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  1. I've got a Callaway sq head, 11* loft. Best driver ever, in my hands. I'm only interested in result and of course, value. Amongst a big box of 2nd handers at PGA Atlanta, i found this one with like new Mid-size grip, no marks, shiny black and $20. Won't be trading again. In the wind tunnel, this head is superior, but your mileage may vary.
  2. That is Tiger Woods' airplane? How very pedestrian. I mean is he trying to fly under the radar, or something? And who is Steve Sloboda that we can accept his photo of some common airplane and believe Tiger Woods owns it or even rides in it? Just askin'.
  3. Incredible Patrick. Here you are, in Illinois, pulling for the Sunshine Boyz. I suppose the StL Cardinals are on your radio dial too. Too ugly. Won't comment on the wager except that you would not like paying the air freight on a dozen balls to Thailand. Blackhawks all the way. Sure i hope for 4 games only, win big at home in game 4 but will take 6 games, and still win big in 'Windy City'. Corn in the ground Patrick? Better go plant your beans now and stay away from the TV, coz u wont' like the Ice Capades as the Hawks dance around the Lite'ning.
  4. Wishing you good weather no matter the score. Lift a pint for me. thnx.
  5. Update on shanks. Continual problem and mostly hard to see why. But found this video today with good explanation and I can surely relate to ideas presented by Australian pro teacher. Club swing plane too flat on short shots. But often i find the flatter swing plane lets my hips move more. Will get to the range tomorrow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8UFCupZhSU
  6. Well, i do the yoga 'boat' pose for abdominals, etc. At least 2 variations can be found. Sitting on the mat, always shoeless, place hands together behind head, lean back and extend legs up about 60* angle. Keep legs stiff and together, elbows out and away from head. Your eyes will be looking about at your toes. You will look like a V shape. Breath slowly and evenly; count to 7, or more. If thighs cramp, bend legs once and go back to stiff legs. As strength develops, increase time. Iyengar says 'one minute means strong abs'. Want real work? Wear heavy shoes.
  7. David's right, schwitz. Read more here, about what some have called 'golf dumbest rule'. http://www.slate.com/articles/sports/sports_nut/2013/06/croquet_putting_golf_s_unconscionable_ban_on_putting_between_your_legs.html Sorry, i can offer little but orthodoxy regarding putting styles or equipment.
  8. At the recent Irish Open, EPepperell had about one hour to wait till other players finished their round. It was very cold and wet outdoors. Could Pepperell have taken a hot shower, a massage, a 20 minute nap and changed into dry clothes before the playoff? Or must he wait around in the clubhouse, or on practice green, in wet and cold clothing? Is this a Committee decision or individual choice?
  9. I do not think 'bounce' means 'bounce the club into the ball'. In the sand, that may be OK, but off the cart path or hardpan, bouncing into the ball is a recipe for unhappiness.
  10. Useless video. And don't these 'lux travelers' need to speak to Immigration and Customs? It ain't just jump into the limo.
  11. Noted that Tyrrell Hatton, shooting -1 overall, and tied for 4th place, obtained one of the 3 British Open tickets to play. Well done in Ireland by the young englishman, an enthusiastic and demonstrative golfer.
  12. Steeper swing and more down AoA will also bring an increase in spin. Agreed? I can certainly see this in chipping as centered or forward ball brings higher ball flight and very little spin, more of drop and roll. When ball back, more spin and check-up. I find the soft dropping ball better on greens sloping away from me towards the hole.
  13. Lose 7 strokes in 2 holes? What's so unusual about that? Happens all the time round here.
  14. Bushwood? Anything to do with George W? Maybe he's a secret investor, or he teamed up with 'The Donald'.
  15. Plz guys, check post #203. Yeah, B L A C K H A W K S. From C H I C A G O. Tampa Bay, where? This match up will go 4 games.
  16. Feel ain't feel? Is this a typo Mike? I have read, on these pages, that 'feel ain't real', so gotta wonder. Express my props for a good and useful thread. thnx.
  17. Remember the Walker Cup, in which Rickie Fowler played on this very RCD course? After the match he said he loved the course and so this year he came back. Ha, i bet the Walker Cup was not played in late May. Maybe September, after the summer snow squalls were over.
  18. A drunk on the golf course, whether a player or a fan, is really of little concern to me. I can walk away. But when the drunk gets into his car and becomes a menace to society, i do take great exception. Would be nice if at exit gate, one cop with breath analyzer machine stood watch and by random selection took a few samples. Or sampled everyone. Off to the pokey for a few. And with plenty of onlookers.
  19. Most likely the pitch mark was mine. So, using that knowledge, would say pitch mark first, then ball as rest. No repair allowed.
  20. Euro TV guy said Shane Lowry used only the wedge for putting during the last 9 holes of his round. I saw him on one of his last holes of the day putting with the wedge. Anyone know what happened to his putter?
  21. Rory finally makes a birdie on 7. Then puts on the big mittens. He stands at +8, with 11 holes left on the round. Cut line thought to be +4/5. Storms roar in, blow rain sideways for 10 mins, then depart to leave sunny and cold. Repeat.
  22. Could i repair a pitch mark in my line of putt if ball, and pitch mark, off the green? Thought no today. I could have putted the ball but the pitch hole and hunk of sod directly along putt line meant i must chip over.
  23. Well, yeah i can agree that arresting the bastards is good news. But many folks wish that the FBI, etc, would arrest the bastard USA bankers who have stolen the money from so many small folks at home here. Will these scum suffer? Maybe not with good USA lawyers, whom they surely can afford.
  24. I've got some forged Titleist cavity back irons, about 3 yrs old. Very nice feeling, esp on mis-hits. Off the toe on the 8i, hardly see any difference except a few yards short. Whether forged or cavity makes the difference in performance, i cannot say. Look at the various cavity offerings on the market. Borrow and try a few sets.
  25. Great volg and look at RCD, the very un-sunny skies, the puffy jackets and woolen caps, mittens even. You know the course will be tough to tame when even the caddies wear long trousers. I opine the winning score will be -8 overall. I wonder how many times Rory has played this course, not 100 miles from his hometown?
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