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  1. Yeah they are pretty enthusiastic about it. I collect the head covers and such, but I am not as fanatical as most of the members on that site. That putter is probably a 009 that is made for the tour players and would probably run you a few thousand to purchase. This is what Scotty refers to deep milling. It's obviously more obvious that the putter above. It's suppose to provide a softer feeling. So the milling above may look sloppy because of the picture that was taken, as I have never heard someone complain about Scotty's custom milling work. If you are looking for a
  2. Since I don't know your golf game or your swing...or anything about you for that matter, I am going to suggest the Nike VR Pro Combos, just because I think they are really sweet looking.
  3. I like Caronlina blue, but that might be too much for this guy. Nice looking headcovers though.
  4. I have signed up for this "FATBOY" contest at work where you pay $25 to join. The contest is to lost 5% of your body weight in 9 weeks and then keep it off for another 3 weeks after that. Every week you don't lose weight you owe an additional $3. All the money is going to the local food bank. Last year some guys lost 40 lbs. Looking forward to losing some uneccessary poundage as I have noticed some of it piling on. I currently weight 206, and I keep active during the offseason by playing basketball twice a week. Gonna start doing the P90x program again...I started it before and was good
  5. I am not saying that guys don't try in this tournament, but I don't think players necessarily treat this tournament like the others, especially with the limited field and no cut. It's like the Disney, guys bring their families and head to the beach and party a bit. I think one of the Aussies is going to take it.
  6. I have read that as well. I am waiting on my issue of the 2011 Hot List...always my favorite issue of the year.
  7. First I would like to say that I hate all of you that are able to still play. I am stuck inside until at least April and that's even pushing it.
  8. This is at the top of my list to try once the outdoor ranges open here. I "think" I like the idea of the white club head and the adjustability of it. I would of course find one setting and keep it there, however sounds like you will be able to set it up just how you like it. I hope it comes with some sort of chart, I can see this thing becoming like a rubics cube and after a while you won't be able to put it back to the original setting.
  9. Regardless of your yardages, I am actually a believer there are high single digit players that can pound the ball because I play with one, but that's not the point. My suggestion would be to see a teacher but make sure you let them know that you have been playing golf for a while and not interested in re-inventing the wheel. You are looking to improve your swing to help your back, but keep in mind if your swing is the cause of your back hurting then you very well may have to look at changing your swing a la Rocco Mediate.
  10. That is a good deal. I was thinking of getting a set just to use the PW, 9i and 8i in my set, but then came to the realization that it's a bit much for just three clubs.
  11. Here's a few things to think about: 1. Job Security - If you have a guaranteed job at the other location with room to grow I think it's a no brainer. The new job offers more money and sounds like you don't have to wait for someone to die or quit to move up. 2. Retirement - Take 15% of the extra 30% that you would be making it and start putting it away. Depending on your age, that may be enough and since you haven't seen that money before so you won't miss it. So this should be a no brainer as well (assuming you are able to live on your current salary, which I assume you can or th
  12. Here is the setup that I am going to be playing with at the start of 2011...right NOW. There still may be some small changes, like the driver and the 52*. Other than that, everything is staying.
  13. To be honest I can't really remember; I think it was the white board equivalent. It's sometimes tough to tell with drivers when they need to tape the face. I am definitely looking to swing it out side and get a real sense on how it performs. I have a new Octane, but I am not 100% convinced that it's staying in the bag...may switch back to my FT-9.
  14. Planning on being in the neighbourhood in March and looking to play, however it looks by their website that you can only book 14 days in advance and they only offer packages (at least on their website). Has anyone played there recently and know what they charge? I thought I would ask here before calling.
  15. HOLY F&%$!!! I just got a woody from that second video...I might buy two copies...I am pretty stoked about this game.
  16. I like the setup...not a huge fan of the Loudmouth putter cover, makes me feel sick just looking at it; BUT to each their own. How do you like the new Titleist driver? I hit it a couple of times at the sim at the local Golf Town, and found it kind of dead feeling. Waiting to be able to hit it outside before my final judgement.
  17. With the addition of Augusta will certainly make this a must buy for no other reason other than to play the course. I didn't buy this years as I didn't think it was worth it as I have '10. Very much looking forward to this new version...it would be nice if they kept some of the other good ones like pebble, spy glass, St. Andrews just to keep some of the classics.
  18. I personally don't have a problem with any of them...with Lauren being my favorite. I think they have done a good job in casting chicks on the GC.
  19. I would have to agree here. If I was going to match my bag with any club in my bag (assuming they all don't match) I would go with the club that is the best...and he clearly did that. I don't see the problem.
  20. WOW...I guess this really could be bitter sweet for Callaway depending on the year he has in 2011.
  21. I have bought a ton of golf stuff from Callaway Pre-owned and they are world class. I have never had an issue nor have I ever heard of anyone having any issue that they were not willing to fix. I just bought two hybrids and two wedges from there and everything looked brand new.
  22. Just looking at the picture you can tell that they moved the weight in the back of the club. The look is the same, but I am going to say these will probably be a little easier to hit then their previous prototype. I prefer the look of the protos, but I think these are still pretty sexy. If I hadn't just bought the x-forged I would have given these a serious look.
  23. Nothing missed, just a lot of assumption. I think with the last guy in the video and that fact that the OP's name is Normdamarine, people think that's him.
  24. Unfortunately you misunderstood his context as well. I guess it would depend on what your definition of "any good" is. I would agree that I see a lot of high-cappers with match bags, but that might be because there are a lot more high-cappers than there players that are "any good"...whatever that might be.
  25. It's an interesting question, especially for SGI irons as I would think that it would be difficult to pitch and chip with it. I have considered getting a wedge and having it bent to my PW stats just to have all of my wedges the same head shape, feel, etc. but I just haven't pulled the trigger. Now that I am using the x-forged, I probably won't bother. I see that you have gone ahead and got a Vokey...let us know how that works out for you.
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