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  1. The standard should be perfect for you. In my experience, it feels a tad thicker than the pingman. The edges are also a bit sharper, unlike the pingman, but they can be sanded down to preference.
  2. Padraig Harrington loves saying gamer in his Irish accent :) Doesn't bother me.
  3. I don't think the club head will matter so much. If you have the right shaft/loft combination, you should be able to maximize your yardage with your driver. I've heard only good things about the Supertri so far, looks pretty good. I wouldn't consider a Mizuno iron a "delofted" iron like some Taylormade GI irons. A Mizuno MP-58 6 iron is 31* while a Burner 6 iron is 27*. Now that's delofted. Compared to the Titleist irons that the OP used to play, the lofts are pretty much the same. Honestly, chill out dude. His wedge lofts are actually very reasonable...
  4. The fact that you can get everything customized, finish, grinds, stamps, ferrules, shafts by the tour department is very special. Look on golfwrx.com, the CEO posts there, there are many threads/opinions on Scratch golf.
  5. Not trying to push Mizuno irons on you, but there are plenty of older Mizunos that can be had for very good prices. Look at some of the prices for MP-30s on eBay: http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&_trk...All-Categories
  6. I want to be custom fitted for: Titleist 909D2 Titleist 909F2 - 13.5* Titleist 909H - 17* Scratch SB-1 - 3-PW Scratch 1018 - 52*, 58* TP Mills Handmade by David Mills - Trad 2, 1310, Oil Can
  7. @rebby That was really in depth - great insight. Did you pick those grinds based on pictures, or did you tell Ari what you were looking for in each wedge and haveg him suggest different grinds for your wedges?
  8. Lol, that makes sense. Everytime I visit there, I drool over the Scratch wedges and blades. SB-1s are sweet!
  9. My Vokey is raw. Feels great. I'm switching out the shaft for a softer one, should feel even better.
  10. Check over on golfwrx.com. folks over there are obsessed, and the CEO of the company posts there as well. From what I've heard, they are just incredible wedges.
  11. Just a suggestion, Mizuno MP-32s come in lefty, can be found on eBay for good prices. Some of the best blades made by Mizuno IMO.
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