ellamia: do you realize that this says nothing? That there is absolutely no substance here? What are you talking about? Good golfers do not "release all components all at the same time". It sounds very early on like you're going to talk about "feels" rather than what's actually real, what good golfers actually do. Good luck with that. Facts are not going to support many of your findings if you go that route. This says nothing. When are you talking about "shifting your weight"? You're aware of the fact that good golfers shift their weight back and then forward during the downswing and backswing, right? What measurements have you had done on your swing so that we can talk about what's really happening versus what you think is happening, or feel? I can shift my weight without even moving the clubhead from behind the ball. Heck, just swinging your arms back halfway "causes you to shift your weight." So, again, what are you actually talking about? Talk about that, because if you want to talk about actual physics, several people here know plenty about that. We're good at math. So let's have something more than just the bullshit you've offered thus far. I've had students swing faster by becoming aware of the fact that they have to move their arms a bit faster. Why is 10 MPH your number? Do you know the peak hand speed of good players? Do you know when it occurs? (Mid- to low-20 MPH range, and surprisingly early - just as the hands pass below waist level, generally speaking). So, yeah, 10 MPH might be unreasonable, because few are going to go from 18 MPH to 28 MPH, but people can go from 18 to 21 or 22, and they can change when and how they generate that speed. Do you know this or are you guessing and/or going off feels? I think it's the latter. No, we won't, because like the above, I doubt you're doing much different than this: That's not how the golf swing works. The various body segments aren't held together by the equivalent of one person holding the hand of another person. Great for turning in a circle on skates. Doesn't apply to the golf swing like you seem to think it does. Does it now? BTW, that's a helluva flat looking backswing. You do know that gravity can help golfers hit it farther, too, right? Also, your hips are open to square in the image on the right-hand side. Oh, and I guarantee you have more weight on your right foot than your left above, and you definitely have more pressure there. Feel ain't real. … that say next to nothing. I like to "believe" in science. Facts. Reality. Wow, a whole bunch of bull there. Dude. To the bold, no, they didn't suddenly make a completely different swing. They just happened to time everything, and honestly, they probably still didn't make a great swing with Tour-level speed, impact alignments, etc. They just hit a great shot for them. A few things were lined up or timed up a bit better. That's all. And to the red… because golf is f***ing hard. And many people never take a lesson. You're a 4.0 index, Jarrod, and you're only that low because you have only 7 posted rounds, the last of which was posted 09/2019. But please, continue to tell us what PGA Tour players are doing wrong, or my scratch golfers, or collegiate golfers. Or my daughter, who would have to give you a few shots. So obviously and provably wrong. Feel ain't real, Jarrod. Look, @ellamia/Jarrod, as good as you were at gymnastics, you're in my world now. As much time as you spent training to do what you did, I've spent training to do what I do. Now, that could be a reason to stay "stuck in my ways," but I have a background in sciences, and a deep appreciation for being disruptive, for learning what actually occurs, reality, science… Your stuff here has none of that. It's just another scheme thought up by someone who thinks they've "solved" the golf swing. It's BS. Malarkey. You've offered no substance. Your own swing likely doesn't resemble what you propose, and you seem to be relying on what you feel you're doing along with some horrible analogies to try to "prove" your point. You had your shot. You blew it. You've got nothing. Here's a small celebration of things you do (or did) well.
  15. I'm not sure what that means. You did them. You did them at a very fast rate of speed (I'd do them much more slowly).
  16. I don't know that I agree that "is the question." If he was negative on Tuesday, then he almost certainly didn't pass it on to anyone, and even indoors transmission often requires prolonged close contact. So he got it maybe Sunday. Tested negative (and couldn't really pass it on) on Tuesday. Tested positive on Friday. He may have only been around a handful of people for more than a minute in those few days.
  17. Not sure what you're asking. He was not positive on Tuesday, but he could have been infected days before.
  18. They wrote an article together several months ago, remember. The IG post may have been an old one that promotes the G Box.
  19. Within 20 miles of my house, anywhere from $15 to $155 to walk 18 holes.
  20. So, just more talking, and still no substance. Smart people have been looking at the golf swing for a long time now. Smart people with multi-million dollar pieces of equipment have been looking at the golf swing for 20 years now. You've not uncovered anything here. And the "Clip2Comic" look, c'mon Jarrod. BTW, I'd like for you to appreciate that I've single-handedly taken your YouTube views from zero to whatever we get here on this topic (though I haven't watched all the way through), and similar for your IG.
  21. Sports has returned. And will continue to do so. Not many NHL players are 70 years old. Jagr doesn’t play in the NHL anymore. And I am going to start repeating this: social distancing is almost completely irrelevant outside. You can be within six feet of someone for a little while outside. Let’s go with science instead of fear please?
  22. Day 173 - June 19, 2020 Played holes 13-18 at Whispering Woods after caddying for Sculley in the morning. Played pretty well considering. GREAT driver on 18.
  23. Meh, most golfers are going to shoot the same scores regardless of what ball they use.
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