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  1. The main difference is all those guys you mentioned show some inkling of emotion on the golf course. A large percentage of the LPGA Tour show no emotion. For example, Sung Hyun Park is like watching a robot play golf. The next smile she cracks will be her first. The lack of emotion coupled with the fact they bunt it around a 6200 yard course makes for a bit of a snooze fest. You mention Scott Parel, thats part of the issue with the Champions Tour. He was a nobody prior to his CT time. The CT needs some star power to make it relevant IMHO. But if I am going to watch people I don't know or care about I would at least like them to be playing interesting golf.
  2. Well as @Vinsk stated look at the stats. The scoring averages are lower on the Champions Tour and they play more difficult courses. To me that says the golf is better, at least statistically, on the Champions Tour. As to which is more entertaining, thats a matter of opinion and concerning opinion you cannot argue. I find a lot of the players on the LPGA Tour boring to watch, thats my opinion as well, if you disagree that is your right. Count again there are 5 Rolex Women’s World Golf Rankings - Rolex Rankings Rolex Rankings, the first-ever comprehensive world rankings system for professional women’s golf by Rolex. Discover the latest scores.
  3. It just comes down to the quality of the golf, the old dudes are still better and hit it farther than the ladies. Plus, the top players on the LPGA Tour are boring to watch. There are only 5 Americans in the Top 25 in the world. Heck there are twice as many Americans in the Top 25 in the order of Merit on the PGA Tour Series Asia.
  4. You're not making sense, isn't the alignment aid on the club also preshot?
  5. Again that's a pretty weak argument. An alignment stick NEVER moves. A ball and a club both move during the swing.
  6. It's golf, so I care enough to watch, although I have to say I don't even recognize some of those guys. The star power is not what it was when Jack, Lee Trevino, Chi Chi, and those guys played. Pre Covid I watched an event that Scott Parel won...who the f*&k is Scott Parel? I will say I would rather watch them than the LPGA.
  7. I read the article, but what I take from it is the fact the author "feels it's illegal" and then makes some, IMHO, weak arguments to support his "feel". There are alignment aids on almost every piece of golf equipment, why would the ball be any different? Who are these people some of you play with, and where do they come from. I've never seen someone do something like this and I play probably 50 rounds a year paired with strangers. I will say, it seems a little exaggeratedI that it takes him an extra 90 seconds a hole. 90 seconds is a long time; not that an extra 30 seconds wouldn't be irritating considering the fact it doesn't help anyway.
  8. Those lines do not give an advantage, if anything they hinder proper alignment. This is one of those things I hate, people are too damn concerned about what others are doing. If drawing a line "feels illegal" to you then don't do it. Hell, you can even get some satisfaction in knowing that the people that are doing it are probably hurting themselves. BUT, to try and get it made illegal because you don't like it makes you a busy body.
  9. Albuquerque NM Area Sandia Golf Club (Resort/public) Twin Warriors Golf Club (Resort/public) Paako Ridge Golf Club (Going private in 2021) University of New Mexico Championship Course (Public) The Canyon Club (Private) If you included the Santa Fe Area, you would have to put Las Campanas at the top, as I think it's the best course in the state.
  10. FWIW My buddy played with Alice Cooper and even Alice knows how to properly dress on a golf course.
  11. I would love to bet his winning check that I can find 3 other guys and scramble to beat his winning score. Give me a break, I realize these guys are good, I have played with several tour players over the years, but none of them were 18 strokes better than me on any given day, in any conditions. The toughest course I've ever played was the Bear in Traverse City MI. (76.1, 150 par 72) I played it on a breezy day and still broke 80 pretty easily. I cannot imagine a course in anything less than a hurricane where I would play bogey golf.
  12. Seeing your outfit in your profile pic, I would definitely say our definition of ugly is different. While I would hardly argue on the appeal of someone like John Daly's on course dress, I think in general golf attire is quite good looking and even passes sometimes as dressing "up". Tiger looks great pretty much all the time, same with most of the elite players on tour. I think you would have a difficult time getting many people to agree with you that the general mode of golf dress is ugly. I have to ask though, what do you "like the look of". I need an example.
  13. Working at a golf course for over 20 years I would argue with you on that point. There is definitely a correlation between how well someone dresses and how well they play. I've never seen anyone dressed in basketball shorts and a tank top hit the ball worth a shit. Hopefully not, it's just a way to show a little respect for the game. Here's the problem with all the arguments against golf attire. First, golf attire is specifically designed to be comfortable when you play. I see guys in jeans on the course all the time. Nothing is less conducive to freedom of movement and staying cool than denim. Modern golf shirts and pants stretch and are superb at wicking moisture to keep someone cool. Secondly, I always hear the cost argument that golf attire is too expensive which is ridiculous. If you are a bargain hunter (I am) you can find great stuff for cheap. I don't know what types of stores you have in Sweden, but here places like Costco and SAMS club often have golf shirts and pants. Hell I bought a Greg Norman shirt and pair of shorts at Stein Mart last week cost me $38 for the both of them,
  14. Unfortunately had a couple of loose swings hurt me including hitting a drive OB. Still stayed under par, but it could have been a really good score. Had a couple really weird left misses I normally don't make. I chalked it up to being a little fatigued. Walked this 18 in a brisk 3 hours and 25 minutes in 95° heat, I can't imagine why I got a bit tired.
  15. Went to the golf course to work today, but ended up they didn't need me. So I went out and got on as a single. Shot a nice round of 69 (-3). Short wedges were a little off, but the putter was decent and so was the short game. Driver was great.
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