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  1. To me I think good practice begins with accurate analysis of your game. Mostly this is done by keeping your stats or even better yet using tools like GameGolf. Only with a good understanding of your game can you devise a plan of attack as to what you need/should work on in your game.
  2. I said 4-6, I went back and revisited my last round and I came up with 6 shots, but I actually hit the ball really well that day. That would mean on a regular day it'd be 3-4, a bad day maybe 1-2. I normally have at least one shot a round that I flush, its the shot that keeps you coming back for more.
  3. Yeah really see this thread... I play a ton of competitive golf at a much higher level than you BTW. The mental game is a crutch used by people to explain away why they don't play well because it's easier on the ego than saying they don't physically have the tools. If you would like to discuss that please click on the link above to that thread because it's in this one.
  4. I have little doubt that this is merely an outlier and if someone were to actually collect data in a scientific way it would show that the effects of both alcohol and marijuana are detrimental on one's ability to play golf, or any sport for that matter. It makes people unable to operate a motor vehicle safely, but turns them into Tiger Woods on the golf course? Come on... The mental game is highly overrated, the detrimental effects on your motor skills and reaction times would highly outweigh any dulling of performance anxiety. I mean really, how nervous can you possibly be? I have friends who swear they are better after a couple beers on the course. I always agree with them because I know it's not true and they will just lose more money the drunker they get.
  5. As others have said, playing a course from the correct tees makes golf a lot more fun. And it makes for more birdie and eagle opportunities. Heck playing from tees even a bit shorter than you need can be fun. I had two eagles in my last round. I played with some guys who like to play a yardage between the back tees and the middle tees. That made it easier to hit par the par 5s in two, and I did just that. Screw the ego, golf is supposed to be fun.
  6. But it's not. I do not know your background with marijuana, but even the most relaxing indica strain would cause slowed reaction time and fine motor skills would be diminished. Neither of those things would be conducive to playing better golf. No one is that nervous where it would be a good trade off. I don't mean to argue with either of you, I am just saying in NO WAY can I see how marijuana use during a round of golf would be performance enhancing.
  7. ummm no...it's not performance enhancing at all.
  8. NM Golf


    This big girl had made a meal out of several of the homeowners' pets that surround the course. A least one of those instances, the owners were in attendance to watch their little shitzu disappear over the wall in her mouth. That's not going to fly, and it cost her her life. They had to put her down.
  9. NM Golf


    Meanwhile on the 7th hole at my course...This is the second bobcat we have trapped. My course is in the center of town.
  10. I use an overlap grip, it's just what is comfortable for me. I have short fat fingers so the interlock grip always felt uncomfortable. As long as your grip is otherwise sound fundamentally it really doesn't matter which of the two you choose.
  11. Etiquette was really important to my father when he taught me the game so I was dealt with harshly when I did not act correctly. Strangely enough he has gotten quite lax in his etiquette as of late. So much so I sometimes don't like playing with him. I have had my occasional gaffes over the years. One I can remember was during a money round I was god awful on the front side. After leaving it short in the bunker on the 9th hole I lost it and launched my 60° wedge a good 60 yards and it stuck in the green. I was really embarrassed and apologized profusely to the rest of my group. I got my head together and shot 4 under on the back for an even par round. I still catch shit from those guys for doing that, it happened 10 years ago.
  12. Both have a traditional way of dressing to show respect to the proceedings. The only difference would be golf clothing is comfortable and actually aids in the activity of playing golf whereas a suit and tie is not comfortable and actually hinders the enjoyment of doing anything. Again not sure why people get upset about dress codes and wearing appropriate attire to the course. It's not like courses are asking you to wear something weird and uncomfortable. Remember: Dress like the golfer you want to be not like the golfer you are 😏. If you suck at least look good doing it.
  13. NM Golf

    Torn Bicep

    OUCH!!!! So you didn't need surgery unless at some point in your life you might need to screw in a light bulb?! Sounds like a no brainer to me. Godspeed on your healing!
  14. @upndown21 It's quite obvious you don't want help, and that's fine and totally up to you. But, when you give another member of the forum bad advice you're going to get called out on it. The fact is aiming at the flag from over 100 yards is poor game management and even worse advice. He will NOT lower his scores by following your lead. That's not my opinion it's a fact.
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