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  1. I shot an 84 at Torrey Pines North a couple of weeks ago! I hit almost all the fairways, best score I've gotten recently. Would've been a really great round except triple bogeying 2 of the tough par 3's. Still super excited to have broken 90 here!
  2. I'm just curious how much recent driver technology has improved. I play an R11s with a stock S- shaft, I notice that the new drivers sound much different, does the new equipment play much longer? I typically drive 260-280 and decently straight. I'm hoping to get a driver with a custom shaft in a month or so.
  3. One thing to do is place a headcover on the ground between you and the ball a little back of the ball, that will keep you from coming at the ball from the inside. When I do that its because I left my wrists behind and haven't squared the clubface. I focus on turning my hands through the ball.
  4. I bought my high school clubs cheap, I got a used putter, driver and 5 wood. I got my irons from gigagolf.com, they were surprisingly good.
  5. Typically my high fade or pushes are caused by leaving the face open at impact. Personally, making sure I rotate my hands through and keep my head still (instead of drifting back) solves that problem. I don't know if that will help you, thats what I do. Typically an open face will flight the ball higher.
  6. Hey everyone, I have a question about balls. I play Nike RZN or 20XI balls usually. My last time on the course I noticed that drives go much further and my mid-short irons and wedges shorter than they do on the range. I assume this is because the rocks we use at the range are shorter off the tee and don't spin as much which gives them more distance on irons. Anyone else notice this? I figure that the iron shorts being shorter also has to do with hitting off of mats versus hitting off looser grass. -Seb
  7. What has helped my putting has been 2 things: 1) When I go to the putting green I set on one hole and use an alignment stick to make sure I don't have to re-aim every time and I just practice straight putts. That'll tell you if there is something wrong with your stroke. 2) I got a fatter putter grip because I like it, superstroke slim. I think it helps me control my putts better. I know these aren't the answers you're looking for but I don't know those. Hope its still helpful.
  8. Thanks for the tips, I'm looking for control and another fun way to play some tricky shots.
  9. Just want to learn how to hit the shot to develop another tool. Never said it would become a go-to. There's no harm in learning.
  10. Trying to hit a low draw is definitely something new to try. I've never thought of it that way.
  11. Can anyone point me toward a good resource for developing that great spinning wedge shot I see on TV? I've tried my best to practice off the mats and on the course and the only way I ever get the ball to spin back at all is on a full swing shot. I'm looking for tips to get the spin inside of 70 yards.
  12. I have purchased gigagolf hybrids, woods, irons and wedges. The only ones I still play are the irons. I would never buy the woods or hybrid again. They don't play nearly as well as my taylormade woods. I'd recommend just getting a used set of woods if you want to upgrade on a budget.
  13. I find a 5w much easier to hit than a 3w, and find the gain in yardage for a 3W really not that much better. Its the most consistent club I carry.
  14. This summer marks the start of my second year ever playing golf, and after I finished the last junior club championship I am eligible for I had a funny thought. I thought back to how much I have improved in this game, and how much I loved it. Previously, bad holes would mean double or triple bogeys with shanked and duffed shots from easy lies, but now a bad hole for me is usually at worst a bogey. No longer do I chase the ball around the fairway, but I put shots where I want them, and when I get in a bad spot I can get out in a stroke and salvage a bogey or par on the hole. No lon
  15. 79 at Westlake Golf Course, not nearly good enough to win the junior tournament, and this was my last chance at it. I lost a ball in a tree to result in a triple bogey on a par 5, and had two more costly double bogeys that hurt me a lot. I just wasn't putting or driving my best, I missed a lot of fairways and missed an eight foot eagle putt on the second par 5.
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