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  1. As a 20 I agree. I'm 66 and still want to lower that number, bought the book and this winter (starting next week) am going to practice and get a few more yards on my full swing shots. My short game and putting are not going to get much better or better enough to give me 5 strokes. Maybe I have drunk the cool-aid , but I have seen that GIR is a way better place to lower my score. Th alternative is ok-play for GIR +1-and live with 91-95. Its closer to par than 102
  2. vote was yes. My guess is that the non alcoholics all voted no. Drunk driving laws are like locks...they work for honest folks. If I drink, I will probably drink and drive...so I have stopped drinking. Once I black out all bets are off.
  3. This. Seems as a matter of course, at any course, the furthest tees hit first, while us mortals always waiting behind a Tree to not get hit from that wild tips shot. One we spot that, my wife and I just hit, then wait and watch while another duffs left or right. Sub 5 golfers are excused, their GIR's make up for the wait, as long as the mortals keep up.
  4. LSW-chapter 6-#7-Not gonna think about it, just gonna do it.
  5. I'm older and not playing that long, 8 years. I have concentrated on accuracy as that seemed to me, how I could improve faster. Finally broke 20 this year. But...my accuracy has maxed out. I need to make more GIR's. I am often 20 to 50 yards short Bought LSW...read it...made no changes. End of season, read it again...gonna buy a can of Eric's foot spray...work on speeding up my back swing...and finding the sweet spot.
  6. I was fitted for a driver three winters ago-ended up with a medium golf pride grip, Accra shaft and a 12.5 degree KZG head-all in $340 which included three hours with fitter. He usually charges $125 for kzg irons and wedges.
  7. Did not buy in at first, even after reading LSW the first time...my short game improved way faster than my long game...now I'm reading it again, near the end of my season...spent most summer practice on short game and putting...still found myself short in regulation....Separation value...got it. My long game needs to get longer...It will save me more strokes. Gonna spend the winter with Eric's can of spray on my club face. and like others are saying about when I get close...depending what iron I got in the bag, using whatever I gotta use, in the air or bump and run, to get in on the green....been spending the last two winters just hitting targets at the indoor range with anything from a 60 degree to a 6 iron. I just need to convert more NGIR to GIR
  8. LOL, I get my weekly practice during actual play.
  9. I am not a long hitter (driver runs 185-210) and I was constantly playing the blues (mens tees) whenever paired with other men. This year, gave it up. Moved to the whites, wherever I play. I record my handicap every 9 and 18 I play. Been out 57 times. I may have taken 5 mullies this season. Started seeing better scores at every place I play. Not as many bunkers, even getting a few pars. My informal hcp (just something I found for the phone) has moved to low 19's instead of high 22's. My con was that my short game would make up that lack of distance off the blues. I just feel better about golf
  10. I read somewhere to find a club that works and stick with it. I have a 52, 56 and a 60. Went to a local range which has a practice bunker and hit balls out of there for 4 total hours and discovered I can hit out most of the time with all three with a little practice. Distance from the pin, location next to a steep lip, changes the club selection . Even a putter if its got no lip
  11. I'm a 19.8 (happily improved from a 24 at the beginning of the season) and I'm starting to believe us 20 caps are doomed to these swings in score. Thats why we are 20's. If we didn't have these swings we wold be lower caps with closer swings in score.
  12. There's a ton of good advice on this site. Iacas is a top 100 US teaching pro and his book, LSW has great advice. And many of the folks here are + HCP players. I've taken heed and moved from a 24 to a 19 this year. Things I've learned: -Full swing distance is very important. It's more difficult for me to increase distance than improve my short game so I spend more time on full swing. -Due to age I have to stay flexible and maintain core strength so exercise every day I do not golf. -Flag hunting kills me. I aim for the largest part of the green I can see. I can two putt 9 out of 10 times. I can successfully flag hunt 1 of 10 -I have finally learned to not follow a bad shot with a stupid shot.
  13. I voted 4 to 6. I play a relatively short par 68 with 7 par 3's, each with their own physical difficulty, (water, downhill elevation, uphill blind green) and the rest demanding a lot of iron shots. Its really improved my full swing iron play. Last couple of months been feeling much more confident with full swing 7 through 9 iron.
  14. Ditto for getting a driver built for you by a fitter. I had purchased two drivers off the rack...all kinds of adjustable knobs and screws. Did nothing for me. I'm 66, 5 foot 8. Friend of mine told me about "a Fitter guy". Ended up with a KZG head, Accra graphite shaft and golf pride grip. All I know about the specs is that the head is black But...I can now hit it straight about 195-205. Prior to that it was a 195-205 slice Two hours with the guy, and the club, cost me $325. Thats 3 years ago. I just want to golf...I'm not that tekkie guy.
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