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  1. So the R&A; says 208 and Trackman says 214.......actually that's less than one club's difference there .....your point being, I assume, that yet another reputable source (R&A;) chimes in with data supporting "Tee It Forward"? So we now have all credible sources: PGA, USGA, R&A; and Trackman saying essentially the same thing ! In any case, the average male adult amateur still does not warrant a course length much beyond 6,000 yards as the PGA/USGA clearly state. "tis but a difference without a distinction, eh? :) What's actually happening here , as Camilli points ou
  2. While the hard data does indeed allow for some exceptions, the problem, as Camilli's book points out , is alas, that far too many "Tom, Dick and Harry's" consider themselves exceptions . LOL Were there as many "exceptions" as those who consider themselves such, there wouldn't be the "rule" or "mean" now would there, eh? Again, gents, the numbers don't lie and Camilli's book cites a world-wide trackman study of over 10,000 golfers of all abilities which finds that the AVERAGE male amateur hits a drive
  3. Thank you, ccotenj.....what you post here is pretty much what Dan Camilli's book with it's PGA/USGA and Trackman rock solid data indicate, - the numbers don't lie, gentlemen and anyone attempting to compose some alibi or excuse for denying them is not in reality ......"kinda like you deciding to play Lebron James one on one" -and expecting to do well, no less! LOL Most courses are now renaming their tee boxes based on a color code thus eliminating much of the stigma of some who fret about hitting from "Senior" tees and the like and over time those old labels will fade into the past -
  4. Please do remember that not everyone plays under the same conditions in any tournament as the morning tee times often have advantage over PM tee times....in any event, methinks it's poor form for DJ to mouth off after 3 putting a 12 footer- sour grapes if you will -I doubt he'd said a word had he won, eh? LOL......if you recall Rory made a serious charge mid Sunday but then also missed putts and fell back yet again.....he didn't blame the greens, the golf gods or his putter....."We all have to putt on them" were his wise words....
  5. Methinks, 'tis rather bush league and whiney to blame the greens.....as Rory aptly pointed out - "They all had to putt on them." Time for DJ to put his big boy pants on and admit that he three putted from 12 feet .....no one else is to blame.
  6. So very true, indeed ! Dan Camilli devotes an entire chapter to this issue entitled : "Tee It Forward vs. Testosterone" in his book called "Tee Ceremony: A Cosmic Duffer's Companion to the Ancient Game of Golf". He points out that we "wouldn't expect Little League baseball players to hit home runs in a ball park with major league dimensions so neither should amateur golfers be expected to make par on Tour Professional length courses." Camilli then supports his position with data from the PGA which says "The 6.700 yard course that many amateur golfers play today is propor
  7. FYI: The topic of "Tee It Forward" is humorously discussed- complete with cartoons, in a new book by Dan Camilli entitled Tee Ceremony: A Cosmic Duffer's Companion to The Ancient Game of Golf . The book is a hilarious take on many aspects of the game including "Tee It Forward", Driving Distance Liars, Cigars , golf partners, etc. You can have a "Look Inside" the book at Amazon. A fun read ! FYI: I got my father and father-in-law a copy for Father's Day.
  8. Good News! Amazon.com has recently added a "Look Inside" feature to Camilli's Tee Ceremony book so you can read a sample of it and check out some of his cartoons in the book as well. Alas, I fear that my review has not done the book justice but now you can check it out for yourself. Simply go to: http://www.amazon.com/Tee-Ceremony-Duffers-Companion-Ancient/dp/1512242659/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid;=1432930780&sr;=8-1&keywords;=camilli and click on the "Look Inside" icon located above the book picture.
  9. I just finished reading "Tee Ceremony; A Cosmic Duffer's Companion to The Ancient Game of Golf " and loved it! Golf can definitely use more humor, IMO. This one was a birthday gift from my daughter. Here's my review of it. Golf Book Review by stogiesnbogies Tee Ceremony : A Cosmic Duffer’s Companion to The Ancient Game of Golf Sacred Ruminations and Profane Observations about Golf and Life By Dan Camilli Available at Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com http://www.amazon.com/Tee-Ceremony-Duffers-Companion-Ancient/dp/1512242659/
  10. Well, surf, as the OP of this thread I know that I speak for all posters when I say "You're Welcome ! " As for your getting down to 90 and then getting worse, it's been my experience that this is not so unusual as progress in this game is a series of peaks and valleys. Alas, you must slog on and persevere through the "slumps" no matter how discouraging and freakin' endless they may be and you will indeed come out the other side a better player. When in those deep dark valleys, I find it useful to re-examine fundamentals like ball position, grip, stance, etc. as it is very
  11. I've played a number of clone models and based on my experience with them I would recommend Pinemeadow golf as consistently best quality and performance. In fact I still play Pinemeadow brand fairway woods as they are easy to hit and far less expensive than most OEM brands. You might want to check out their website. Pinemeadowgolf.com Good luck .
  12. The USGA says that the average golfer in its system carries about a 15.0 handicap. This translates into an average score of about 90, close to that of a bogey golfer. But "Golf Digest" notes that most golfers don't participate in the USGA system. And because most golfers without handicaps are occasional players who generally shoot higher than 100, the official USGA average score is artificially low. The good news here is that, for most of us who shoot in the 80's regularly, we would be considered "good" players -as in better than average. The bad news here is , you guessed it......t
  13. FYI: I know several graduates of the Golf Academy and they do not speak well of it. They are now older college students attempting to acquire a "serviceable" education. While one, a Navy Vet, does have a job as a Golf Club teaching pro, he says that generally, the PGA certified programs lead to better career prospects and he was left with some 30 thousand dollars of debt! He also says that he would definitely not do it again and feels that he essentially wasted precious GI Bill Education money. I am only relating what I have been told by those who have attended .....the po
  14. The US Ryder Cup situation appears to be a train wreck from the point of both organization and frankly, at the moment, talent. The organization appears to be in a state of disarray and players feel free to criticize captains, both past and mostly present as well as the organization itself. As for the talent side of the ledger; frankly the Euros have a far more talented, and perhaps most importantly MOTIVATED cadre ...they are vastly more successful at working as a TEAM and everyone takes the Ryder Cup extremely seriously and considers it the biggest moment of the golf season. In
  15. As others are already saying; "to each his own" and if you feel comfortable with this set up, and it's producing results-so be it. However, you do realize that ALL of these wedges can be opened and closed providing you with a wide range of options? Perhaps you might consider fooling around with that concept on the practice range/green and seeing if you can feel comfortable hitting multiple shots with a few wedges simply by opening / closing , changing ball position, etc....Personally, I think you are vastly underestimating the versatility of these wedges. but hey that's my take -and
  16. If you have a slower swing speed I think you'd really like the new Callaway Super Soft...excellent all around performer ; also might try Wilson Staff 50 Elite and/or Wilson Staff Duo. Please see my review of the Callaway Super Soft on the DB for more info....Good Luck!
  17. Thanks golfingdad. Hope that my review might help some people make a somewhat more informed decision as they set out to the golf shop to stock up on golf balls for the new season. I recommend that if one hasn't tried these various balls perhaps try to buy a sleeve of each and play them against each other in order to determine which best fits your game: Callaway Super Soft (38 Compression), Wilson Staff Fifty Elite(50 compression) , Wilson Staff Duo( 40 compression) and Titleist DT So/Lo (FYI: So/Lo has the highest compression at 80 but its an excellent ball tee to green -again
  18. Please read my review posted here of the Callaway Super Soft.....having played the So/Lo for some years as my go-to ball, I now give the nod to Callaway Super Soft-especially for those of us, like myself, with slower swing speeds. Here's the link to my review here on TST website: http://thesandtrap.com/products/callaway-super-soft-golf-ball cheers. GolfingDad, You say: " You kinda gotta try it out and see how it feels, ya know??" I agree entirely....but garnering a consensus -especially from fellow golfers with similar swing speeds can be informative an
  19. FYI: iacas: I have now posted my review in the review section as you requested. cheers.
  20. ~~Callaway Super Soft Golf Ball Review by Stogiesnbogies FYI: I am a senior player with an 85-90 Max swing speed; a 15-17 handicap who plays senior flex shafted clubs. I hit my average drives between 180-200 yards and max out under ideal conditions with a very rare 220 yard "bomb". Callaway has produced the lowest compression ball on the market here with a 38 rating. In contrast the Wilson Staff Duo, it's nearest competitor has a 43 compression; the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite at 50, while the Titleist DT So/Lo checks in at 72. (FYI: All slower swing players; perhaps the reason
  21. Must have been great to see Two Gloves Gainey swing up close!! Love effective "home made" swings like Gainey and Bubba... Absolutely nothing wrong with changing your grip for different shots if that works for you....I've done it in the process of experimenting with the "Baseball style" grip....However mine is not a traditional thumb wrap around baseball grip but more of a "golf style" ten finger grip with both thumbs on top and the butt end hand thumb under the right hand thumb pad....if that makes sense! Since moving to this grip I have also stopped wearing a glove (a la Fred
  22. I love that 37 degree Cleveland Niblick it pitches up to 100 yards on the pin and chips roll out like putts... but I'll be damned if I can get anything consistent out of the 56.....it has a 14 bounce and as you know it is configured differently than the other Cleveland Niblicks as it doesn't have an alignment marker .....How do you hit it successfully out of sand- do you use the traditional Niblick putting swing or do you play an "explosion or splash" shot???
  23. Glad to see yet another Cleveland Niblick fan on the board!! Which loft Niblick are you playing? I own all 4 lofts -The 37 Degree is no longer manufactured but available at ebay and the like....the 42, 49 and 56. Only one I don't like is the fickle 56...as I prefer my regular sand wedge for those shots. As you are probably well aware, The Niblick is not just a chipper but a hybrid scoring wedge -extremely versatile from 100 yards in -it can accurately pitch, chip, approach and rescue just as Cleveland Golf states...the Hacker's Paradise reviewed all of them and test
  24. Well, Rory already has more majors than Westwood-who I also like.....but you are talking about a very young, extremely talented kid with something akin to 20+ years of golf career ahead of him....this is also the kid who Tiger personally coronated as essentially the guy who would ultimately replace him as golf's best...that is what I would call a very informed opinion! Rory is already showing strong signs that his personal and professional life are stabilizing and he is once again topping the leaderboards....no reason to believe that this will change anytime soon. there are many other
  25. "~~ You have not been around for awhile, but came back to pick a fight??? Bored?? FYI: This is my original thread....I'm checking back after being away for a while as I mentioned, and commenting on comments.....as is appropriate. But you're visiting a thread that you neither originally started nor contributed to in order to interject yourself into a dispute that is absolutely none of your concern......bored? and rude as well.
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