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  1. Anyone find a video of Duval? It's kind of like a car crash - sorry it happened but I want to see how bad it was.
  2. Well, first I don't agree with the notion that it's pretty clear he doesn't have the ability to play these types of courses. Second, he's arguably the GOAT, has a ton of money, and is known worldwide so he doesn't need to play lesser tournaments unless there's a reason for him to. His golfing goal right now is to win as many majors as possible and he can't win the majors he doesn't play in so, yes, it's ridiculous to say he should't play a major because of some rational that the course doesn't suit his game.
  3. Exactly. To suggest that Tiger shouldn't be playing these types of courses because it's "too much" for him is ridiculous.
  4. Good to see Tiger retaining some humor.
  5. In 2016 I lost about 80 pounds of fat by lifting 5x a week. My current routine has me doing a Pull/Push/Legs/Upper/Lower split. 3 of those days my workouts begin by preforming deadlifts, squats, and bench press. I've never been good at golf and historically my practice has pretty inconsistent. This year I've been really neglectful of my practice and even though I've played less I feel my swing is immensely better, the ball is going further, and even though my scores have remained the same, I feel as though my game is better. I'm not particularly muscular but, at least for me, being fit and gaining muscle has certainly not hindered my game.
  6. Well, to be honest, if it were Phil or Rory running away with it I'd be glued to my TV, too.
  7. I'm glad it has tighten up. I was about to lose interest if Koepka would have continued running away with it.
  8. Do they just add ppl like that? Do you normally have to have an established handicap?
  9. So, my work schedule come at the end of June lightens up to the point that I could probably leave work earlier than 5. This summer I won't have any school commitments as I graduated last year. I'm not a member of a club and the overwhelming majority of the time play public courses. I don't have a big circle of golfing friends locally and was thinking of joining a league to so as to play more and I was curious how ppl here ended up joining their leagues and if they had any suggestions as to how to go about it.
  10. Found the wall drill online (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs22MYfuUJs) and along with the pieces my instructor has me working on, I had a great range session with the ball flight being draws or pushes with my 6I, Driver, and 3W. I've never been able to hit my 3W, I usually top it, hit it thin, fat, or some other way leading the ball to roll 50 yards on the ground but today I hit about 10 balls and hit the center of the face about 5 times which I was happy about. Overall very encouraged with how things are progressing so far after a brutal two rounds to start the year.
  11. Working on 2 pieces with my instructor. Getting the hands closer to my body while having the clubhead pass through my hands from the DTL view at A2 and a secondary piece of swinging in to out. I think the first piece I started to do well on but the second still needs a ton of work.
  12. It was a tale of two nines. I should preface that working in the 4-6 rep range for squats, OHP, and deadlifts at the gym this morning and then working on my swing might not have been the best things to do before playing 18 holes but 🤷‍♂️. So it rained lightly for most of the round and on the front 9 I had 2 pars, 4 bogeys, and 3 double bogeys, 10 over, shooting a 45. Swing felt in control, didn't lose any balls and generally felt really good about my golf game for the first time this season and this was my third round. Then I think I started getting tired, my back started to tighten up and I really couldn't make swings the way I had been able to on the front 9. My best hole was a bogey on a par 3 and I picked up 4 penalty strokes on the back. My putting still feels like the best part of my game so far this year. I'm not really draining putts but I'm leaving them real close to the hole my speed is good. Also had a couple bunker shots I got out in one try so feeling more confident on that. So, not the best but here is what I did for the round: Score: 108 GIR: 2/18 FIR: 1/13 Putts 33 Putts/Hole: 1.83 I'm excited that my swing helped me get a good score (for me) on the front and I think if I play without putting that much stress on my back that on the second nine I'll be better. Probably won't play for a couple of weeks so, we'll see. View this round on GAME GOLF
  13. My dude traveled I think like 2 hours to get fit. I tried to get fit locally here two years ago but the experience was off-putting so instead I took the money I had allocated for it and got my irons.
  14. Haha - a slightly different circumstance.
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