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  1. My father gets numerous golf balls from my Aunt who lives left of the #7 hole at Tanoan Country Club. Left is better than right, but unless you live behind the tee box you're going to get balls landing in your yard.
  2. I went ahead and looked this place up on Google Earth and it looks like a really nice property. The problem is his pool is approx 208 yards right of the fairway on a dogleg left par 5. Living there you can expect every hack slicer on the planet to deposit a ball or two onto your pool house roof. I've never understood why people buy property on a golf course and then bitch about golf balls in their yard. Probably 98% of the houses on the United States aren't on a golf course, go buy one of those! I would imagine this guy isn't a golfer or he would have known this was a going to happen. My wife and I once looked at a house on a golf course. I walked into the back yard and there were a dozen balls. I peaked over the fence and we were about 175 yards from the tee box. Told my wife nope and we left. My kids would never have been able to play outside.
  3. I love guys that fudge their "vanity" handicaps because they are easier to beat. Much better than those guys that play 4 times a week yet only have 4 rounds posted. I play quite a bit by myself but all those times are practice rounds and it's extremely rare I play 18 holes alone. When I play with my group, it's match play so we do give the occasional gimmee. I promise you though, none of the guys in my group would give anything that might be missed, and birdies and eagles have to be putted out regardless of length. Hell the guy I was playing the other day made me mark a putt so short that my quarter fell in the hole! 😜
  4. It is, and so is the rating. I get 68.9 116 when I look it up.
  5. That's why they make travel bags! And I thought the rental clubs at my course were bad, ours are spectacular compared to that set!
  6. Option 2. I am already a +1, but I don't play often enough right handed, why would I need to add playing left handed too? Plus my buddy I play with is left handed and two left handers in the same group would be too much. 😜
  7. WITB: Driver- Ping G400 LST- Ping TOUR x-stiff This driver has been in the bag for a couple seasons now. Its the best driver I have ever hit. 3-Wood- Srixon F45 15° Kuro Kage x-stiff This 3 wood has a tiny head, but its the best fairway wood I have carried to date. I still have some two way misses with it so it's days are numbered if I find something I can trust. 3-Hybrid- Callaway Mavrik Pro KBS Tour Proto x-stiff Put this hybrid in this week and it's awesome. I have hit it probably 50 times on the range this past week and about 15 times on the course. I have yet to miss left which has always been my concern with hybrids. So far this thing has been a fairway machine off the tee. 4-5 Irons- Callaway 2018 X-Forged Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 Replaced my last set of Callaway blades with these last summer. I went with the X-Forged for my long irons because they launch a little higher, have a slightly larger blade, and are a bit more forgiving. 6-PW- Callaway 2018 APEX MB Chrome Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 Like I said these replaced another set of Callaway blades. I like these a lot. I did lose about 5 yards per club from my last set to these even though the specs were the same. Not a big deal though as I believe I hit these a bit straighter. Wedges- Vokey SM7 Jet Black 52°, 56°, and 60° Thought these looked kind of cool being all black. Had to have all three bent 1°-2° weaker because they went too far when I got them. Putter- PING Vault 2.0 Ketsch The little putter that could. Just put a new SuperStroke CLAW grip on it and I like it even better than before.
  8. I lightly sole my irons, hybrid, and 3 wood, but I do not sole my driver. Years ago I thought it helped me avoid left misses with the driver and it just became a habit.
  9. It makes very little difference in my scoring. I used to think I played better when I walked, that I stayed in better rhythm, stayed loose, all that jazz. I found though that my stats didn't support it at all in fact my scores were slightly better when I used a cart. I would imagine the slightly lower scores from riding come from lack of fatigue. This is especially noticeable when I walk multiple days in a row I do prefer to walk, especially in the fall, winter, and spring. I like the exercise and lord knows I need it. When I play in competitions I tend to ride now because I need all the help I can get.
  10. Got in my third round of 2020 today. Didn't add any new birdies but I did add my third eagle of the year and I finally made par on my nemesis hole # 2. I have now eagled three of the four par 5's at my course. Still have 8 holes left to birdie and no idea when I will get out again.
  11. I predict he has to give away half of that check he won, to his soon to be ex-wife. That dude is just gross, a prostitute....really?! Then again the president of Jackson State University just got popped trying to solicit a hooker too. Maybe it's just me, but it's never even occurred to me to do such a thing.
  12. NM Golf

    Tee Selection

    Colors mean nothing, could you give some yardages for the tees? I mean the yellow tees at my course are 5900 yards but at another course I play yellows are the championship tees at over 7500 yards.
  13. Wow nice wife! Mine let me buy a $35,000 camper, but it turned out she likes to camp just as much as I do. My golf purchases, however, must be on the DL. Nothing quite like new clubs, especially if you get fitted correctly, it can make all the difference. Thank god I work at a golf course though. While $2 grand wouldn't break the bank, I've never paid retail for a golf club so I am one cheap SOB. $400 for a driver and $125+ a club for irons just makes me cringe.
  14. NM Golf

    ARod WitB

    I'm guessing he stopped at a yard sale on the way to the course. I have to say I am surprised he doesn't have a least a small familiarity with golf. MLB players play a lot of golf. Hell his yankee teammate Derek Jeter plays golf.
  15. I can't get out to play, every time we have a nice day I have something I have to do. I haven't touched a club since January 20. Checked off 10 holes in two rounds, now I am stagnant. Might get out on Monday if the weather report holds true. Watch out once summer gets here and I can play several times a week!
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