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  1. Decided this year, due mostly to covid, to start using the balls that are sitting in boxes and bags in my garage. I don't even know where they come from...balls found on the course...bin buys..whatever.. Started the year at a 23 cap. Currently at an even 18. The majority of them are either titleist or Bridgestone... I can't tell the difference. I hit 3 or 4 approach shots to two feet yesterday...hit and stuck...had a few others roll out a little but nothing disastrous. When I hit a crappy shot, its not ball related.
  2. And...you might meet a guy who will be your go to guy down the road...we were introduced to a fitter. Ended up buying from him...irons and wedges... Still using them...got all kinds of good golf info from him..picked up a used set of ping eye 2's last year for $100...brought to my guy (his house is his temporary covid 19 shop) and got my grips and extra wrap put on in 20 minutes while I waited. He fitted me for a driver three years ago...all in $350 plus almost three hours of time with him. You'll learn about swing speed, what shafts are probably best for you, lie...ask a ton of questions
  3. Hey man,I only bring this up as you have one of Hogans pictures. In your face on angle, your back swing is starting with just your arms and seems to continue up that way. Hips and shoulders are being dragged around. hips and shoulders need to turn, not be dragged around. You have some fancy compensation going on to get back to the ball. Hips are not turning back, they are sliding back. I like Hogans idea of starting the back swing as one piece and starting the downswing with the hips. Its in the 5 steps. Golf is hard. There are so many pieces to a swing and we are all different body types.. I like the idea of working on one piece at a time. Maybe its hip turn for the next couple weeks. Try it with no ball. Then you just think about the thing you are working on, not the outcome.
  4. Totally agree...did this for bunkers-a large bucket, on Friday, for four Fridays, made huge difference... "I have never made those shots"-just came to that realization this past week. Thats one of those important things I have to concentrate on-understanding my stupid shots. I will always make a few bad shots during a round. Where I lose 3-5 a round is the stupid choices.
  5. Of the many things I have to practice, is to constantly remember not following a bad shot with a stupid shot. I played my best 9 holes on a par 36 on Thursday, 41. pars and bogeys. Followed it up with a 50 on the back 9 for a 91. Three holes in particular cost me 4-5 strokes. I was 75 yards, in the first cut, to the green, over a bunker to the flag. hit to the flag and landed in the bunker, both times. Should have played to the centre of the green. If I was short, I'd still be putting. On another, hit a poor iron tee shot, landed on a severe downslope, still tried to carry water to the green. Should have played a 20 yard bump to the flats, then carried the water from a better lie. I have never made those shots. And have never broken 90 on a par 72.
  6. Finished the green book in Feb. Didn't think it compared to TLRB. Due to Covid, picked it up again last week. Must have been in the mood for Penick. Been golfing. My go to City course is open, with covid changes of course. The last two rounds, just didn't feel relaxed. Thinking too much. Read something in the green book that talked about just swinging the club and getting the ball in the hole. Felt much better the last round on Saturday. Thought about Penick after two different par 3 tee shots, both landing in the bunker. First time in a couple of years I blasted them out properly and saved par. Gotta remember to just swing the golf club and get it in the hole.
  7. I'm an 18 HCP. My first game, I stopped counting. I went the lesson club fitting route. I'm not overly physically adept. I walk the course but not an athlete. Took it up 8 years ago. My wife and I get out up to 60 times a year. Got the fitted clubs 4 years ago. Loved the experience. Met a great guy. Went back and He fitted and sold me a driver. It took me 2 years after getting fitted to really start to feel the clubs. Last year I picked up a Ping eye 2 iron set for $100. They are 30 years old. I alternate with the modern set. I hit them about the same. Of course, get a set that is the right size and fit. Meets your "shiny new toy" eye (thats important) and fits your budget...but there's no substitute for lessons and practice...and playing golf on the course.
  8. Sitting around 22 right now after entering 5 rounds in palm springs in January where I STB on difficult courses, for me. Started my first two local rounds last week, + 21 (couple of triples) and +15 (no triples-7 pars). I gotta remember to stick with sensible decisions to eliminate doubles and triples: Not to follow a bad shot (I'll always have them) with a stupid shot.
  9. 1.Working from home , so, not having to commute. 2. I am quite impressed in how my employer has followed Gov't health Regs 3.Our municipality has reopened the city courses (played a couple times) and I feel safe playing. They are really doing a good job of managing separation 4. I haven't died from Covid
  10. I had heard this before but didn't know where it came from-I'm going to improve my score quicker through reducing mistakes than by getting birdies. The other was an observation that I will always practice the things I am good at, rather than those things I should be practicing Good tidbits to remember
  11. I think the most important AHA was learning about where my clubs bottom out depending on the lie I have.
  12. Just started the green book "if you like golf.." Another great read so far.
  13. Both my wife and I took up golf 8 years ago. The first non Child activity we do together. We look forward to our golf time on the weekends and have started golf vacationing with family members. We've both met great people and it is definitely keeping us more active as we get older.
  14. The only noise that bothers me is the social conversation of the group ahead of me as they "wait for the green to clear" on a par 4, and they all hit about 200 yards.
  15. Haven't posted here before. Was on a 11 month streak of 100 push ups, 2 minutes of planks and sixty slow mo swings in doors up to Jan 4. Got a brutal cold and just back to the daily routine two nights ago.
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