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  1. End of season but feeling good about my swing at the moment. Hoping to be able to put in some reps over the off-season.
  2. Well, I don't have a garage or space to practice indoors that's not at a facility so I don't think that getting a MEVO would be a wise investment. I figure I can do mirror practice over the winter.
  3. 💪 It's Titleist H1 and yes, it was like 30 degrees that morning.. Not much to tell. It was cold outside and I was warming up and hit a couple of shots with it and the club made a weird sound so I looked and was like, "F**************ck." I took it to the country club where I purchased it and they sent it to Titleist who is going to evaluate the club and make a determination on how to proceed which from what I understand, should happen within a couple of weeks. Glad to see someone out there feels my pain.
  4. Next time I'll make sure not to have any Wheaties before I play. 😂
  5. Yeah, it's the end of the season here in New York so my practice won't be anywhere near as regular but I made some big strides shooting quite a few rounds in the 90's this year so I'm excited at the prospect of potentially shooting in the 80's next year. If that happens, then the next goal is breaking 80. Haha.
  6. I've been trying to keep my lead wrist bowed throughout the swing. I feel like it's helped.
  7. Oh, ok. I don't know much about the system and thought it was your swing speed with the driver.
  8. You got a swing speed of 139 MPH? Wow, mine is around 110 and questioned how much help this would be for someone like me.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean about a "full assessment" of my game. I keep track of things and can tell you that in all the 9 rounds I shot in the 90's, I averaged 4.12 GIRs (once I had 6, twice I had 5, three times I had 4, once I had 3, and once I had 1). On holes I had a GIR, I averaged 2.2 putts which includes a hole in one and averaged 1,94 putts per round overall in those rounds. My short game is def a weakness and I don't spend any time working on it because I think my practice time is better used on my full swing because it's just not consistent. That said, I know I have enough length as I recently got on a PGA simulator and my best drives carried 260 and averaged 250. However, I also know that I don't hit the center of the club face anywhere near consistently enough, especially on my bad rounds. The last 20 rounds I've played GameGolf has my typical drive at 240 and averaging 229. I also still have way too many penalty strokes. So, in my case, I think it's more being able to produce a consistently good swing rather than game management issues.
  10. Yeah, their response times have been slower for sure. My biggest complaint, though, is that I had a round that didn't upload and they asked that I send them the log files which I did but they said they couldn't upload it without providing an explanation as to why which I asked for.
  11. After hacking it around the golf course for the past 10 years or so for the first time this year I put up multiple scores in the 90's. After not playing much this summer, beginning in mid September to mid October in 7 of 11 rounds I scored in the 90's, including four in a row and shooting exactly 90 in two of those rounds on back to back days. Three things really helped out. My full swing finally is improving and I'm hitting more GIRs. It's nothing to write home about but hitting 5-6 GIRs as opposed to 1 or 2 that I had been is makes it a lot easier. Along with that, I'm sure there's likely also been an uptick in nGIRs. I made it a priority when chipping to not make perfect the enemy of the good and just get it on the green rather than try and be too cute or try to hit an exact spot and leave myself another chip shot. I focused on the speed of my putts so that if I didn't make the putt, I'd leave myself a short make-able putt. Putting is also one of my weak points so even though I didn't drain many putts, I didn't have many 3 putts. After getting close to breaking 90 a few times to not have done it is a bit disappointing but my goal has been to consistently shoot in the 90's and that finally happened this year - except for the last few rounds which have been disastrous but have been because of things not directly related to golf.
  12. Played yesterday and today. Didn't go so well yesterday as I shot a 106 yesterday as my driver was just all over the place and my ball striking overall left a lot to be desired. Had 4 GIRs, however, 3 were on the front which was a general theme as shot 49 on the front and 57 on the back. Score: 106 CR/Slope: 71.6/121 2 Pars 5 Bogeys 3 DB 6 TB 1 Quad-Bogey View this round on GAME GOLF Today I was able to bounce back and although I shot 100, I had control over my driver, was moving the ball right to left or straight off the tee and my ball striking felt better. 2 holes ended up doing me in, though. After starting with 3 bogeys, which really should have included 1 par, and a double bogey, on the par 3 4th hole, I pushed a 7I right and subsequently overdrew the ball on my reload and missed short and right on a brutal front right location location on a green that slopped severely from back right to front left. Over-hit my chip shot that went all the way to the back right of the green, had to chip on and then 3 putt for an 8. On the Par 4 14th hole, I overdrew 2 tee shots with my 3H OB. Then chipped out, leaving myself 100 yards, took a three-quarter swing with a 52 degree wedge and left it short right. Flag was on the front right and I thinned my chip shot, leaving it on the back left of the green. I then 3 putt for a 10. That said, drained a few longish putts, but my short game, putter notwithstanding, was brutal as I failed to leave myself any gimmies when chipping. That said, had another birdie and a few pars so there are definitely positives to take away from the round. Score: 100 CR/Slope: 70.4/124 Birdie: 1 Pars: 3 Bogeys: 6 DB: 6 Others: 2 View this round on GAME GOLF 4 rounds in four days - first time I've been able to do that and it was AWESOME! Shot 95, 95, 106, 100 so, not too shabby for me.
  13. Well, today I shot 95 again but my ball striking was really off. 1 had 1 GIR and 4 penalty strokes. However, I didn't really have any blow-up holes. Three weeks ago I would have been happy as a pig in sh*t at shooting 95, today I was disappointed. Score: 95 CR/Slope 70.3/123 GIR: 1 (6%) Pars: 2 Bogeys: 11 DB: 3 TB: 2 View this round on GAME GOLF
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