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  1. As I start working with my kids, this is a great lesson for me as an instructor. They are always wanting quick fixes. I can see what they are doing wrong and have to do a better job communicating and giving them smaller things on which to repeat and focus. Every time I tell them it takes patience, practice and hard work to get better they groan. 🙂
  2. I get the feeling it's the latter. No clue what they actually "do" for a living.
  3. My game is in a good spot now. Last five posted rounds are a combined -3...and this was after posting my highest score in 4 years a few weeks back. A lot of the speed work I've done has helped but my timing/tempo was off. I feel like that's dialed in and now just need to keep it there. Two weeks out from the club championship!
  4. Yup. Plain greek. Banana does have sugar but I only put in a 1/3 to half of one at most (frozen.) Peanut butter has a small amount of carbs but I'd estimate that the smoothie I make is around 10 or so net carbs. I try and keep breakfast around 10ish if I don't skip to fast through to lunch. I do count those sugars. Wife and I feel that if you're going to have sugar, better from a natural source rather than refined/added sugar. I don't really track net carbs any more. I just know what works in the structure of what we are eating. Carbs from vegetables and fruits don't seem to affec
  5. I'm still doing a lot of eggs in the morning with an occasional smoothie (yogurt, peanut butter, frozen banana and almond milk.) For lunch, again, lots of low-carb wraps and salads. Dinner we get some variety and are looking for new things to cook. Notice any other benefits? Sleep? Energy? I'm still on the fence on the intermittent fasting. I really love the concept and benefits but it's not ideal if I'm trying to add any muscle from what I gather. Kinda seems weird to load up on a couple thousand calories in a short time...but, hey, that's what our ancestors did.
  6. Still going well @iacas? Sometimes food can get a bit boring but we change things up as best we can. We went to the beach a couple weeks back and I didn't blow it out carb-wise but I can guarantee I wasn't in keto at any point. Surprisingly, I didn't put any weight on. I've actually started to eat a bit more...trying to add muscle and I think i've limited calories a bit too much.
  7. Businesses have a right to refuse service (unless against a protected class) as you say. I don't think a centralized (government controlled/tracked) database is a super-awesome way to administer for reasons I stated. I'd rather the business keep a mask requirement if they choose. If we truly get down to low infection rates, then things should ease up...without government tracking. The bolded point is where I'm skeptical. The term "never let a good crisis go to waste" is echoing in the back of my mind. A valid option. The business would have to weigh the pros and cons of poten
  8. It's not about the choice of getting or not getting the vaccine. I've gotten my first shot. Much more about the implications of me being required to carry around a piece of paper or document...slippery slope as to what that piece of paper is going to have to have on it in the long run. Trust your government to keep it simple? Definitely should add flu vaccination status. Should we also have them weigh us and put BMI on there since 80% of COVID hospitalizations are overweight and obese? Maybe some other datapoints as we learn more about other diseases...blood type, vitamin d levels, d
  9. That's a "no" for me.
  10. To be fair, he moved the goalposts when more Americans said they would get the vaccine: So his 85% estimate number is just that, an estimate. He had originally said 60-70% for a long time. My feeling is that more Americans will get comfortable with getting the vaccine so that 40% number will drop. I just hope he doesn't say, "It's actually 90%+" at that point. This doesn't exude confidence when the number is unknown. I just hope that as the vaccine proliferates and we get more data back from Israel we come to that understanding quickly and confidently.
  11. Hit 107.3 on the Trackman last night. Average (throwing a few low numbers out) was around 105. Average ball speed is up a bit to 155...smash factor was normally in the 1.49 range before and dropped a little bit. I could feel I wasn't making great contact so have a few things to work on. Would say I'm up about 5 MPH based on previous averages. I played Sunday and could notice a difference. Misses were much better and had a couple that were in spots I normally don't reach. Just have to bring the dispersion in a bit. Also, I've been looking at my swing speed with my 7 iron for com
  12. I'd agree here. According to the Cleveland Clinic (science), it will take anywhere between 50-80% to reach herd immunity. I'm optimistic given the early results that the vaccine is doing its job. Very interested to see what happens in countries when they hit that 50% rate. Israel hit it a week ago so giving it a few more weeks (to be effective in those that got the vaccine and see results) will be telling. We won't reach 100% vaccination rate. That shouldn't be the goal...there will always be people that will turn it down and you can't legally force vaccinations. Employers can thoug
  13. 125,124,120,120,120 First time all five were over 120. I really focused on keeping the hands and arms relaxed and getting a good whip going. When I did that, it popped pretty good. Shoulder is feeling a lot better and I'm not worried about it much at all now.
  14. Been resting a bit but did some training today. I've repositioned the radar to be directly in front of the bottom of the swing. It's a few MPH slower than where I had it before (slightly ahead.) Max was 121 and median was 119. Playing around with having my hands a little higher. Not quite single plane but it feels like it takes tension out of the hands and grip and the swing feels like it has a lot more whip.
  15. Ugh. The way I read that is that he has multiple fractures/breaks in both the tibia and fibula of the right leg...in both upper AND lower parts of both bones. So is right leg, ankle and foot is f#$*ed.
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