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  1. uitar9

    I Saw a Woman Playing Alone

    My wife and I play a local muni weekly. We see the same three single women who we are occasionally started with. They are all over 60, as are we, all walk with a push cart and all take it very seriously. Do I wonder why they are golfing alone? Probably cuz they want to go golfing, maybe have no significant other who golfs. Just a guess, but considering the amount of testosterone that is floating around many courses, many ladies who are single prefer to stay away. They want to golf, not fend off dating attention.
  2. uitar9

    What are you Reading Right Now?

    Of course Pelz believes the short game is the most important piece of the game and remember what forum you are posting in...but...yes...It has some great information. Basic focus is on 100 yards and in. Short game. No full swing focus at all. I read it, plus a few others every winter. A fairly long read. As well as a little mental game and course management, his theory revolves around understanding/dialing in partial swing distance for short game. Regardless of Whether you buy in to how much time should be devoted to short game, it gives you a program to nail down your wedge distances. You still have to execute. There is no substitute
  3. I know this is true-this man paced it off.
  4. uitar9

    What are you Reading Right Now?

    Pelt's short game bible and the Recluse series-book 10
  5. uitar9

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    1. Keep walking the course (I do use a cart)-Maintain a regular walking program-currently walking 45 minutes 3 to 4 times a week. 2. Maintain my once a week practice (Time is always a problem)-three clubs max-90 balls max (get to tired) and really concentrate on target practice-wedge iron and wood. Last year that added a few yards to every club when hit solid and built my confidence on distance 3. Add a once a week a week practice on the putting green-probably a one ball routine 4. Practice not thinking about the last bad shot
  6. uitar9

    Shorter Rounds?

    That baby boomer cohort was a lot of people. Like us or hate us, we are gonna die. The millennial are they next pig in the python. They won't take up the golf slack for another 20 years. If they ever do. Derek and Madison are driving spending right now. If you live in an area where a lot of golf courses were built in the 80's based on a residential home builders greed, Your gonna be able to get a cheaper rate and faster rounds, until they close for good. Hourly indoor simulators are gonna be one of the golf waves of the future. An hour at virtual Pebble, with beers with the boys.
  7. Iacus-I hear ya..its an indoor tent dome...just trying to drop a ball at a specific place-I try to imagine a tree in front of me I have to stay under or trying to drop a ball after a bunker. I don't flag hunt...the last year I have tried to direct my approach shot toward the opening to the green, if there is one, more of a bump and run.
  8. Started my winter golf reading this week. Always start with TLRB. Man it has some great tidbits and reminders: -Take dead aim-gotta always remember that-once again, gonna spend winter practice reinforcing that. The last two winters have used every iron and wedge in my bag shooting at 35 and 60 yard targets, just for the feel. -Take one aspirin, not the whole bottle-a little change make a big difference. Someone else added: and make only one change at a time and if its for you practice it until it becomes the new normal.
  9. uitar9

    Winter Depression Thread

    Had only 5 months of decent golf this year. Can usually count on 7 months. April didn't open cuz of late snow. Lost Oct due to early snow. Sept. was damn cold. Its the start of winter. Shovelling. Cold walks in the neighbourhood. Occasional snow blower activity. Already into my 4th week at the indoor dome
  10. uitar9

    Expected score on par 3 courses?

    Last year I tried to use +1 as my par on every hole. It changed my 2nd shot and approach shot distances. Making them more reasonable for me...instead of grabbing the club I could hit the longest.
  11. uitar9

    What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    It was to bring the handicap below 20. Started and finished at 23... But feel I am way more consistent this year. Need a little more length
  12. uitar9

    When does it make sense to quit?

    Golf is a funny sport. I have also curled, played tennis, mixed slow pitch-and sucked. Yet it was fun. I have to remind myself that regardless of the score I want or think I can hit, I'm a 20 handicap and that means I only shoot 90 a small portion of the time, below 90 even less and closer to a hundred a lot more. Like every activity/sport, golf requires an improving skill set to reduce scores, not just wanting to. Had to ask myself, why is the score so important? Tournament play? moving to a mini tour or higher? Playing for money? Nope. Beating the wife and holding my own with a few strangers or work mates/clients? Yup. Good enough. I'm starting to enjoy picking up a club and hitting the ball. Finding it and hitting it again. Oh, and looking at golf courses and their architecture.
  13. uitar9

    When does it make sense to quit?

    What ever you decide to do, Keep walking, you'll keep walking. Throw away the scorecard.
  14. uitar9

    I Thought I Would Be Shooting in the 90s by Now...

    This is my seventh year. There are a few things I try to remember. #1.Enjoy the walk #2. Ignore the other folks-they are thinking the same way you are #3. Ignore your own expectations, they lie to you. It's a humbling game. #4. Forget the last shot As some famous golfer said: hit the ball, go find it, hit it again.
  15. uitar9

    11 Reasons You Stink at Golf


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