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  1. Corey Kluber's Breaking Ball

    Great stuff @saevel25. As a Cleveland fan it has been pretty amazing watching him pitch. The amazing thing is the command he has with a pitch that moves that much. Also never seen someone with that little emotion. He's like a robot. Baseball version of Iron Byron.
  2. NFL 2017-2018

    Yup. My Browns looked the part. New QB gets a migraine and the rest of the team looked BLEH. Now off to Indy to face a Luck-less team. They are actually favored for the first time since 2015. I'm sure they'll find a way to mess that up.
  3. Haven't read the entire thread but let me share a story of this past weekend...club championship. The long game cost me way more than the short game. I finished second by four shots and can EASILY attribute 10 strokes that are attributable to 5 long-game swings. The short game? I only had one three putt and a couple other bad chips that cost me two shots. That's it. I wouldn't even say I putted great. It's the long game guys. Ball striking...hitting fairways, greens and minimizing bad swings. I'm mad just typing this out.
  4. My Swing (NCGolfer)

    The very latest. Still across the line...finding it hard to work on that and get it fixed. The downswing/hands in and extending part is going well though. I've been setting up closer to the ball since I didn't like the posture I saw earlier this year. I really like where that is at right now. Problems? Still consistency. When I'm on, I'm on and it feels good. Miss is just a straight pull...not a hook. If I keep my right elbow/forearm tucked in I almost never have the over-the-top pull. Oh, and sorry about the red @iacas. I'm in the blue camp, not @mvmac's red.
  5. Tee box etiquette

    I normally don't mind on full swings...around the green I'm slightly more sensitive though. There are always a few people that like to stand directly opposite the hole or right behind on the green. If they are far enough away I really don't care but, sometimes...
  6. Was this Poor Etiquette?

    Completely appropriate. Would have done the same and expected my opponents to do so.
  7. Jason Day Ditches Swatton, New Caddie

    Seems like the change was made for the right reason...and you can't argue with the early results. Time will tell but the player needs to feel comfortable with whomever is on the bag. Its the only person they can truly talk to and discuss things with out there. 2017 is not the year of the caddy, that's for sure.
  8. Marker Size

    I normally have a larger coin and a smaller one in my pocket and use the smaller one if I'm close to the hole. I like to use foreign currency since its something that people don't often use. Right now my coin of choice is the Danish Kroner.
  9. I've broken a few clubs in my day but I'm pretty much over that. I've definitely had feelings of wanting to break a club (ahem...driver) more than a couple times but I usually remember it isn't the clubs fault. Also, as @bones75 said, I hate to be "that guy". I don't enjoy playing with "that guy".
  10. Bag thoughts.

    No problem. The ping hoofer was easily my second choice. Ping's bags have been very, very good through the years. I'm just slightly more partial to the Titelist bags now. Good luck and please hang around here! Lots of good discussion on all things golf-related!
  11. Bag thoughts.

    I've been a huge fan of the Titelist stand bags. I've tried the Callaway and did not like them at all...I gave the one I got to my son. The TItleist have been really, really durable and I like that they are both lightweight and still have plenty of options for storage. I normally walk, but when I put it on a cart, the base of the bag has no issues fitting in the cart. I'm not a fan of the 14-way bags...mine is the 4-way with larger holes. I don't have any issues getting clubs in or out at all. Plus the 14-way bags are a bit heavier as well.
  12. Push Draw

    Spieth & McIlroy. I'm sure there are others but their "stock" shots are draws.
  13. I really like this. They have taken on the look and feel of #2, which I really like. Looks really cool and could be a lot of fun. $50 seems steep for a 9-hole course...even for Pinehurst. I do love the fact that kids and under play for free with a paying adult. That makes it feel a bit more reasonable.
  14. Is it me or the club?

    I'd highly recommend getting to a launch monitor at a Golf Galaxy or somewhere else. The've let me bring my existing driver/clubs to test them against new ones. I'd get in there and see what your numbers look like. If it is starting straight and going left your face is pointing down the line but your path is going right and putting some hook on it. A great source is here for you to learn more about ball flight laws. You are falling in the "D" category. You need to get the face more open at impact. I think your path is probably OK. I'm not the expert though...
  15. Running (Heart Rate BPM?!)

    This. If you are making a significant change to your lifestyle and health, it is best to consult with a doctor to make sure you aren't at risk. Best thing to do is start slow. Don't push yourself crazy at first because a couple things can happen: You will injure yourself You will hate, hate, hate it I don't run much any more (I really need to get back into it) but when I did I started very slowly at first. Running a mile or two a couple times a week to get my legs into moderate shape. I'd also do some exercises (squats, lunges) on off-days as well. You will know when you can ramp your length of runs up a bit but take it easy for the first few weeks. If you stay with it, you will be able to get up to a 5k pretty easily...just watch your breathing and heart rate. I have a very low resting heart rate so I didn't monitor it closely. I let my lack of breath/wind tell me when I was pushing myself too far. Good luck and stay safe!