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  1. As of May 1st.....I am up to 3.0. I finished 2016 at 0.8 and this "spring HC bump" is just as inevitable as both taxes and death........LOL In fact......finally!....I bumped my last couple low rounds from 2016!!.... I am trending 3.9 which is an excellent indicator of the current state of my game now. I am happy to finally get the low rounds from last year off...............as I am every year! This gives me a good base point......and point of reference to work from going forward.
  2. My attitudes about walking-vs-riding have changed drastically over the years for many reasons. For my first 15 years or so playing, I despised the cart and insisted on walking. If carts were free, I would have probably used one, but we all know carts aren't free. A time came to pass in my area when carts were included in annual memberships.....this is when I jumped on the cart bandwagon. Even when I travel to play away courses, I ride now. A big benefit of riding is when playing evening golf......... when I hit traffic, I drive around and find a place of least resistance.....I tend to skip around the course to play more holes rather than wait. Scoring...... I can score the same walking or riding....it doesn't make a difference. I mostly used a pull cart back in my walking days, but I also carried on occasion.
  3. 72.5CR 137slope...par72 Yardage...6560 and some change... Wow......it was like the greens flipped the switch!......and we are now on fast greens! ....no more winter or sandy crap greens! I love it, but still need to adjust to nice greens! I consider putting a strength, but the suddenly fast greens have caught me a bit off my game. (so to speak) My last 2 rounds.... 45-39=84 ......................I three putted 3 times plus 1 4-putt! (most of that was on the front) It's been a LONG LONG time since I ever did that!! I putted overly aggressive for my own good, but I played reasonably well from tee to green and putted better on the inward nine. 38-39=77.............I was happy with my tee to green play, but still somehow snuck in a couple 3 putts. LOL I also made a couple nice medium range birdie putts that helped to offset the 3-jacks. I am starting to see signs of summer form!! I'm not there yet, but it won't be much longer if it'll stop raining!!!
  4. Not up high....... I had grass behind the ball, but the ball was sitting up a bit....that's why I described it as a perfect jumper.... I thought it might jump and penetrate the wind if I could make reasonable contact
  5. Golf life in the midwest! ........it's the same cycle every year. GHIN shuts down until March1 which doesn't matter because I didn't pick up a club for 4 months during that time period anyway. I have 11 rounds posted so far in 2017. I started the year at 0.8 and the current index is 2.7 and trending higher. I still have a few lower 70's scores to bump from last year, and then I get to see where the dust settles. This is how I see it...... I see where the state of the game is after winter... then it's time to get the rust off................ My goals are minimal..... get back to where I was or a little better...... I just need a little time...let the fun begin!
  6. It's been awhile!! This is a short par5 that plays to about 500yds. A large ravine and forced carry protects short of the green to keep aggressive golfers honest. Laying up short of the ravine leaves a 90-100yd 3rd shot approach. The wind was IN and from the right and the tee shot missed the fairway in the left rough. (jumper lie=perfect) I lasered 238yds to a middle pin. I had 223 to the front and only a 215 carry over the ravine. I was playing well and felt like attacking..... Honestly....the plan was to just get somewhere around the green and make a chip and a putt.... In spite of the hurting crosswind, I made a point to swing nice, smooth, and easy, and nutted a 3-wood perfectly from a tee'd-up lie..... I hit it hole high.....10' from the pin. As luck would have it.....the putt dropped. My first Eagle of 2017 is in the books! Oh yea!!
  7. I played a course in Malaysia that required us to rent a cart.......and hire a caddy! LOL...no joke! If you are a tourist, you have to pay up. That's how it is and all there is to it. The caddy would jump on the back of a cart and ride standing on the back as we drove. We should have made him run!! Haha
  8. If I'm watching a swing.....I'd like to see it at full speed.
  9. What course yardage can you play comfortably? You should target that yardage and make your decision based on this. Back tees on some courses can be very short.
  10. The fairway width doesn't vary that much and there is nowhere to miss left of the bunker. I don't see much strategy here...... I see this hole as a "NUTT up" and hit it long and straight hole...IMO. The play is driver up the left side of the fairway. If I hit it into the bunker, I can accept a 150-160yd fairway bunker approach providing the lip isn't a deep cavern. Laying back and leaving a 230yd 2nd shot only works if you are Tiger woods. (back in the day)...LOL
  11. I finally held it together and completed a good round. 72.5CR 137slope....6564yds Par is 72:: 37-36=73 I've been showing signs as of late, but 2-3 bad swings per round seem to cost me 4-5 strokes! LOL Not today!! I made 4 bogeys.......2 were three putts from long range. The other 2 were after missing the green....chipping reasonably well, but missing putts from about 5 feet. Overall......very happy with the tee to green play. I made 1 eagle (my first of 2017) and 1 birdie....that helps!!!
  12. I've been there many times...... My answer is to play through it. Keep on playing and it will end......I promise!
  13. I have a long way to go.......I still can't play a complete round. 72.5CR 137slope: 42-39=81 it's just a matter of time knocking the rust off.......it's all good!!!
  14. I played Waterchase............great course! The condition was PERFECT!!!!!!!! I called the day before and learned the first tee time had 3 players and I was paired with them. The first tee time was 654am that week and sunrise was sometime after 7!!!!!! They no-showed...I played as a single............played 18 in about 2hrs 20.........I finished so early, I played 9 more.
  15. The course has been lengthened dramatically, but I don't think it has been changed that much. yea....10 middle-fairway bunker that isn't in play.....the green used to sit next it it. That is major.... Overall....the course plays pretty true to what it was in the old days with old hickory.
  16. For the record...there is no need to be a single digit HC to reply to this request.. I am not that way.... so long as we keep pace with the group ahead..... I enjoy playing golf with golfers of all abilities. I am a people person that enjoys "Good Company"....that is what golf is about! ....I don't care what you can score....so long as you don't play super slow!! ...LOL...AND BACK-UP THE COURSE! Hehe..had to throw that in.....
  17. I am traveling to Dallas for a 4-day weekend for Easter Weekend. I am 100% playing golf early Good-friday morning. I haven't decided where to play yet, but I'll be in the Arlington area right across from six flags. If any dallas forum member want's to tee it up with a "Buckeye".......let me know. We can "jaw" about the Home-Home thing between the Short-Horns and Buckeyes a few years back. Vince won the NC.. beating the buckeyes in the shoe...then the bucks went to Austin and beat Texas. A friend of mine that lives in the area recommends these courses that are supposedly not to far from our hotel........... Mansfield National, Cowboys Course, Grapevine Golf, Waterchase GC? I don't know where I am going yet, but I will find a place to play early....I always find a way! No sweat... Seriously though, if any of you Texans have friday off and will welcome a Buckeye into the Mix..... I'll go anywhere in the metro so long as it's a nice course. When I travel, any course that is considered "upscale" will do.....
  18. I was playing Blue Springs CC near KC and this was my view to the green..........I play golf from the "Correct Side"...I am left handed. I opted for a PUNCH 4-rescue and hit the ball to about 10ft...........missed the putt though! It was as you can tell very wet....to punch a low shot skipping through the wet sloppy mess short of the green to within 10ft of the cup was pure luck. I just realized this thread was dug-up from 2015........yes I have seen worse as you can see above! LOL seeing my old posts from a few years ago cracks me up...this was my world every time I missed a fairway........
  19. yes....and if this was 13 green Yes...and 11 was never fronted by water. It always had that little pond short left........
  20. I can't believe there are no responses! Love the pic!!!! I can't answer the question with certainty, but this has to be #12 green. 11 fairway would be up the hill to the right..........the left is 13 fairway. The woman in the white dress in the far background is probably standing near the 12 tee box. I can't see how this can be anything else. The green and water hazard shape has changed, but you can still see the front greenside bunker.
  21. Overall....there is still a lot of rust, but I have hope for 2017! The wind blew hard in Kansas City last weekend and I played both Saturday and Sunday. The winds were 23-33 sustained with gusts approaching 40. The wind was ridiculous. I know there are a few golfers in this forum nearby and I would love to hear if they actually teed it up in that wind!!!?? My regular weekend group didn't play Saturday so I paired-up.......there were a few cluster-fks in front of us so I skipped around the course and didn't keep a score. I played 18, but the course traffic was spotty due to the high winds and I was all over course avoiding the clusters...LOL Sunday: Drumm Farm: 72.5CR 137Slope......Howling winds! This was my best ball striking day so far this year. 40-39= 79 I made 14 pars in all that wind........The crazy thing is I made 3 stupid doubles from just off the green caused by poor short game shots!!!! (short game is my strength!).......the rust!! lol I never made a birdie either..........just pars.. A character building round to be sure! LOL
  22. I have joined and quit that ourse 3-4 times............The rough was insane for a few years....."miss"..lost ball.
  23. index in the 1's......................... Aim low....LOL...been there done that! As of right now, I can't break 80. It's early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Lots of RAIN!!!!! ..and cold! In spite of that, I was able to play some sloshing-around sloppy golf last weekend in 30 degree wind-chills on SAT...and and slightly better conditions Sunday. Drumm Farm: 72.5CR 137slope........ 41-46=87 Blue Springs CC: 72.1CR 137slope............43-43=86 Tough wet conditions dealing with wet/muddy conditions......... chipping/pitching was tough because of the muddy tight lies....... It's all good though!!!!!! ITS EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT IT! LOL.............
  25. We have a "Top Golf" in the Kansas City area............ Everyone in my office knows I play and they always ask me about it. They are semi-in shock by my response. No....I don't do that sh$t.......I like to play golf. (no relation to top-golf) I tee it up on a real course...............avoid the side shows..
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