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  1. That’s about how my fitting went at golf galaxy... 😂
  2. I don’t think you’ll get a consistent grouping of answers? Guessing age and body build will play a factor in many of the responses.
  3. Lihu

    My Swing (Lihu)

    Going to take some video this morning to see if I can catch possible flipping? My irons and hybrid don’t flip, but it’s totally possible?
  4. 5 hours is totally bearable, it’s those 7-8 hour ones where you have a group playing for $0.10 a hole who line up 2 foot putts that bugs me. Even 6 hours is finishable. Just sit in the shade and BBQ a few burgers while waiting for your next shot. 😂 Pretty much... I used to play Angry Birds and it drove everyone crazy... 👀
  5. I don’t really hate any of these conditions or I would simply hate golf 😁 Golf is really hard, no matter how well you swing. 😊 Gotta live playing in Boston in late fall 😂
  6. Lihu

    My Swing (Lihu)

    Just got fitted for a club at Golf Galaxy, and the “fitter” gave me his best shot. Tried 6 clubs and spent more than an hour with me. My spin rate on every club he chose for me was mostly closer to 6000rpm some with as much as 1600 side spin. For a laugh, I decided to keep quite and go with his fitting and walked out the store with a shiny new club. Here are the Mevo results with cold range balls... my swing speed is a little lower with Mevo than my buddies XL...I’m typically 102 on XL and TrackMan, but trivial differences... For some reason my 55 yard peak height one was not in this group, but this is the second day with similar results. I have a 90 day replacement policy, so not really a big deal, but you really need to talk to the fitters at these big stores more. Don’t go in there and follow them blindly. He also stated I have an 84mph swing, and I promise, I didn’t laugh. Just got my wallet out and paid for the club 😊 The shaft is really nice though... the new Project X 5.5 regular. I think most people don’t expect a middle aged man to have a swing speed over 90 😂.
  7. I like his last bit of advice “if it’s too cold out, just don’t go out and play” 😁
  8. Yeah, there are many women who are 5’10” or taller and quite of few of them are athletic too. Doesn’t mean they can hit far, but it certainly improves the odds of finding one that does. That said the longer hitting a ones I see these days are 5’3-4” and strongly built for lack of any better word that won’t get me killed 😁 I’m not by any means saying there are a ton, just seems like CA has its fair share of female athletes and obviously male ones.
  9. No, she practiced at my home course though. I saw her practice before she became that famous Of course, it’s not that uncommon in So. Cal...
  10. No, high school teams drive 200-230, my daughter is about 215 total, not carry and she scored 42s from the white tees. I think most “women” on forums post longer distances, because it’s their husband/father posting 🙄 My daughter would post “about 200”, so you can ignore my quoted 215 number I covertly measured with GG 😂😂😂 The real ladies I know tend to underestimate their distances especially to men... I did know a few Ladies here who did hit pretty far and are actually playing pro or D1 college now... Alison Lee and I forgot the other ones?
  11. Actually, there are just more smarter people up in Canada than down here. You know, cold weather requires more intelligence to survive and all that. Of course, you’d need to buy into the fact that lefties are smarter and that more of US survive than righties 😂 So, the fact that there are less lefty clubs around speaks volumes about the stupid golf companies trying to keep smarter people from golfing 😂😁😂😜 Oops, a simple google search came up with ... IQ by Country A global comparison of intelligence in relation to temperature, income and education expenditures. Canadians are actually 3 points higher than USA, that was unexpected 😂😂😂😱😂
  12. Have the PGA rules changed in that the players follow USGA rules? That’s in the big print of what I posted, and if that changed then that would be a pretty radical change... Oh well, this PGA branch is kind of off topic anyway 😜
  13. Google... PGA Rules for Ball Markers | Golfweek For a casual, non-competitive golfer, marking your ball may be just a simple courtesy to a player who’s farther from...
  14. 4 wedges. PW 48 degrees 52 or 3i switch out depending upon the course I’m playing. if I have a ton of 110-115 yard approaches then 52. 56 60
  15. Yeah, but it’s way more fun to post on this site and see if I can get an answer before my buddies have looked in up in their app/book or argue about and compare those to all the wrong answers I could get before a moderator or admin come back with the right answer 😂 I’ve always been surprised that this site is more real time than Golf WRX 😁🤪😂
  16. Yes, it’s more problematic and difficult. Every time a shiny new Mizuno MP club comes out, all I can do is sigh...
  17. It’s not just the deployment result and the output of the classifiers, but also what you do with the data afterwards. That’s partly why the higher end systems process up to 2000 frames per second and getting faster. Pretty cool stuff, but yeah, going to take another 15 years before I trust it too... 😁
  18. Wow, that’s a very strong opinion on these technologies! My friends working at Google and Tesla, don’t really feel that negatively, but it’s a tough call for me as well. That’s kind of the direction of the technology though. ML is not perfect but it’s better than inattentive or debilitated humans... 😁
  19. I lost my sister in law and a cousin to drunk drivers and know quite a few others who have lost family. Drunk driving is stupid. The question is if we all should pay for that stupidity or not? We live with quite a few laws already because stupid people did stupid things like drunk driving, I’m not sure another law would hurt? OTOH, drunk driving isn’t the only problem. What I think would make more sense is mandatory automatic braking systems and enforced speed limits through GPS. The first step towards self driving cars. Something like that, but thought through thoroughly before deployment. I answered to add vehicle safety, but I can understand the arguments against.
  20. I design consumer goods and know sensors are prone to failure and all that, but even so, this legislation makes sense. That and waiting for self driving cars that I’ll need in 20 years 😁
  21. If I had to do it over again, I’d likely have gotten fit. Even if your swing starts off total crap, your fitted clubs will pretty much work fine even if you gain like 10-15mph. It’s not that big a deal to get fit when you’re a noob then advance to not a noob with a decent swing. A decent club fitter will take all that into account. As for getting nice shiny clubs, if you like them, get them. Chances are you’ll be able to use them for years to come...
  22. This is a great question! I find a lot, but leave them alone unless they are obviously not in play 😂
  23. Voted 1-2 but it depends upon where I play, and if I have time to look for it. 3 minutes is too long for some folks behind you 😂
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