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  1. My wife broke her arm in three places in august. I slipped on the ice in November and landed on my right shoulder, injuring all that rotator cuff stuff. We are both still doing our exercises and both are back golfing three times a week. Just thankful that at 68/69 we are still swinging and still walking.
  2. Because of covid, I have chosen to stay away from driving ranges. Just my choice. But kept up with indoor super slo swings all through the winter. Sometimes 50, usually 10-20 swings, daily. Its really helping me know and keep , where my club face is at impact. Just concentrating on the basics. Been out this season maybe 8 times. 6 9's and 2 18's. The last two rounds, feeling like the rust is off. Managed 6 over on the last 9. My only goal, to eliminate triples and strategically manage doubles. and try to turn my brain off when I'm setting up and hitting
  3. This covid situation has shown me that society sure has different differing attitudes today. We vote for public officials to make decisions, which we don't want to make. Then we complain when they make decisions that are based on facts we have never seen in our lifetimes. This covid thing is a real shit storm. Its not like the flu, kills more, spreads like wildfire, screwing up health care in developed countries, decimating highly populated non developed countries. IMHO-there is no right way, covid's here to stay Thank goodness Golf is allowed. Stay safe/stay well
  4. I'm an 18. I try to play the same ball until I run out. I seem to "think" by playing the same ball I will get consistent results, assuming the same strike. Which as an 18, doesn't happen as often as say a 5. Last season decided to use all the non broken balls I have collected over the past 9 years. Handicap reduced by 4 or 5 points. Broke 90 for the first time. Don't think it had anything to do with the ball used. I "think" it had to do with better ball striking and better course management. I did notice tho, an expensive ball vs a cheaper ball-sinks equally as fast and wh
  5. Seems pretty obvious, I'll never be that booking guy. I'm asked to do this for customer groups at work. PITA. Its like herding cats. I book one round with some workmates, annually. Never ending changes and non commitment. I book once a year with in-laws for the annual golf trips. PITA. Cat herding.
  6. Damn, I thought swing thoughts were difficult. I think I'd be booking for the times I want, letting the guys know, and golf with whoever shows up.
  7. During the winter months, I go to golf town on Sunday afternoons and putt for half an hour while my better half shops. I have no intention of buying, just try every left handed 34 inch putter that fits my eye. Putting at golf town on a Sunday afternoon has overcome any nervousness I ever had about putting with strangers. You are dealing with folks trying to use the balls you are using, three year olds running past you and the "pros" trying the latest SC, but can never sink a putt. Its really taught me how to tune everything out. and my putting has improved.
  8. I'm ok with bad shots. My goal is to remember to not follow a bad shot with a stupid shot, in an effort to recover the distance. Stupid shots make doubles and triples.
  9. Just reading a news article were local police busted an illegal lounge/bar / restaurant. 77 people in a penthouse apartment. Menus, bar, tables. Third party in two weeks. Locals called it in. No mask, no distancing. Complete disregard of any health laws/rules/suggestions. Sorry...Buy 20 bottles, a few bags of weed, stay home and get loaded, if thats what you want. F-----g idiots.
  10. My son is a swim coach. He tells me that his current teaching has limited stretching until the kids have warmed up through a bit of running or jacks, a couple of slow laps, whatever. I try to swing a golf club 10 or 15 swings before I start a round and then start stretches around #4 or 5 at the turn and as required.
  11. I just have a driver cover. It has a magnetic closure so I attach it to any club it grabs. Then replace after each driver use. Took the putter cover off on day one, threw it away. (As I do with all clubs) It is chipped and beat up, other than the face. Love my old putter
  12. I'm gonna stick with last years activities. Reduce my handicap by 3, from 18 to 15 through: -Better course management. I know, generally, my club distances. I have to remind myself of that fact every time I get to any 185+ obstacle. I won't clear it. (Driver 205 max, with roll). GIR +1 is OK -Stop hitting stupid shots after a bad shot. Have to remind myself, I'll lower my score faster through fewer double and triples, rather that a birdie once a month. -continuing to work on strength and stretching-Been walking , doing pushups, planks, stretching and no ball club swinging
  13. I voted No. It seems to me, an over weight grumpy old hacker, that distance for a large % of golfers is not an issue. The impacted courses appear to be those that house PGA (mini tour) events. They are extremely wealthy and extremely private and if land is available, can expand to what ever length they want. If the USGA and RAA really represent all golfers, they will not make those changes. There is a question tho: are they driven by the majority of golfers or contract revenue.
  14. Did the same. Bought Eye2+ two seasons ago. $100 in a used bin at GC. 5 through W. Just bought them for the nostalgia. No fitting, no thought. Got my own grips put on. Grips were crumbling. Contact just feels so right. Used them exclusively this season. They have replaced a GI set with graphite. And when golfing with strangers, often creates something to chat about. Especially Ping users.
  15. Good to hear you are staying home. You will be saving some ones life. I can't spend time bargaining/debating stats. Real folks are dying and our hospitals are almost unable to help the non covid cases. My individual rights-is to do my part to help the society that has been so good to me.
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